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    • I have noticed lately that my feeling on pretty much everything is like a 40-50% swing. I end up with a full back swing, in good positions but I don't have the aggressive move with my hips that causes me to get stuck. If I tell myself to swing at 40-50, my timing is so much better and my distance and accuracy are so much better. My teacher says that these swings look full and in control. If I think full, my back swing gets too long and I get out of sync which causes all kinds of issues.  Great work!
    • I like Bryson and his different thinking about how to win and all the other weird shit he does. However you can’t complain when you have camera crews at your house and post on IG about your workouts and how many eggs you eat in the morning. You don’t get to pick and choose when you are famous. I have hit way worse shots and had much worse reactions but I didn’t yell at the cart girl or group behind me for watching me. I never told the groundskeeper to mow a different hole and i never do anything to the course. Maybe he should get some advice from Tiger. Nobody had the cameras on him more than that and it seemed to work out pretty good for him. Just grow up Bryson. 
    • Yea. I just go aggravated with the swing not being able to shorten up. I decided to just chip one out there and video tape the swing. I think it was just me saying, "Ok lets look at the other extreme". Then the swing was like A3.5-ish in swing length. So, I just focused on that feel for the next few to see what I can do with it. I think over time I was adjusting to the timing a bit more. 
    • Add your names to the list. Copy and paste the list and add your name. @Braivo? @JxQx?
    • We shake hands or fist bump.  Pretty much as always.

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