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  1. What are the numbers from 1990 for people playing, and 1995? The "death of golf" is starting to sound like "Death of TaylorMade" where TM is in huge trouble, but they rode a bubble and then left with huge inventory and returned orders. But they are down from highs that could not be maintained due to their product cycle. And they are probably still selling what they did several years ago when they were viewed as successful. There is always going to be a game of golf in this country. There are too many people who love and appreciate the game. Whether the same number of club manufacturers are around, or the same number of courses remains to be seen. Depending on the area you live in, you might have a single course that is convenient and it'll always be busy. 50 miles away there may be a glut and some will close. At a very high level golf was in a bubble for a long time in several areas: 1 - Equipment makers - glut of product, despite them being good products. But for some it wasn't sustainable. 2 - New golf courses - simply put, there were too many built. The booming economy of the late 90s + Tiger + dot com boom + real estate booms of the late 90s (when credit was cheap) and the 2001 - 2007 stretch when real estate was crazy too. Too many new courses put pressure on the existing ones. When you get a decline for everyone, everyone suffers. Golfers are a zero sum game. If people shift to new courses, the old ones lose out. When the economy goes down and the new courses can't be justified for spending, then the new courses suffer because people go to cheaper, older ones. Simply put, like Silicon Valley start-ups, too many people thought that the course they were building would be a success. And like those start-ups, a number failed or are failing. 3 - The economy itself has been very un-even and the recovery from the recent recession has not benefited many people. So as more people shift from a single wager earner to 2 wage earners, or wages are stagnant, that means that less is going to be spent on golf. Specifically for the number of golfers, there are a few things that I think affect the numbers: 1 - baby boomers are getting older and I'm sure many of them are tapering off for golf 2 - a lot of people were exposed to the game due to Tiger's popularity. Many of them stayed, I'm sure. At this point the younger ones probably have families and repsonsibilities now and they cannot play as much as they used to. That affects total rounds and revenue. Before I was married I played 4 times per week, now it's 2 (and I have a very understanding and wonderful wife, YMMV). 3 - demographics happen to be changing. people are moving closer to cities (as a trend) and that takes people away from where most golf is played. 4 - I don't buy it at all that millennials are these ADHD weird people who are completely different from any generation before them. They are people like anyone else. What I do think is that they are going out into the world with a crappy economy and golf is a steeper curve that most sports, and that expense for someone at a young age these days is challenging. I understand the cost argument there, but you can't tell me that people that age all of a sudden just can't handle doing something for 4 hours. If anything, I think golf is starting to go into a correction because it enjoyed a sweet spot of a galvanizing star (Tiger) + excellent economic times + a number of golf companies that jumped all over themselves getting a big share of that pie. Much like real estate was huge speculation that was brought down by the recession of 2008, golf has had a number of speculations and grown too fast in un-sustainable ways, and some of the house of cards are folding. But not all. What makes me the most sad are people who love the game and work at places that will close or are in areas that are being hit harder. Golf becomes a passion for people who fall in love with it, and it's a shame to see major areas where it doesn't work out.
  2. "The best balls you hit all day were when you stepped on a rake in a bunker!"
  3. FWIW, some courses give a recommendation on the scorecard as to what tees to play. I've never seen any recommendations based on length, just on handicap. Length is too subjective--- For instance, one that comes to mind is Torrey South. As I recall from memory, black tees (tips, 7500 ish) nobody unless with permission. blues (7000 ish) 0-5 hdcp, whites (6600 ish) 6-14 hdcp, gold (6200 ish) 15+. Even that seems difficult, I'd submit most 5 hdcps would find the blues very difficult, as would most 14 hdcps find the whites too difficult. And last time I played there (from the whites) some guys ahead of us played the blues but were obviously not 5 or lower hdcps. They hit it a long way, just not straight. At all. It was SOOO slow behind them, they had no business playing from back there. I'd say basing tees on handicap is most legitimate.
  4. What generally causes an overdraw for me is any shot that requires a fade. :mad:
  5. I get what you're saying, I'm sure in Driscoll's full speed swing he's a little more open and his right arm isn't "tucked" so far in front of him. Really tough to get the right arm like that unless you are swinging slower. Comparing it to Grant full speed is apples and oranges. With slow swings some players might have more right arm bend, some might have more hip turn (I hopefully would), depends on what they're feeling or working on.
  6. Well the record came to an end today. I played 42 holes of golf using the same ball. I lost that ball today in the water on the 43rd hole played with that ball. My 2 golfing partners and I stopped in order to perform a short eulogy for the ball.
  7. Because the best lies are the lies we tell ourselves....
  8. [quote name="dfreuter415" url="/t/82695/2015-british-open-prediction-contest-win-12-dozen-bridgestone-golf-balls#post_1157389"]I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 golf balls. Rory McIlroy = -14 Lee Westwood = -12 Jordan Spieth = -12 [/quote] Just a heads up for the guys who haven't picked yet.... If you make the exact same first pick as someone before you, you can not win.
  9. Here are a couple of other forum threads that might be helpful: http://thesandtrap.com/t/80448/rules-for-a-new-caddie-to-learn http://thesandtrap.com/t/16159/caddying
  10. I agree with @JetFan1983 on this. Use the pitching technique in the thread below. My go to club is my 52 degree wedge For uphill shots, I will use a lower lofted club like a PW or 9. For downhill, my 58..
  11. Here is an interesting thread on the subject @thenewguy .
  12. No problem. Terms like A4 and A5 a re used a lot throughout this site. They are the alignments in the swing, it just makes it easier to talk about different parts of the swing. A1 - address A2 - club shaft parallel to the ground A3 - left arm parallel to the ground A4 - top of back swing A5 - left arm parallel to the ground A6 - club shaft parallel to the ground A7 - impact There are a few more after impact too. There's a really good thread which shows the alignments:
  13. I do the opposite of what you do. I play the ball somewhere forward in my (narrowish) stance, I use a 56 degree wedge, open the face somewhat, and hit a short-backswing-type mini bunker shot (with some speed) that pops the ball out somewhat high (how high depends on speed and height of the follow-through) and lands somewhat on the soft side. This isn't necessarily the scenario exactly, but here, you see Leishman forced into this shot because of the lie and the downward slope of the green. He needs to land it well short because it will kick forward and also needs the ball to not be "hot" when it lands. Playing the ball back in your stance with a lower lofted wedge like your PW will either cause you to duff it, or send it shooting across the green, well past the hole, even if you manage to hit it solidly. Of course he was lucky to hit the hole here or it was going a few feet past (it was a tough shot), but normally, for us, the green won't be sloping that severely away from us (the real key here is not missing it where he missed it). But you get the general idea that on most munis, into a slope that isn't severely running away from you, the ball will roll a controllable amount of feet upon landing. Playing the ball further back with less loft exposes the most amount of leading edge, and that's not what you want to do for these types of shots. If you grab a 56, which typically has the most bounce of any club in the bag, and play it forward of middle, you expose the most bounce and can thus execute the required shot.
  14. IMHO, Tiger needs to play EVERY week. He needs reps. He needs to fire all coaches - mental and swing. He needs to figure it out for himself. He relies too much on others. Did I say he needs to play every week, and if he can't figure it out in the time remaining this year, he needs to take up fishing - I'll even give him lessons
  15. I once told a guy I was caddying for (he had a good sense of humor and didn't take the game seriously) when he was having a bad day, "How about tennis?" when he asked me what he should do on 16.
  16. "Could" is a big word. Even in 2010 PGA and 2015 US Open, he would have to win those in playoffs (unless he sunk the eagle putt on Sunday). There's no guarantee he would walk away with Ws. The British Open would have been tough the way Clarke was playing. Even if that shot doesn't go out of bounds and he plays the rest of the round the same, he still loses. The 2010 US Open was the only one where he just totally self-destructed the entire round, not just one hole.
  17. Tat14


    Is this Ian Poulter?
  18. I pull the base loose from the cup Hold the flag down Stand on the side where my shadow doesn't cross the line of putt Other hand is hidden behind I try to hold the flag vertical and not slanty despite the factor I have the base loosened I stand still until the putt is well on the way For Pros, I suspect holding it to the very end is to eliminate the distraction of a body moving while the putt is rolling - these guys watch the putt all the way to get more input to the way the ball is rolling. I really doubt a caddie is grandstanding to show off his Xtreme mad Skilz in flag tending......(seriously you guys? Sometimes I'm amazed at how sensitive and easily irritable some golfers can be)
  19. Did anyone else absolutely love the protracer from the tee shots and fairways? I sure did. It wasn't once every 2 hours, it was almost every tee shot.
  20. When stupid decisions started costing me more strokes than bad ball striking.
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    • Essentially it comes down to shaft.  But there are two types of iron heads that will work.  One is the SGI type which promote High Launch.  The other is a hybrid type.  Which one suits your fathers eye can only be dictated by him.  But ideally a mixed set of hybrids in the longer clubs and irons in the shorter ones
    • I can't imagine more tackiness than the DTX grips, or if I'd like/need it, but then again, it's not particularly hot and humid where I play most of the time. Cool, I'd definitely be interested in trying these. I'd love an MCC +4 shape with DTX texture. I liked the feel of the MCC +4 grips when I had them. Midsize grips aren't comfortable for my top hand, but the thicker feel for the bottom hand is nice. I'm too lazy to add tape wraps under my current DTX grips.
    • Voss, Launcher, and their hybrids are abominations of golf design...lol. Now hybrids you may find to be easier to hit than irons. Some don’t like them and prefer irons. I’m just saying that with today’s technology irons are well designed to help with launch and distance. With today’s technology combined with a proper shaft I think you’d find a set that does you well.  
    • Basically the court rules against his defamation of character suit because his reputation was already so bad nothing Ron Darling said could make it worse.   The lawsuit has been dismissed and the reason is fairly intriguing. The judge actually agreed with Darling's claim that Dykstra had such a terrible reputation, that it would be impossible to libel him. Here's what the judge had to say of Dykstra: The judge also detailed some of Dykstra's wrongdoings in the past, which include grand theft, embezzlement, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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