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    • Had a couple of games with mine now, easy to hit, also easy to get right underneath & hit it almost straight up. I might have to practice with ball position , I’m finding I hit them both (54 & 58) way shorter than my 58 Vokey. The 54 Eye 2 is good for chipping out of the long grass , and pretty easy to get out of bunkers.
    • Like billchao said, you cannot play golf that way. Yes you are supposed to remove the outliers both ways, so if you hit 2x 175, 6x 160 and 2x 50 yards it’s much better for your golf score if you use 160 as your carry average rather than 141 as you will hit 160 6/10 times and 141 0/10 times
    • My membership renews in December.  A couple of years ago, I got an “it’s time to renew” notice in July.  I emailed them that it’s not time to renew in July.  They replied that my account would be updated to send me only a single renewal notice, 60 days before expiration. It’s been fine since then. I’d suggest emailing them to request they update your account similarly.
    • Too late... Dwight Eisenhower used black balls on the White House lawn in the snow a looooong time ago.  
    • Maybe we should have black golf balls ?  To help them absorb heat from the sun.  Maybe I'll patent that idea and get rich, lol

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