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    That comes from the behind-the-scenes peek from the famous Time interview with Tiger Woods: http://scoregolf.com/blog/lorne-rubenstein/the-goods-on-woods/ . Tiger, it turns out, is wrong. The golf swing is too fast. Even if you could instantly form a thought and direct your muscles to do something, it quite literally takes too long for the nerve impulse to travel from your brain to your muscles for it to do anything past about A5. That's right: if your brain hasn't told your muscles to do something by A5 (or when your lead arm is parallel to the ground on the downswing), it ain't even gonna begin happening prior to impact. Several biomechanists and neurologists agree.
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    • Tommy Armour 845 with tommy armour steel shaft showed 0.370 hosel, but the data did not go back to 1980-1981.  If these are blade type head then there is a possibility it's 0.355 hoseel. I never assume the tip size unless pulled one and confirm with measurement.  Since there are lots of hobbyist bore out the 0.355 taper tip to the parallel .   Being the original Tommy Armour shafts, it's very likely a parallel tip of 0.370. If in fact the hosel is 0.370, there are many choices for replacement shaft at much lower cost than the taper tip.  There are some $5-$7 per new shaft out there, just follow the instruction for tip trim and cut from the butt to desired length.  Not a brain surgeon task and require a few tools ( which you might have them already on your work bench if you are a handyman ). If you want to keep and play this set, I would get a new set of stiff flex shafts so you won't ruin your rounds of golf on vacation.  Green fees ( a round or two ) could pay for the cost of replacement shafts. Keep the original shafts and store in a cool dry place,  For resale to keep the set available in original setup.   
    • Nope. But does the amount of people that can hear it really make it any better? But I get what you are saying.
    • The occasional expletive while playing golf does not bother me since it happens to me all the time.  I do think that the PGA Tour professionals that are miked up should make an effort to maintain control and keep it PG most of the time.  Unfortunately many of these pros are role models for younger golfers so constant F-Bombs should be avoided.  Also, I have known people that cannot say a sentence without using the F-Bomb several times.  Sorry, I am 68 years old and find it  annoying and degrading.  But that is not what JT and others (including myself) are doing.  An expletive after something really bad happens is bound to happen.
    • Also, it wasn’t a huge distance difference... 5 yards max.  The balata would land, take a hop forward and then spin back.  The pro v would just drop and stop.  Decent angle. i remember when I hit the balata and said to myself, “there it is”.... that was the launch and height window I’d been looking for.
    • Thank you, appreciated! Looks like great content

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