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    • What has it got to do with being a "single digit" handicapper? I am sure I could introduce you to 20 markers who are better than what you call a "single digit" handicapper. Different players use different clubs that suit them. Handicap is irrelevant. A 21 degree club used by a 30 marker might be perfect for a genuine 8 marker. It all depends. Vijay Singh used a 7 wood. Some 25 handicappers woul laugh at a 27 handicapper using one. Because they are ignorant. You seem to have a peculiar focus on low handicaps with regard to an unrelated topic. My experience is that a genuine 3 handicapper is not asking such a vague question to people he's never met or seen hit a golf ball. I'd be using what suited YOU, not what others use based on their (often mythical) handicaps.    
    • Loving the 7-wood so far. Hit it on 16 from 218 on Sat, 225 on Sun, from 245 (downwind) on 13 today and they all held the green and resulted in two-putt birdies. That's huge because my hybrid would have had no chance with how firm the greens are. Project X, Evenflow Black 6.0, 78 grams. I like going a bit softer in my fairway woods.
    • @Robos I know this is a long read but this is a good example how the process works here. Originally @iacas is discussing hitting down on the ball with the driver...circa 2010 I believe. He then presents research along with examples and data in which he changes the idea and believes amateurs would be better off to actually hit slightly upwards with the driver. Pros can really get away with hitting down because they have sufficient swing speed and solid contact damn near every time. They can afford to lose a little distance because they swing so damn fast. When it’s bomb city they hit up. Now Jim has a YouTube video where he clearly states hitting up with the driver to get higher launch and less spin is wrong because one can reduce spin simply by shallowing their swing. No explanation of physics, no charts, no ball flight/spin data and no mention of swing speed. 
    • Birdies on 4 & 8 for me today 🙂, along with my best ever front 9 of 2 over 38. Last few holes on the back hurt me though.
    • Which 21 degree club (20-22deg iron or hybrid) do TST single-digit handicappers use?  Iron? (3 or 4 depending on set)  Hybrid?  Both? (presumably for different course conditions and/or shots requiring different trajectories and/or rollout/lack thereof) Neither?  (includes those few single-digit handicappers using a 7 wood, or those simply with no hybrid or low iron in the bag)

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