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    That comes from the behind-the-scenes peek from the famous Time interview with Tiger Woods: http://scoregolf.com/blog/lorne-rubenstein/the-goods-on-woods/ . Tiger, it turns out, is wrong. The golf swing is too fast. Even if you could instantly form a thought and direct your muscles to do something, it quite literally takes too long for the nerve impulse to travel from your brain to your muscles for it to do anything past about A5. That's right: if your brain hasn't told your muscles to do something by A5 (or when your lead arm is parallel to the ground on the downswing), it ain't even gonna begin happening prior to impact. Several biomechanists and neurologists agree.
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    • Do you play the same course all of the time?   How many times per round do you hit your 3W off of the tee? I believe you'll find more control hitting a partial PW over a full 51º.    Is your 3 iron the only club you can work both ways? I don't have any answers, just questions.   Good luck
    • @WUTiger would be happy to know that my “Sweet Sixteen” has become my “Fantastic Fifteen”. For those of you who wonder why the hell I always have this dilemma, well it’s a kind of Shane thing as it’s known. Now for those who can’t see my signature this is what I currently have:  Z785 Driver (9.5°), ZF85 3-wood (15°), ZU85 2-iron (18°), Z585 3-iron (20°), Z785 4-PW, AW (22°, 25°, 28°, 32°, 36°, 41°, 46°, 51°)  RTX-4 Black Satin 54°/10° Mid, 58°/9° Full. Huntington Beach Soft #1 Putter 37" Now the whole thing is I don’t want to get on the whole internet distance inflation deal. I was fitted for all of these clubs. I originally was going to get the H85 3-hybrid or F85 5-wood when I went into the fitting, however the U85 was a better fit.   So I have three ideas of which club to drop for the 14-club rule:  1) The 51° I can play a really good 10-2 PW that goes almost the same distance as my 51° wedge. So that’s a possibility. the con is I like to chip with my AW. 2) The 3-iron. I can shorten up on my 2-iron and hit it the same distance as my stock 3-iron. The con is: I can work the 3-iron both ways. 3) 3-wood. I haven’t hit a 3-wood in years (mostly a 4-wood guy). I can hit this club a long way. Don’t really need it for par-5 second shots, but off the tee I do.
    • Check your finish position versus mine, where the shaft is pointing relative to the triangle in the arms… and the weight location. But mostly the arms/shaft.
    • Day 43: Did the COVID-19 drill, working on chipping.

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