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  1. Well, it's been ages since I posted here, former writer at TST. I spent the Tuesday practice round and Thursday at Chambers Bay. It is expansive. Beautiful views of the sound and a golf course that looks very beautiful to me. I was born just a few miles from the course so I'm very pleased to have a U.S. Open close. Tuesday impressions ... The atmosphere was very laid back. I got a feel for where everything was. Spent some time on the 6th fairway and watched Butch walk by with Fowler, Snedeker, and Mickelson (all students). Gulbis was with that group and walked right by. She wasn't hard to look at. Els' legs are so long he looks like a spider. The most interesting golfer in the world had a cigar plugging his yapper. He's my hero. Cool to see Adam and Steve together for the moment. Lots of noise from the 9th green all day long. Ogilvy splashed one out of the sand just shy of the putting surface on 7 and it rolled back to his feet. "Well," he said, "looks like I'll get plenty of practice here." Saw Mcilroy tee off with a long iron on 2 at about 4 ish. First one right, second middle. Thursday impressions ... I enjoyed the site again. I met a friend at parking and rode over in the bus. I had a nice blackened shrimp sandwich and a couple of IPA's. Nom nom. The 7th fairway proved to be a very good viewing area as we had a look at tee shots and seconds into the green. I could easily make out putts on 6 with my little binoculars. Bubba hit it longer than anyone I saw, though D. Johnson's tee shot today looked a little further up and center cut. Tiger's tee shot was long en route to a par. 10 over total. Oops. The amateur Campbell was on fire. I saw him on 15 and 17. I stood right next to the green at 15 and had a great view of a couple of the groups hit into that green. There was a huge backstop to funnel balls around. I lined up behind 10 and some some DTL tee shots by Furyk, Jimenez, Montgomerie, Koepka, Henley, and An. It's a wide fairway, though one of them drove it in the left bunker. Can't remember who. Dufner's waggle looks good from 20 feet away. The lady next to me told me that my man crush for him was okay. Bonus... he's available. Marc Warren hits it hard. If anything struck me about the difference in the pro's game it is the sound at impact and their fluidity. Effortless power abounds. And they nuke it. I would have a tough time breaking 140 there. It is an absolute hike but I loved it. I made it to every corner of the course and the crowds were manageable, except when a crowd 5-20 deep showed up on 7 when Tiger came through. My buddy and I had set up there about 45 minutes before so we had front row seats. I had been planning on going since Chambers Bay was announced and it was a real treat. Everything went great, except for not enough sun tan lotion. Played golf Wednesday in between. I'll be finishing the tournament on Fox Sports. Anyhoo, there you go.
  2. Something tells me the fourth-to-last pairing of Holmes and Lowry is going to play a factor in the outcome tomorrow. I sense a low number being posted from that group.
  3. If you miss a putt and then drop another ball from your pocket and putt again (Happens too often at my course) I consider you a Non-Golfer.
  4. Holed out with a sand wedge from 95 yards. Split fairway with a narrow fairway on the right that could allow you to drive the green (it's a par 4) or take the easier shot but then have a mid to short iron over water. I went with the "drive the green option" (thanks LSW) and had 95 to the pin. One hop five feet away and it went in for eagle on the first hop.
  5. As someone who has history with BPV, what Day is doing is unbelievable. When it was at its worst for me, I couldn't walk in a straight line, let alone swing a club. Outstanding birdie at 17!
  6. Beware the injured/sick golfer. Way to go, Jason!
  7. I'm off to Devon next week. My wife bought me a 3 hour lesson with Mark so I'll post up a review! To me he comes across as down to earth and what you see is what you get. His love of the game really comes across in his videoes and vlogs. I'm really looking forward to it.
  8. I'm going to assume you meant 90 degree shoulder turn and 45 with the hips. Most golfers don't turn their hips/shoulders enough. It's pretty tough to over rotate your hips unless you turn them level to the ground.
  9. Start tending the pin for your group more, cuz your ball is not always the furthest from the hole or the only one off the green.
  10. I don't have an issue with brown, I have issue with a course that penalizes what most would consider a good golf shot. I can fully understand why someone at your level or even near single digit handicap would want to play it but bogey or higher handicappers would get slaughtered on this course.
  11. I've always found Gary Player to be annoying. Especially his constant life coach motivational speak when he gives interviews. He seems completely phony. I mean, I feel like having a conversation with Gary Player would end with me lodging a sand wedge up his ass.
  12. - You don't need 20 balls in your bag to get through a round. - You can aim for (and hit reasonably close to) a particular spot instead of praying that your ball just ends up somewhere in play. - You're finishing holes in ESC or under rather than picking up halfway down the fairway. - You feel like you can play with strangers without embarrassing yourself. - Your ball retriever is no longer the most used implement in your bag.
  13. Cool, I kept my ball where I went a couple weeks without changing it.
  14. You actually decide HOW to play a particular hole, and then DO IT!!!!!!!!! maybe not 18 times, but more than just one
  15. I'll give this broadcast credit for one thing. It's convinced me that I never, ever, want to play Chambers Bay. I don't know how courses like CB can survive as public facilities. Too long, too hard and too expensive. That's a recipe for failure. cubdog
  16. I'm becoming a big Ben Martin fan. He is comfortable in press conferences, good natured, with a MattKuchar/BrandtSnedeker "aww shucks" personality. If he's a big name in golf for the years ahead, I'd be good with that as he looks like can be tough in competition with the big guns, and his personality comes through as you watch him play and conduct interviews. "Live From..." show on Golf Channel was pretty tough on the fescue greens (Chamblee, Nobilo, Duval) last night. Brandel took his lumps for making incorrect comments about possible grasses they could've used, but they made a good case that the issues we are seeing should've been avoided. They were also critical of the shifting of pars of 1 and 18 between Thursday/Friday. Duval made a good point I hadn't heard: the reason we have the Thursday/Friday with shifting AM/PM tee times is so that they each play the same course under different daytime conditions. By shifting the course so significantly between Thursday/Friday, the morning group Friday plays a different course than the Thursday morning group did. That introduces another element of chance that is unnecessary. Nobilo mentioned that Royal Melbourne has a "composite" course that is extremely flexible in its configuration (and world renowned for the flexibility), but that they never alter a course configuration during a tournament (other than the normal tweaks). The idea of shifting the course par configuration around was unanimously panned with the panel. No mincing words there. Nobilo concluded with "Hey, I'm glad all these issues are out there now. We've talked about them, so let's get on with the tournament now and not let the course be the story." Or words to that effect. Bring on the Saturday action.
  17. Then you have more money than sense. I agree you should be able to find a good set of name brand irons for $200 to $250.
  18. When I went to practice on Wednesday, The thing that struck me was how nice and easy the pros swing. (Except for Tiger) they hit it far with easy, effortless swings. TEMPO!
  19. Though it's easy to say that, I don't know it to be true. Chris has other PGA Tour players, and was working with them before Tiger, and will likely go back after Tiger too. Let's assume the worst case happens (I suppose that would be either that Tiger retires OR that he fires Chris and lights it up with someone else)… I think a lot of pros will still give Chris a call. He's a smart guy. And a nice guy. And they know Tiger's fighting some demons. Consider David Leadbetter. He even has a not-so-flattering nickname due to his… "work" with PGA Tour players, but even he can still get students. Golf on the PGA Tour is a very physical sport. Part of that is largely due to Tiger's efforts and work at making golf a more athletic sport. Is it physical "like" boxing? Of course not. But to say it's not physical, which I hope you're not saying, is just plain silly. Well that's kind of a goofy question, isn't it? Two easy reasons spring to mind: We've never been in a media culture like we are today. Tiger is by most everyone's estimates one of the top two golfers of all time, if not the best, so that kind of limits your selection pool of "fallen off from such a high," doesn't it? Duval? Dude won one major and was #1 because Tiger was working on his swing. Hogan had the yips. He'd stand over a putt for 30 seconds without moving. Look up Harry Vardon, too. Plenty of awfully, awfully good golfers have had some humiliating ends or periods. I don't know what reality you're living in, but… Train wreck relationships? Who? Elin? What others? The media is up his ass? Really? Have you been paying attention to "the media" for the past few years? The guy's scrutinized like nobody else. When the Thanksgiving 2009 shit hit, it became open season. The stuff people wrote about Tiger Woods, the guy who played a good sized role in keeping those guys in paying jobs writing about or covering golf, was astoundingly negative. The reality in which I'm living is that Tiger is well liked by his fellow PGA Tour pros. He's still buddies with Sean Foley. He and Chris get along really well. He's guarded around people he doesn't know, but he's a loyal friend. Why not just be more blunt about it: you think it. Not "some" believe it). Where was the physical excuse for his 85? Where was it for his 80 yesterday? Is Tiger somehow the only and first golfer ever to be injured? We must have weirdly different definitions of humble. Of course he's going to SAY that he's close, that he can get back on top. Of course he will. If you don't think he should be saying those things, then you clearly don't understand the mindset and approach and actual feelings of a champion level athlete. He demonstrates that he's humble by working his ass off . He knows it's hard work, and he's putting in that work. He's not looking for it to just come to him 'because he's Tiger Woods' or anything.= I'm not gonna say a lot about that, but I believe very strongly, and feel I have good reason to say so, that he absolutely was using the course as a "practice" round that Saturday. I am as certain of that as I am that me saying this will not change your mind one little bit , but maybe someone else will read this, take me at my word given what I am likely to know or not know, and give it a little consideration or weight. I'm a Tiger fan, but I'm not a Tiger fanboy. The guy has his work cut out for him, and I said in a group chat yesterday that he may very well be done. I don't know how, having swung three or four different ways at the highest level, he will be able to successfully adapt the new changes he's trying to make. I think it's likely little pieces of his old patterns will keep sneaking in, and often when he's under pressure (which, these days sadly, is any time he's on a course in an official event). But, Tiger is also unique. He's not David Duval. He's not Ian Baker-Finch. He's the same guy who won 8 times in 2012-13, and returned to #1, and won Player of the Year. So who knows? Not you. Not me. Not even Tiger.
  20. Just a quick post. I won't keep bleating on as I've promised this won't be a blow by blow, day by day account - it'd be unfair to start doing that then just disappear - but had an interesting late afternoon and early evening and it relates slightly to something posted on the thread about that other bloke's plan Just kidding but it does relate to knowing what your target is, how good do you need to get to be sensibly thinking about talking tours player and tournament golf. I spent a few hours caddying for a guy I know who is off on Sunday to play in qualifying for The Open Championship (The British Open to you lot ). It was on one of my home courses so I know it well and I could compare my play pretty well to theirs. In fact the wind was more or less spot on what is was for my last round there so it was easy to make direct comparisons. Overall most things were fine margins, especially around the greens - his putting was just a fraction better, his pitching just a bit more precise, his bunker play a little more accurate. I actually dropped balls next to his on a couple of holes (by prior agreement obviously) where he missed the green and both of us got up and down. Driving, which is a strength of mine, to be honest I was better over my last few rounds - we're nip and tuck on distance but I hit more fairways. Total driving distance I would have been ahead simply by virtue of my ball hitting the fairway more often and so rolling. Short and mid iron play he would have just had me I think but there was one place where the difference in our game really stood out and that was in the long iron department. An example was on the 18th which is a par 5 playing about 520 yards today. He hit a 5 iron from about 220 yards out as his second shot to 10 feet and although he missed the eagle putt that shot is just not one I currently have in my bag. Every other shot he hit today was within my current capabilities and it's really a matter of hitting the good ones more often and the bad ones less often but 'pureing' a long iron like that isn't something I'll currently do other by accident or by divine intervention. Other than realising my long irons need some serious work it was good to caddy for the guy and see how a really good player goes about approaching a track I know well. All part of the learning process
  21. If you are starting out in golf look for cheap 2nd hand and hit the range with them to see if golf is something you want to continue with. You can get decent sets of btand irons for little outlay. Dont be afraid to look at ones that arent the latest and greatest. I have 2009 model Wilson Staff Di9 and they are spot on. If you only spend a few $100 or so as opposed to a cutsom fit new set and decide golf isnt for you the nyou havent lost much. If you fo get the golf bug (and you probably will) then after a year or 2 you can upgrade. Look for the established used equipment sites (e.g. Golfbidder here in the uk) as they will have speciallists who make sure the clubs are geniune and will normally offer a Gaurantee and a trial period so you can try them and return them if they are not for you and you can get brands like Ping, Callaway etc.
  22. I get more satisfaction if the shot is what I meant it to be.
  23. This is designed for those of us that are Driver-impaired. I use the TM Mini-Driver. The latest 460cc 47 inch piledrivers are literally too much to hit. But these Super 3-woods are awesome. I have more club head speed on it and a 100% more consistent golf shot. I have a SS of about 93mph, and I hit this 70% fairways at 230 yards (with roll). Since the average Par 4 from the whites is 375, that leaves a nice 145 approach to the green...still par-able.
  24. I suppose whether or not you consider a four ball scramble real golf determines your feelings on making the whole size double. I, personally, don't consider a 4 ball scramble golf, but rather a derivative game.
  25. you're not gonna keep flexibility without some kind of strength and speed ;) Jack LaLane argues with you about aging! haha
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