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    • Day 288 Did a video check of my swing. On short, slow swings I’ve got my hip priority piece down well and strike the ball cleanly, but full swings have been a mess. Turns out my attempts to not drag the club head too far inside (sub priority piece) has caused my shoulder turn to shorten considerably. Fixed this in a couple rehearsals and full swings with a ball. Did same drill as yesterday with 9-3 swings. Then a superspeed workout. Then hit 5 balls with driver, all strikes in a pretty good spot on the face. 
    • Scrambles aren't a recognized form of golf, so… do whatever the tournament organizer says.
    • In a 4-player scramble format for a charity tournament, what happens if one player drops out after several holes, say due to health issues? Can the remaining 3 players then take an extra shot within 100 yds? Each player would by rotation perform the extra shots on their selected holes. 
    • Day 98.  During the work day today, I snuck to the adjacent (for me) room and hit 6-iron practice shots periodically.  Real balls, indoors, off a mat, into the net.  
    • Is there a reason you have narrowed it down to those two? Are you open to other suggestions from the folks here? Any info you can give us about ball flight, distance, stuff like that?

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