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    • Scott, more with the wrists, less by swinging the arms back. Dan, ditto the above (less so), and your weight is in your heels a little, it appears. Kevin, club a little low/close. I enjoyed that video sped up. That was a good way to do that. Whoa! Long backswings! 🙂 Left wrist only ones should kinda go out in front of you more. A bit less arm swing and a bit more of a 45° angle will help there. Club goes above your belt buckle, a bit high at setup. Bill, really good job with the left wrist stuff. A bunch of you can watch his left wrist video and you’ll see that his club is going up and out away from him, because of two things: 1) he’s isolated the wrist movement and isn’t adding in a pivot or arm swing, and 2) he’s not palmar flexing the left wrist, but rather hinging it up at about that 45° angle I talked about in the video. Daniel you did a good job as well especially with that left wrist. Matt, nice. And yeah, like practice putting, you can feel it in your back. Steven, like many others a little more arm swing than I’d like to see for the left wrist feeling. I didn’t see a split-hand grip but I’ll assume you did that too. 🙂 BW, nicely done. Split hand grip too. Maybe I didn’t mention that as clearly in the video…? Matt, well done. Some of the actual swings (with the little pivot) still seemed a bit up and out, tough to say, but the pivot should help get the club a bit more parallel at A2… though I’d rather it be out than in, so it’s not the worst thing to practice.
    • I don't know any stats so this is just my opinion but I think at home practice items will have been a big seller after all of this. 
    • Last round for 30 days will be played today. I have played every day since Feb 27th. Our stay at home order goes into effect at midnight 😑  
    • No video of day 1.  It was pretty similar to some of the Planemate drills.

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