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    • Your hands move out and up rather than tracing inward. That’s all. A little of that is fine. You’re bordering on a bit too much IMO.  As I noted it does help you loop it back to the inside on the downswing.
    • As a 20 I agree.  I'm 66 and still want to lower that number, bought the book and this winter (starting next week) am going to practice and get a few more yards on my full swing shots. My short game and putting are not going to get much better or better enough to give me 5 strokes. Maybe I have drunk the cool-aid , but I have seen that GIR is a way better place to lower my score. Th alternative is ok-play for GIR +1-and live with 91-95. Its closer to par than 102  
    • Unless they are bringing in hazards, OB, that is the proper strategy to achieve that goal. Being as close to the hole as possible on each shot without penalty will help greatly in breaking 90.    No offense but I think ‘ realistic’ could be replaced with ‘ easier.’ If you think you have the ability to improve your distance then that is the best way to start breaking 90 unless you have a glaring weakness with your short game. Which doesn’t appear to be the your case if you struggle to reach most par fours in regulation due to distance.
    • vote was yes. My guess is that the non alcoholics all voted no. Drunk driving laws are like locks...they work for honest folks. If I drink, I will probably drink and drive...so I have stopped drinking. Once I black out all bets are off.   
    • No doubt people are right that I could increase my swing speed & it is not out of my radar. For me my swing is I feel a simple free flowing one that will see my body into the future.  But I still think that a more realistic aim for myself (& possibly others) to consistently break 90 could be to aim as a minimum to reach the green in regulation + 1. This does not eliminate reaching some in regulation &/ or having a single putt to achieve a Par.  I do play with some people who find it hard to realise that golf is a handicap game and try to bomb every shot because they think their goal is always to achieve the par for each hole that is given on the scorecard of the course rather than what their handicap/level of play would suggest is the par for a particular hole for their current skill level. 

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