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    • In the UK the percentage of fatal cases in adults(>18yrs) with no underlying symptoms is 2.4%. 22% of over >80yrs that require ICU treatment have no previously undiagnosed underlying symptoms other than advanced age.  I can’t find data for the fatality rate of those 22%
    • Day 37 - Did the COVID Day 6 drill twice, then worked on my Priority Piece with 6 iron, 3H and driver. Finished with chipping including around my yard.
    • I haven't done Cindy but I have done The Murph. Our gym does it every Memorial Day (although sadly, we may to postpone it this year). It is similar to Cindy with a Mile run at the beginning and end. 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run. I think my best time was around 44 minutes. @Typhoon92, 26 rounds of Pull-ups (130 total) is pretty damn impressive. Do you do kipping pull-ups or strict? My other favorite Crossfit workout is Fran. It is alternating Thrusters and Pullups in a 21/15/9 rep sequence. It's a great combination of pushing and pulling exercises and although it's not very long time wise, I am drenched in sweat by the end.
    • Played 36 holes on Tuesday and Thursday, 18 on Friday, and 27 yesterday. We’re averaging well under 3:00 for 18 holes these days. I guess there’s at least a little bit of a silver lining to this particular cloud!  
    • I've watched the first two episodes.  I like it so far.  That twist at the end of episode two sets up things nicely.

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