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    • Shot 41 on a Par 32 9 holer while on a weekend vacation. Two pars and a birdie were the highlight. Course was actually pretty tough... more than a few of the holes it was fairways or bust. I went bust a time or two. 
    • Day #8 Practiced driver with impact labels prior to round.  Still tending to crowd the ball.
    • A few good holes but many crap holes. View this round on GAME GOLF  
    • Do you have a Costco Membership? If so check the Callaway Edge set for about $500 if they still have them. This is a full set and includes driver, FW, hybrid. and irons, and an Odyssey putter.
    • Like on the 18th hole at High Cedars Golf Course in Orting, WA there's a drop zone by the sprinkler head nearest the cart path on the left near the bridge by the water hazard. It extends 8 feet around the sprinkler head. It was designated in 2014 by The Committee. I was a club officer who helped get it designated. The course has never marked it. The old drop zone was on the other side of the hazard which was not in keeping with the RoG because it advanced the ball past the hazard. As of now only a few of us know where the official DZ is located. It's in the binder inside the club.  I can just imagine in a tournament, dunking a ball, then heading over to the DZ and getting into a discussion with a rules official, and they'd have to call the club house for the location.  I make it a point of informing people about the unmarked DZ if they hit a ball in the water.

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