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    • Since returning to playing I’ve developed an awful bad habit of either looking up on chip shots, and occasionally coming up and out of pitch shots. Its now manifesting itself into almost any trouble shot I have , rough , trees etc, I want to have a ‘look’. It turned todays round into an 81, when with a decent short game I could have been 2 or 3 over. Any suggestions on how to distract myself from this, obviously telling myself to try & stay down is not working.
    • Another round another two birds! If you birdie the same hole multiple times do you keep taking -1 off the tally for the hole?
    • Just ordered one yesterday, i can give you an answer but probably not for a few weeks. Est del 3 weeks.
    • What Bonivant said....honestly, I have garnered a good variety of balls from Pro-V1's to Top Flite XL's to out of production Dunlops. Some are sweet off the club face, others like rocks.  All of this of course is in pitch/chip mode in the back yard.  Likewise - I have have been gifted Pro-V1X's, Tour Softs, Callaway Superhot 70's and Pinnacle Softs.  Along with a stash of DT TruSoft's and a few DT So-Lo's and Srixon Z-Stars.  What do I like playing - right now it's the DT TruSofts.  As a mid- to hi-handicapper, they play well and if I lose one its no big deal.  Good luck on your quest...
    • I have to admit, that was my first thought too!

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