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    • Chip, every time.  I am terrible at judging how much the fringe is going to take off my speed, whereas I can judge the speed of the chip basically as if I was putting from the same distance.
    • I played this course twice yesterday.  95 and 93, so not 90, but not awful, either (for me).  Get par on that hole both times, with the 5 wood.  First time pulled it far enough left that I had a shot at the green (though over a tree) with a PW, and hit it pin high, maybe 20 feet.  Second time was less left, zipped right through the FW bunker on the left, to 97 yards.  SW went about 99, a little right (perhaps the wind, or I just can't aim!) to about 15 feet.  Birdie putt scared it, easy par.  Proves nothing, of course, but that hole isn't my issue!  I do think I will go to driver, though, once I believe it will stay on the course on that hole.  There just isn't a lot of room for error.  I hit several drives on other holes that were totally playable that could well have been OB on #1. Actually ended the first round with 3 straight pars, then the par on #1 the second time around for 4 in a row.  That could be a first.  
    • Would You Rather… #2: Assuming your ball is around 1-2 yards from the green, on fairway length grass, but not the super-smooth cut that some high-end courses use near the greens.  Would you rather chip (with a wedge or short iron), putt (with a putter), or something else (e.g. hybrid or fairway wood with putting motion)? Personally, I'd rather chip and I do so with typically anything longer than a couple of feet of fringe when it's not real smooth. They are a few times when I may regret my decision afterwards, but usually I am better off: I just never felt comfortable putting when the ball will bubble onto the green... It becomes more of a conundrum when the ball is in a collection area below the green with a short flag, i.e. not much room between the edge of the green and the hole. Miss the chip and it rolls back to your feet, miss the putt (hitting it too hard) and the ball ends up a long way from the hole...
    • ROM... you are cracking me up!  If you have an Android phone just go to the Playstore and download it for free... no need to bring Amazon into this.  Hoping you had a good nap.  You don't have an original RAZR flip phone, I hope.
    • I don’t understand what that has to do with the subject of this thread...

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