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    • The 65-20-15 idea seems logical to me.  It is safe to assume I will only 1-putt occasionally and thus for any chance at Par I need to be GIR to get a 2-Putt Par, and then my 1-putts would be birdie, not to save par.  To get a GIR I need a good approach shot and my best approach shots are from the fairway, not the rough or from behind a tree.  If I want my approach shot to be from the fairway I need to land my tee shot in the fairway.  Thus, to me the Tee Shot sets up everything else so it makes sense to devote substantial time to that.   I did recently spend time specifically on my long irons because I was hitting the fairway with my tee shots but then pushing my long irons right so I dedicated a lesson and practice time just for that for a couple of weeks, That was to address a specific weakness and will not be my permanent practice routine.  Unfortunately, I am now noticing that my driver is suffering so maybe I neglected it too long.  
    • I can usually remember every shot for a few days but after that I need to free up space on my mental hard drive and it gets those shots get auto-deleted.
    • Simpson sneaking up there. This just feels like his kind of conditions like Olympic. He’s always reminded me of Scott Simpson. Just sneaks up there in Majors.
    • I remember every shot very well and use the new USGA GHIN system to post my stats. Even though I have no idea where my keys are right now.
    • Thanks Erik - I should've know it had been discussed in times past.  Funny thing is in '07, golf was no where on the brain - just motorcycles and music. These days, still dream of maybe riding again, still play music pretty regularly, but golf has become that sport I have learned to love.  Thinking next round at the home course will be a 5 club round.  Just to see how well or not so well I do.  

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