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  1. I made sure with wife 3.0 that I got the unlimited golf option ... its not always an option that you can get off the local self ... I had to wait till wife 3.0 was available ... Prior versions of wife would not have tolerated as much golf as I play ... thus the upgrades ... Warning: Read the label on wife 2.0 close ... while wife 2.0 claims golf is included in the package ... the small print says golf only on approved days ...
  2. Let us hear your experience or opinion. Here is what Walter Hagen's second wife, Edna Strauss, said after their divorce: "Unless a woman is a golf addict herself, she should NEVER marry a confirmed golfer. It can only go on the rocks. Walter lived golf, asleep and awake. Before dinner and after, he was practicing strokes in the living room.". Here is a counterpoint: my wife and I have been married for 36 years. I am a real golf enthusiast. She does not play in spite of coaxing by me. Our son, daughter, and grand daughter not only play, but also are enthusiasts! My wife has not only accepted this, but is proud of us. What is your opinion or experience?
  3. Found this info - Not really sure why you have a signal loss of the other channels? I have good news and bad news for you. The good news... any antenna should work for 4K over-the-air broadcasting, even the really old one that was on the roof when you got the house. The bad news... There probably will never be any 4K over-the-air broadcasting. Ever. Broadcasters aren't required to put out a 4K signal and that means that they probably won't. The only reason you see HD today is because a move to digital broadcasting was mandated by the FCC back in the 2000s and while that didn't technically require a move to HD, it did make sense to put in HD equipment in most stations when they were switching over to digital. There is actually a broadcast standard for 4K that would allow broadcasters to put out a 4K signal using the same 6MHz channel that they currently use for broadcasting HD. There's some question as to whether the quality would be any good, but there's nothing technical that would prevent them. The ATSC, the group that designed today's TV standards for North America, has created the ATSC 3.0 standard which includes 4K. Unfortunately the standard hasn't been approved or even considered for US broadcasting as of yet, and it likely won't be. Transitioning from analog to digital was a pretty massive undertaking, the sort of thing that comes about once in a generation or so. It's not likely that already cash-strapped broadcasters are going to pitch all their HD equipment to move to 4K so quickly. This is especially true when you consider that there just isn't a demand for 4K content like there was for HD content, and when you further consider that most people consider the future of television to rely just as much on streaming as it does on broadcasting. Getting back to the question at hand, though, since there is a technical standard for putting 4K on the same channels as HD, and since there is plenty of channel space out there in the UHF and VHF bands (too much in fact, since the FCC is considering taking spectrum away from broadcasters to give it to mobile users) there is no reason to think you'd need a different antenna. After all, an antenna doesn't know and doesn't care what kind of signal it receives as long as it's within the frequency range that it's designed for. So bring on the 4K, your antenna can take it... but don't hold your breath waiting for it.
  4. I voted "disagree" but I have to say I'm not the most informed person on this "issue". I love watching them hit it far. I can totally relate to a 200 yard 7iron just like I can relate to a pro football player diving over the line into the endzone. I can't do these things . . .but I still like to watch them being done. I also can see the argument about needing to re-tool golf courses to manage ever increasing distances. I agree that distance is relative. You could make some kind of equipment change that shortens everybody's drives by 25% and the game would still be just as exciting. I'd like to see it done more with course design, though . .as in tighter fairways and more punishing rough. Stop raking bunkers. That sort of thing.
  5. I voted yes, but it can be a slippery path. Keys are compromise and keeping priorities straight. Family comes above ALL else. Things ive learned on the subject; keep priorities straight, do things to cutback like play shorter courses, executive courses or just nine holes from time to time. And it also helps to marry the greatest woman the earth has ever seen.
  6. Heck, even Ivy League school attendance doesn't guarantee intelligence in my opinion. One need not look much further than most of our politicians and candidates to see a pool of Ivy League people who are pretty stupid.
  7. I am going with no. I say this somewhat in jest but holy cow I see some stupid stuff out there. Bad decisions all over the course from tee selection to risk taking with golfers being completely oblivious about their abilities.
  8. As long as the golfer isn't a dick about it and remembers that they're not the only one in the relationship it should work just fine.
  9. Intelligence is a trait. A very measurable one. Intelligence is the ability to see future (or recreate past). Translation - The ability to infer what is not in plain sight. In short, ability to put two and two together. More steps you can accurately infer in sequence with limited indicators, the more intelligent you are. IQ tests are based on that and IMO very much a measure of this trait - so yes, it can be measured without the context of 'intelligence in a certain field'. Now , in the context of a certain field - experience is an additional intelligence builder which is why people get more intelligent as they age. Does golf require this trait more than other sports. I don't believe so. Something like Chess requires it in spades. Does golf attract more people who already have this trait due to socio-economic-more adult participation-whatever reasons. Maybe. I voted yes.
  10. PEZ SEZ----I have not posted on this website for a few years. In fact, I played almost NO golf for the last 5 years, and had almost no interest in doing so. Prior to that, I was a true "golf enthusiast", and played a minimum of 80 rounds each year, and always belonged to a club. I was the Publisher and Editor of my own golf magazine, "The Golf News" and a guide for tourists called "Central New York Directory For Tourists". Well, the bad things that were happening to me and my wife have subsided or are done and over with. I am playing golf again, and my handicap dropped from 16 to 12 to scratch. I am reviving my publications, and are rereading some of my classic books, starting with the ones by Jack, The Haig, The Black Knight, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Harry Vardon, Bernard Darwin, Robert Browning ("The History of Golf"), and Gene Sarazen. God, it is good to be back. I hope to contribute to these forums in an entertaining and informative way. Perhaps, the posts that I have already done will indicate my style and my passion for the game. God, I LOVE GOLF, and feel like I am resurrected from the dead!
  11. I actually think that the newer clubs have less gear effect spin. Please understand that I'm talking about gear effect spin. If your clubface isn't square to the path, you'll get sidespin, but for a different reason. Gear effect spin is kind of self-correcting. For a ball hit on the toe, with a clubface square to the path, the tendency is for the clubhead to rotate open, pushing the ball to the right (RH golfer). However, as the clubface opens, the gear effect induces draw spin, tending to curve the ball back to the left. The clubhead rotation is what induces gear effect spin. If you look at old persimmon heads, they had much more pronounced face curvature (bulge and roll) If I understand correctly, this was a trial and error solution to problems cause by relatively high gear effect spin. The curvature would cause a shot hit on the toe, for instance, to start a little further right in order to counteract the draw spin from the gear effect. Higher MOI in the newer clubeads means, with an equivalent shaft, the club itself will rotate less due to an off-center strike than a club with a lower MOI. Consequently, less gear effect spin. In addition to the clubhead design, shafts have been improved too. The very first graphite shafts could be made stiff against bending, but weren't very torsionally stiff. Consequently, clubhead rotation was often unpredictable, especially on off-center hits. Apparently it was really tough to hit these clubs straight, but the lighter shafts made for improved distance. Newer graphite shafts are much more torsionally stable. Consequently, you'll generally get less gear effect spin and higher ball speed even on off center strikes, Off course, if the ball starts offline, with good velocity, and no self-correcting gear effect spin, the result is further into the woods.
  12. I don't get the purpose of this question. Say the answer is a definitive yes, what do we do, pat ourselves on the back and revel in our cleverness?
  13. judging on my own intelligence? i would say no.
  14. I wouldn't be calling 'HaHa' from the Jersey Shore. Our temps here in the Philly Burbs are pretty similar to Atlantic City. We may be able to play but it's not ideal conditions. I soldiered through it this past weekend (41 degrees, cloudy and windy) but am paying the price with a bit of a cold now.
  15. slightly better than blading my 4 lol!!! actually, its really not bad, seriously as long as theres no wind blowing the heat from the furnaces away, its not bad at all.
  16. Gives new meaning to a "shotgun start" <rimshot.wav>
  17. Will do. As for the cheating, as long as it's not for score, it's about improving your game. Have fun with it. If no one is pushing, throw down an extra ball. Whatever. That's why I very rarely get mad about a poor shot. Every swing is about improving. We all need that.
  18. I'm going to buy one just to screw with my golf buddies. The expression on their faces when I pull it out on the first tee and shoot the ball down the middle, would be "priceless" Wonder if they make a model for 300 yard drives ? ......
  19. Actually, I would like two things. 1) An in depth, total bag fitting with no preconceived ideas about brands. 2) Enough cash to buy the clubs I was fitted for.
  20. Id just like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Enjoy the festive break and recharge the batteries for next year.
  21. I have a family and a corporate job. I never have time to practice. I just show up at my club once a week and play a round. That's all the practice I get. In spite of this I usually shoot around 90, sometimes a little less. I'm very happy with that.
  22. When in my 20's I played and practiced everyday in the summer. I was a teacher and had 2.5 months off. I'd play a practice 18 with one club early in the morning, go to the range for a couple of hours and then play another 18 with friends in the afternoon. I really enjoyed those days and was determined to become a scratch golfer. Alas, there is this thing called talent, and although my handicap would occasionally fall below 5, it would always return to 5. Practice, lessons -- nothing really could bring that handicap down. So, that's where I stayed for about 20 years. Then, a back injury put an end to my golfing for the next 20 years. This year -- fully retired -- I decided to try again. I'm building a completely new swing. I'm old, realize it, and I'm playing a completely different game. 1. I'm healthy enough to be able to walk at least 9 holes a day -- usually 18. I'd like to be a single digit handicapper again, but it's not real important. (I ended the year at 11.8) I take great joy in scrambling now. When you're not a long hitter, being close to the green in regulation becomes the goal. Scrambling becomes the way to a par. 2. I played about 50 rounds playing half the summer this year. I think I walked every round except 4. By the end of the summer I was consistently in the 80's. (Even had a couple of rounds in the high 70's) Quite frankly, I'm satisfied. 3. I play a pretty straight game with good course management now. Don't usually loose a ball. I hate looking for lost balls. I'm scoring well for my age and talent level. I'll practice a bit, but plan on playing almost every day. I guess that means I'm not going to put in a lot of work on my game. I'll just enjoy the fact I can still play. Later, John
  23. I married a non-golfer, back in 1984. Apparently I've infected her, she plays as much or more than I do.
  24. That's about 50-60mi south of me. I play mostly Hollywood GC, Eagle Ridge, Lakewood CC, and others. Played Seaview a long time ago in a junior tournament but haven't been there since. I do go down and play Sea Oaks a couple times a year though.
  25. Yeah, and there's Melainey again, and Steve. That's one of the dumbest videos I've ever seen. Seriously, a horrible, terrible video. Lousy.
  26. I'm with @rkim291968on this one. I haven't read a compelling argument in any of the posts to support the idea that golfers are more intelligent. I can, however, find several examples on this site where those who are familiar with pro golfers state that they are not that knowledgeable about their swings. They are good at doing what their coaches tell them to do. Same with many instructors - who play at a very high level golf but when shown the evidence of ball flight laws, choose to ignore the science. Not so smart. As far as thinking on the course, that's lame. Do you know what's involved with the pass-blocking scheme of an offensive line in football? Those guy aren't pros because they're the biggest and strongest. Show me some data supporting your theory and I'll start to buy into it. Otherwise this is just an old fashion pissing contest. The irony.
  27. Compare a good golfer with, say, an NFL QB who can read defenses. Both have college degrees. Difference is the golfer reads greens. Both are intelligent in their own right.
  28. No.** **(I base that on the idea that Sir Richard Branson is a high school dropout and Ted Cruz is a Harvard Law graduate, and I just extrapolated from there. ;))
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