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  1. Boo just wants a little time to go fishing. If you were a player do you think you'd agree with his take on the never-ending season? http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2015/11/5/boo-weekley-honestly-this-wraparound-season-sucks-it-does-se.html
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  2. That's just the cookies in your browser.
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  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks Just the facts. We each need to search our souls regarding how to combat future threats. This feels like 9/11 all over again to me.
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  4. He can start by allowing his citizens to defend themselves. I'm not talking about the gun control law debates here in the US, we are in a world war and the targets of our enemy are civilians not soldiers.
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  5. I've had experience with all methods . .self teaching, dvd's/tips/forums/golf videos, wrong instructor, right instructor. First and foremost, there has been nothing more effective for me than an in-person lesson with the right instructor. This guy was able to look at my swing and tell me what to focus on and gave me drills to practice that worked for me. I've had varying results with self learning - at first it was almost worthless. The better my swing has gotten, the more I am able to self learn .. ie . .hitting balls on video and diagnosing my own issues. Same with boo
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  6. LOL. Let me throw in my "never existed" movies: Terminator Salvation, The Bourne Legacy.
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  7. Not my kind of poison, but I know enough people that are both marijuana users and reasonably responsible people. It definitely could be handled in a similar way as alcohol and not have significant adverse results. Some of you may or may not know that Ohio had a marijuana legalization issue on the ballot earlier this month. It failed, but it failed because it tried to set up a hand-picked cartel to run the whole thing. My guess is that a more even-handed plan will probably pass in the very near future. As far as the feds are concerned, they'll come around when they realize they are
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  8. I had just a couple over 200 yds left on this straight 508 par 5 (flag in the middle of the green), so 305 yds. It was downhill and downwind on a dry fairway hitting the precise spot on the left side of the fairway where it will roll another 50 yards, funneling to the middle. My average drive is around 215-220: good times! :)
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  9. dont know why but this thread smells a little funny.
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  10. For me, there is no substitute for time on the range with a bucket of balls and a competent professional armed with a Trackman, and a video camera. Anything else is a waste of time. And money.
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  11. I am 75 and came real close to breaking my age with a 77 and a 78 this year. But most of my rounds average 82 on my home course which is on the short side, 5360 yards from white tees, but.....lots of trees, hills, ponds, creeks. If you can keep it straight, you will score very good. Many new players end up with lousy scores. For those of you who have trouble breaking 95, here is a hint. Play intentionally for bogeys. Which means swing at 75% of your maximum speed. Most golfers can get within 100 yards of Greens in (Par-2) strokes. Then it is 3 more shots to a bogey. For example t
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  12. 100% wrong. A single has the same standing as anyone else on the course. Yours is an outdated viewpoint which has long since been revised.
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  13. Played my personal best half (9 holes) round yesterday. Shot a 50. Sounds bad but I beat my previous PB by 12 strokes. I guess the long hours at the driving range are paying off.
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  14. Played a very special round of Golf today. My uncle who passed away loved to play golf. After the funeral we all ate, drank and played a round at his favorite golf course in memory of him. 18 Holes shot 89. Kept my head down, played with a real purpose and did it for him. He would be proud.
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  15. Tacos. easy to give up as we really have Taco places here in the UK (that i know of)
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    • I put the club just inside the ball, then just behind the ball, and go quickly. I'm sure you could find lots of ways to stop pushing down on the club. Literally doing anything else might "cure" you of that.
    • I'm sure others of you saw this: Heart Rate Variability | The Ultimate Guide to HRV | WHOOP Heart rate variability (HRV): What it is, what causes it, why it's a sign of fitness, factors that affect it, how to improve it and use it to train smarter.  
    • It has negatives, too. And a heavier putter tends to "add stability and reduce a degree of freedom" too. Ban those too? What weight is acceptable to you?
    • 72 years old. Warmed up for 30 minutes, then played 18 holes. After getting home, did a 20 minute EMOM; Minute 1 - 20 jump squats. Minute 2 - 20 Russian Kettlebell swings. After that, did my Max Swing Speed training routine. Stretched, showered, dinner, TV & relax for the rest of the day.
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