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  1. Well I'm back hitting full shots again, will take it steady for a few days just to make sure the knee is fine. With my foot turned out a bit, although it'll take some getting used to it does take the pressure off my left knee quite substantially. Although I won't often do vids, I know there's some interest in what I'm doing and I appreciate the support from guys who are following so thought I'd just post a very quick one in the swing studio getting used to the new set up. Sorry for the quality - being utterly dull I used the front camera on my iphone (again) which (still) isn't HD and the lower light levels in there compared to outside don't help, sorry. Hopefully you get an idea though and can see the traces of the shots up on the screen. I'll post a screenshot at the bottom so you get an idea of where the shots were. Any comments on the swing are welcome. My swing isn't exactly text book but does kind of work for me so I probably won't embark on a total rebuild even if guys do have some useful suggestions. I'm sure there are things I can do far better but I'm 10 months into what will be a minimum of a 4 year programme so I've got a long way to go. Hope you enjoy the vid and get an idea for where my long game currently is. Work still to do but I have been making progress. A screenshot to show the traces. When I'm talking about "hanging shots out to the right" I'm really only talking 3 or so yards. As I've progressed what I've deemed a good shot has become tighter and tighter. Its a little lost off the left side of the picture but if you look on the mini-map on the left the little white circle on the green near the top shows the dispersion of all the shots I hit.
  2. You probably can't read this, but it is a summary of the prediction contest. It is BY NO MEANS official. Just a hackjob spreadsheet. Some of the entries could be invalid. Some might be mis-typed. But I think it's close. The valid entries are in white. Entries that were null and void at the time are in RED. Entries that became null and void after someone else's subsequent pick are in YELLOW. Duplicate entries are in BLUE. (the original pick is still a white cell, but subsequent picks are blue). None of us picked Goosen or Lawrie.
  3. No pictures because I didn't think to take out my camera, but it wouldn't have shown up well anyway. My first round recovering from shoulder tendonitis since May 19. The first time I swung a club since then, too. First hole. Par 5, 419 yds. I chose to hit a 5 iron just because I didn't want to hit a driver straight away without a warm up. Dead center of the fairway about 200 yds out - they're baked because of the hot weather we had so it carried about 180 and rolled a good 20 yds. Second shot six iron - got hold of it about 175 carry and it rolled up onto the green. Missed the 18 ft eagle putt. Tap in for birdie.
  4. That's what I was going to say. Play in a 3 some for a hole, let them pass after.
  5. Here's the "let them play through" procedure. 1. Hit your tee shot 2. Walk to your ball. 3. When they arrive to the tee, wave them up. 4. Spend 1 minute watching their tee shots, so you don't get hit. 5. Play your shot while they drive to their balls 6. Watch their approaches. 7. Tell them to go ahead while you walk to your ball 8. Wait for them to putt out 9. Do a professional putt out 10. Walk to next tee. Wait for them to hit approach shots and then enjoy your leisurely round worst case, you played in a 3-some for 1.5 holes.
  6. Much worse than that. I was me hitting the shots. 1968.
  7. See this fascinating article on the subject. It's not as simple as it would seem to play the course backward, but it's done once a year. http://golfclubatlas.com/in-my-opinion/jeremy-glenn-the-reverse-old-course/
  8. Ha no. Only idiots judge others for their golf clubs.
  9. I use lostgolfballs.com and haven't had any issues. I go for the top quality (AAAAA) or second quality (AAAA) and have been doing this for years now. The only water-logged balls I ever tried to use were when I was a kid and we cleared out a pond on a course that had never been cleared. I would think it would take years of exposure to waterlog a golf ball.
  10. “I’m so far back and the leaderboard is so bunched that in order for me to get in there by Sunday, I’m going to have to have the conditions tough and then obviously put together some really solid rounds,” Woods said. How about you worry about making the cut first and then you can look ahead to how you can get in there on Sunday.. I read you will be out there with 30-40 mph wind, good luck!
  11. I am in the same boat. I have played in the same golf league for over 10 years. We have modified some rules to combat slow play, a poorly kept course and some of our aging members. We have 60 guys in the league and play a 1 on 1 match, scored 2 points match play, 2 points stroke. Some of our variations- 1-OB only a stroke penalty no loss of distance. Since we have 60 guys teeing off in a 2 hour window, the course does not allow us to walk out and find out our ball is OB and have to hike it back to the tee box. however you want to hit a provisional as your 3rd shot, that is on you! However if a golfer hits a provisional only to find out his initial ball is still in play, not he has to walk over and grab his provisional. We never do a 2 club drop. We drop on the line of entry. However you usually ask your opponent where do you want me to drop and agreee upon a line. 2-winter rules. We play on hard pan and sometime the ground is iffy. not to mention since the course also has a public park running through it, you can find all sorts of damage to the ground. In most cases you ask your opponent for some relief and they allow it. 3- lift and clean anywhere. Once again we play on a muni course that is either super soggy or super dry. The bunkers can have rock in the them or dog poop. 4- gimmies. your opponent says it is good, it is good. usually within the length of the putter grip. I know alot of people will say this is not real golf. But it is 60 blue collar guys playing golf. Those are the only variations. No one really cheats, since it is customary to follow your partner/opponent to help look for their ball OB. Doesnt give a chance for them to cheat. We are generally a bunch of friendly guys our there playing. I want to give my opponent every chance at having a good shot. I dont want to win a match because my 70 year old opponent had to hit of a patch of dirt in the fairway, or off a tree root. I dont want them to break their equipment or suffer through a round because they had to walk all the way back to the tee box, holding all the other groups up and slowing the entire league down. But we play by the rules and the rules we have modified. Someone uses a "kick Wedge" he would get called out, and most likely harassed at the bar afterwards! Leagues are about having fun and playing golf and drinking beer. You want to be serious, play in a PGA tournament.
  12. Tiger Woods Fires Swing Coach Charles Barkley Quote: “Charles has a very unorthodox approach to swinging the golf club and I think he can help me re-find my own natural swing and let me get back to playing more instinctively,” Woods said last September when announcing the hire. “I know it’s not a traditional hire, but I didn’t win 14 majors by being traditional.” Unfortunately, Barkley’s advice has only made Woods worse and the golfer today made the move many have expected for weeks. The TNT NBA analyst said he has no hard feelings. “I made more than $700,000 betting against Tiger the last few months,” said Barkley. “I don’t regret being his swing coach at all. It was great.” https://medium.com/sportspickle/tiger-woods-fires-swing-coach-charles-barkley-6ad71c356392
  13. Maybe McIlroys the next Tiger and Spieths the next Jack. Maybe Ollie is the next Palmer. Maybe Thomas is the next.....ugh I got a headache. I hate this talk as does he. Let's just enjoy the ride and root for the kid because the game needs him to excel with Tiger basically finished. We want the game to be at its best, and right now the best thing for golf is Spieth and McIlroy dueling it out and trading majors.
  14. Problem with ESPN and Fox is they can't attract great golf talent because they do only one big tournament a year. This was discussed the other day on radio. Feherty's contract is up after this year and Fox wants to make a run at him but Feherty's not going to go to a network that only does one tournament a year. He'll either stay at CBS or to NBC. The best guys are going to go where you can cover golf regularly.
  15. Tournament - 82 Casual - 80 (seven times) Yes, I'm still trying to break 80.
  16. Whoever reminded me of Streb, I have to thank you. Great value and sitting pretty in the club house
  17. For all those saying the course is too easy, they have decided to play four days this year. Let's wait and see what happens.
  18. I'm not sure if someone said this already, but I simply focused on staying consistent. I would get one or two pars with a lucky birdie once in a while, but I'd have a couple of triple bogies bringing down the whole score. I had a decent swing form so I knew that breaking the 100 was more of a mental barrier. My dad told me to try and aim for an all double bogie first, then slowly bring it down to all bogies. I just pretended that a bogie was a par, and it kept me from trying ridiculous shots or being too greedy with distance. It takes time but now I feel like I have much better consistency in my scores.
  19. No. The NXT Tour likely has the worst price to performance ratio you're going to find. Bridgestone e5 is a much safer bet.
  20. Your handicap index indicates you usually score somewhere in the low 80's for 18 holes, is this correct? How old are you--not specific just general 20-35, 40-50, 55 or older? How much are those sets, what is their composition, and what is the flex of the shafts? If you are between 20-45ish give or take, I would go with the DCI's with steel shaft. 50ish the x-20 with the graphite deserve consideration, but not a given. The X-20's are perhaps a tad more forgiving, and graphite is a tad easier on older bones if you play a lot--but it depends on the graphite. A lot of times a forgiving club with graphite has a regular shaft or softer, but again not a given. If you drive it 260+, you are probably wanting a stiff steel shaft in your irons but again, not a given.
  21. We have two courses in my town, I have hit another golfer with a ball once at each course. It was the same guy both times. Sorry Bo....
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