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  1. A lot of folks do not appreciate advice unless asked. I have a playing partner. Often outwardly angry at a bad shot, or how the game is going-I initially tried to "help".That pissed them off even more. Eventually just learned to ignore the anger. Funny, the anger stopped It was my advice We are still married
  2. I have played golf on and off for a lot of years now. Only seriously since I retired. So a lot of embarrassing moments. But here is the one I remember best. Many years ago we were playing a course that was pretty narrow and wandered through a housing area, most manufactured homes. So on the tee I hit a big slice and it bounces off the roof of one of the homes. Clearly OB. So I tee it up and manage another big slice and hit the same home. As I was teeing the third ball the fellow who lived there came out with a stick waving a white flag. I though my buddies were going to sprain a rib laughing and they still remind me of this whenever we play there. In my defense I was just learning to play in those days and these days I have not hit a house in many year. But it was embarrassing.
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    Just a quick update, good news, I am down to 224 lbs. That is about 8 lbs of weight loss from when I started at 232. I got 34 lbs to go. Time to step it up a bit. I want to make it through the holidays unscathed ;) I think it's a good time to set up an intermediate goal. I am going to go 2 weeks without have bad food when I go out to eat. I also want to work out at least 4 times a week.
  4. GPS on the game golf is better than my iphone. The iphone gps is pretty solid. Sometimes when I use the app I have slightly more shots tagged that end up off from where I hit the shot. You can through their website ;)
  5. That's a good point I hadn't really thought of. If they are building up a database for comparison to develop their own strokes gained, they need everyone to mark where the pin is somewhat accurately (first putt distance is critical, as we all know). If people don't, then the source data against which you compare could be off- even if you mark your pins diligently. That's pretty funny actually! Ya know, when we were doing your numbers, I did want to ask you to confirm your putting distances, but I forgot. By telling my that you were missing those 1 and 2 footer (really 3 and 6 footers), your putting numbers were about twice as bad as anyone else. I took the liberty of guessing your REAL putting distances on one of your rounds, and here is how it changed your breakdown for one round: BEFORE: AFTER: This highlights how important initial putt distance is. I basically tripled your initial putt distances, and it changed your distribution significantly. Of course, the overall SG stayed the same and the driving SG stayed the same, but the approaches and short game numbers got worse, while your putting got better. I've summarized all of the SG's recorded in the thread so far. Here's a chart: As you can see, driving only accounts for 13% of the strokes lost. For what it's worth (and that might be very little), here is a summary of all the SandTrappers who have sent me their rounds: The first chart above compares against scratch golfers, and the second chart compares against PGA players, but it's interesting to see how Game Golf has 40% of strokes lost due to full swing, 60% around the green and putting. When you compare SandTrappers against MarkBroadie/PGA data, you get 67% of strokes lost for the full swing, 33% around the green and putting.
  6. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/golfingdad/round/667827 Best round I've recorded on Game Golf to date. :) My birdies on 9 and 17 were the highlights because they were both those rare "textbook" type holes. 3 (for me) perfect shots where the ball traveled exactly as I envisioned it. Hope to be able to build on this and have more rounds like this in the near future, rather than have it turn out to be an anomaly.
  7. I believe him. Nobody would have a username like mythbuster and lie.
  8. He wouldn't be the first guy to perpetuate a myth. Look at how many people still tell you the short game or putting is the true secret to scoring. Basic science or physics should carry some weight, too.
  9. Right, they have the smart tips in descending order based on the more granular categories (that we're not allowed to see). The putting stats have to be pretty close to bogus, though right? If you rely on tagging, as most users do, you're off by 2-3 yards (6-9 feet) before even considering that the location of the pin is not tagged. Sure, you might be able to get it down to +/-3 feet if you're really careful, but its not just about you. How careful is the average user, especially considering that before now--i.e., when all of the baseline data was collected--there was no way to make use of the putt data beyond the # of putts per hole. Garbage in garbage out. I also think @Abu3baid is confusing the general idea that long game matters more than short game with the numbers actually presented here. One is a generality, and one is specific to you. Assuming that the numbers were correct, they would support the idea that the long game is more important generally, the opposite might be true in your particular circumstances. Then again, that general proposition is not really what we're seeing with these charts. It sounds like Erik doesn't think they are jiving with his research or Brodie's. I really hope they unlock access to the smaller subsets rather than the four they pick to show you, but that seems to be how gamegolf has operated thus far. They're more interested in being easy to use and aesthetically pleasing than truly useful. I think they are trying to reach a broader market that doesn't care about the details. Just like last year when there were all sorts of complaints/suggestions as to how make it far more useful, we were told they listening and working on addressing those. They've come out with big new features that are actually really cool, but haven't fixed the glaring problems. But don't worry, they're super busy right now rolling out their new half-done product. They'll probably get around to fixing it later. Here's to hoping they do!
  10. Not to sound repetitive. But I strongly, vehemently, strenuously disagree with the statement in the last tweet: "5 months putting 6 hours a day". What a way to suck the fun out of a game where the best part is getting the ball in the air. Ah, I just saw your response @iacas right after I wrote this.
  11. If an OB stake is displaced, it becomes an obstruction. you may move it. If your ball moves incidental to moving the stake, replace it with no penalty.
  12. Golf does not occupy the same place in every golfer's life. Getting better is YOUR priority. Just enjoying the game may be HIS priority. "I play with this guy who is always taking lessons and practicing, as if he was going to qualify for the US Open someday. And I just like to go out, hit the ball around, and enjoy the game, without stressing too much over the score or my game. And all of that is fine, But this guy is constantly trying to make me over into himself, nags me about taking lesson and practicing, critiques my game telling me how I could improve, etc. So, how do I get this guy to jut shut up and STOP peppering me with advice and nagging at me to take lessons like him. " Maybe the above is something like what is going on in his mind? Especially since he has made his position clear that he is not interested in your swing or lesson advice and is satisfied with where his game is. The question is: WHY does that frustrate YOU?
  13. Strengthening any muscle will give you more control and help prevent injury. My trainer recently gave me the following forearm exercise to replace the wrist flexion and extension I was doing. He said he was getting better results with this. He said with the wrist flexion the tendency was to engage the bicep too much. This is done with just a two-foot piece of two-inch diameter PVC pipe by working one wrist against the other. Using a firm, overhand grip towards the ends of the pipe and holding it in front of you with your arms straight, attempt to flex one wrist (twisting down) while extending the other (twisting up). Do this for ninety seconds. For the first thirty seconds only grip and twist moderately hard. Without stopping to rest grip and twist almost as hard as you can for another thirty seconds. Then, still without stopping to rest (no matter how badly you want to) attempt to crush the pipe in your grip while twisting as hard as you can for thirty more seconds. Then after a short rest repeat with each hand twisting in the opposite direction.
  14. Best round ever, most birdies ever, and one drive hooked into a hazard away from breaking par. (Oh, and perhaps not coincidentally, it was on my birthday)
  15. A little bit of everything with an emphasis on poor execution.
  16. I'm pretty disappointed in the negative unwelcoming approach by so many members. Yes, it is possible. I personally, 100% understand why someone who just started is asking strangers about their progress. Why so many people doubt it can be done and call the OP a "troll" or "liar" is assuming, stupid, and ignorant. You can't stereotype someone because what they are claiming is rare. @jshanks26 Keep it up man. Don't worry about people doubting you. @Shorty WHY ASK STRANGERS? - because people you play with in person (that don't know you) get astounded that you have only been playing for 1 year and you are playing that well. You can see the doubt when you tell them as soon as they ask how long you have been playing. They don't believe you. You are told by your friends and people that know you just how good it is that you progressed so fast. By coming to a golf forum, you kind of expect people to be honest and ironically, not as judgemental (which is not the case). In a way, your almost seeking validation that it's okay to progress that fast because you are being told that it's not. So where do you go to talk to others that have done the same? Where can you find some acceptance? - Maybe a golf forum? - - YES IT CAN BE DONE. I'm offended because I was there. I played almost everyday from the moment I picked up clubs and within a year of starting, I was playing high school golf (Ironically another HS teams coach saw me hitting range balls and told my HS golf coach- who happened to also be our baseball coach). In my teams first match (My very first high school match), I shot an 8 over 78 (Ironically @Shorty it was put in the paper even though I didn't win or medal in the tournament- I still have the article packed away too). I knew 78 was good, I didn't understand how good because I was able to get there quickly. My coach kept saying "Son do you know what you just did?" - of course I shot 78 - "Son do you realize that many people never shoot in the 70's"... Yes- but I didn't realize how rare it was event though I was constantly being told. WHY??? because I was doing it! What makes it even worse is the people that are doubting you act like you just picked up clubs and shot in the 70's without putting in work. I can only speak from my personal experience in that I played more times in my 1st year that most golfers do in 5-10 years. I was at the course practicing and having fun almost every day playing 36 holes and playing on the range trying different types of shots. I worked hard on my game but it was fun. SO YES- It PISSES ME OFF to hear people doubt a kid because the odds aren't in his favor - but don't call him a liar or say he doesn't know how to keep a handicap because you have no right to make that claim. As a preemptive remark - I'm 100% aware I'm still only a 7 handicap right now so don't give me the "if you were shooting in your 70's in your first year why are you only a 7 now..." - I don't play every day anymore. Kudos! @jshanks26 and welcome to TST. We actually have a lot of very knowledgeable members and a good group of core posters. I apologize that you come in with people questioning you from jump street, but do understand that yes, your level of progress is very rare. Keep up the good work and try to continue improving. Don't take it too serious. Don't get caught up in others expectations of you because of your quick start. Have fun with it.
  17. For most distance is the correct choice. You can't gain distance with your putting or chipping/pitching, so obviously the poll is asking about full swing/full shots, not about around the green.
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