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  1. I agree - it doesn't. Reading the two (LSW & Every Shot Counts) back-to-back, the analogy that came to mind was that of LSW as the "Physics" textbook, and ESC as the "Calculus" textbook. In this analogy, playing better golf is a physics problem. Knowing how to do calculus (modern golf stats) is nice, and gives you an understanding of why physics (golf) works the way it does, but you can't actually solve physics (golf) problems without the physics (LSW) book. Conversely, though, even without an underlying understanding of calculus, you can still solve physics problems, since there are computers to do the number-crunching for you. (ie, Game Golf) TL;DR - You can play better golf by only reading LSW. You can understand golf stats really well by only reading Every Shot Counts. I don't think anyone on this site thinks to themselves that "my goal for this year is to understand golf stats better".
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by iacas Hmmmm. I'm not even sure Broadie's book even covers this stuff much at all. You could email the guy. Or tweet at him. Be nice. Quote: Originally Posted by RFKFREAK Please let us know if you get a response. :) I emailed him and he replied: Quote: Good to hear from you. A few months after shooting that video I did come across the book Lowest Score Wins. This is an excellent book and one that I have recommended to many people. Thanks for taking the time to watch and respond.
  3. I mean, other than the fact that they were dishonest about how they were shills for the product and the claims behind the putter made no sense, I really have no issue with any of what happened.
  4. You can just hit. You won't be able to reach how far they think they hit the tee shot they can't find.
  5. Finger pointing. All I can say right now is that this thread is delivering. \ I'm on the tee waiting for you guys to find your ball in the rough. Just drop one, take a stroke penalty and hit. You're holding up play.
  6. Should this thread be merged with the "Are you conning yourself?" thread?
  7. Calling it a "fairway METAL" - seriously. woods, hybrids, drivers, what's wrong with that? that's a great "GOLF shot" - thank you, I thought you were talking about a shot of scotch....sorry, golf scotch a fine "Driver of the GOLF ball" - you mean not driving the golf cart? thanks etc, ad nauseum stop it - if not, then add the stupid "golf" into everything and at least make it funny. "He's a very good GOLF putter". "Let's take a look at his golf swing, see here at the golf takeaway it's square, now at golf position two, you can see that his golf fairway golf metal is golf parallel and still on golf plane. His golf followthru is golf full and his golf rotation is golf impressive. Golf."
  8. And I'd bet most of that comes from not having to play the bad shots as compared to getting to play the best shot. I bet your score would have improved almost as much if you just played the second best shot. Not your worst but not your best. I bet you would still get most of the improvement from eliminating the bad shot. It would be an interesting experiment. I do not understand your problem. Dave, a 6 at the time, said he played a personal 3 ball scramble and finished a little under par. @Duff McGee says that demonstrates the unlikelihood of the crazy scores people turn in. You say no it doesn't because high handicappers benefit more than low cappers from the forgiveness of scrambles. There is a pretty clear implication there, if maybe unintended. Don't you see how this is easily saying that even though a 6 playing a 3 ball scramble could only get a little under par, high handicappers can get into those crazy 50s scores because they benefit more from scramble format? And surely you can see, when put this way, how what you are saying above is no justification for the issue you took with @Duff McGee ?
  9. I think that is the biggest factor for me. I am conditioned to have to wait for the drama to unfold. Fast forwarding through the game makes it feel far less climatic and no tension builds.
  10. We live on a golf course and when we bought the house we fully anticipated that golfers were going to hit our lawn on occassion. Fortunately our house and the pool screen enclosure area are set back a ways from the fairway and rough as well as protected by a big oak but we find golf balls on the edge of our property. The only thing that upset me is I could clearly see where some inconsiderate jerk walked into my lawn, saw the gap between the trees and must have hit his wedge to get to the green from my lawn and left a divot. If I saw someone setting up to hit off of my lawn I would step out and say something. If you hit your ball on my lawn, come get it, just don't loiter around. I have yet to see anyone get upset about people coming into the yard to pick up a ball that can be clearly seen and understood that the obvious intent is to just retrieve the ball. If the yard has any type of barrier being shrubs, rocks, fence, low fence, well, the ball is theirs unless they are outside and give it back to you, not going to intrude as I see that as a sign of "I don't want you on my property, period". That being said, if you have a home on a golf course and get upset when someone grabs a ball off the edge of your property, or at least nowhere near where privacy should be a reasonable expectation or respected, then you are the one with the problem.
  11. I think I have discovered the reason I flip the club and take it back so far inside. When I first started golfing, I formed my swing based off of what I could find in Golf Digest. They talked about getting your wrists involved and turning them out on the way back. So I guess I took it to the extreme and formed my entire swing around this. I can not hold that angle and keep a forward shaft lean without shanking the ball or blocking it off the map. So I started flipping to get the face closed. I think that's also why I come so far across and long on my backswing like Mvmac was talking about above. I had to compensate to close the face. Just working in the backyard with some slo mo videos of pros and already I feel like I finally understand what a golf swing is supposed to somewhat a feel like (in its infancy). Phillyk helped me via text and sure enough I am WAY too rotated. Edit: the last pic is of the downswing. @phillyk
  12. Already said Phil from 95-15. Just making a prediction.....is that not allowed?
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    • @boogieliciousfor liking my comedic posts. Nothing gets by that guy! 
    • A.  It’s ridiculous to consider a drawn line on the ball to be an “object” as meant in the rules.  So no, it shouldn’t be illegal. B.  Draw anything you like, just don’t slow down pace of play with your alignment routine.  Hell, I know knuckleheads who spend time aligning their ball on the freaking tee! C.  However you do it, at least mark your ball for identification.  Too many still don’t do that... 
    • As we both know, feel ain't real, and descriptions can be tough.  I bet we play the shot from the rough pretty similarly, open face, plenty of speed, relatively steep attack.  It sounds like maybe our bunker techniques are a bit different.  
    • I played golf (sort of... mostly I knocked it sideways) with @Slice of Life and @Divot Master at the Erie event this past weekend and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. @Slice of Life brought a friend along who was a great guy as well. Not sure if he has a screen name or not.  A special thanks to @Divot Master for continually finding my ball even when I hit in places where I was planning on just leaving it there.  If anyone gets a chance to do one of the forum events I strongly encourage it. With any luck you may even get to hear one of the most anti-climactic stories about a half-eaten bagel in the history or stories about half eaten bagels. I heard it told by @GolfLug with an assist from @saevel25 and I will never forgot the absolute sense of indifference that filled my heart as the story limped to a prosaic conclusion. ... Just kidding. It's a great story.
    • It is more common type of shot on this course.  The course is 101 years old, greens tilt back to front with a lot of undulation.  They hold extremely nice but the only way you are on the green is if you hit them.  If you are short you are short.  The approach and fringe gobble up shots.  No bounce and roll on. This shot is terrifying when the pin is at the back of the green and you are just long. If the pin is on either side of the green and you are just above it at and angle it can be a steep downhill run.   The rough is like this throughout the course.  Runs along side the fairways and continues around the greens.  Sand traps are your friends here.  I would much rather end up in the sand trap then this rough. Add in the fact that this is not a flat course.  Lots of terrain change, uneven lies.  It is a fun and tough course

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