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    • lol, it's an interesting theory.  I spend about 1 minute at my car.  I put on my shoes, grab my bag, done.  honestly, i can't wait to get to the practice area to warm up. I consider myself fast, but not to the point of sprinting.  just efficient and considerate of those behind or ahead of me.  heres another one, how about slow play and people who show up late or right at the 11th hour for their tee times? 
    • I do agree that there is a correlation. More than once I have been paired as a single with a guy or group of guys who I saw drive to the course (with me behind them, of course) and/or unpack their stuff and get ready. They are slow doing all that and then they me meet at the first tee, where I have been waiting for them for 5, 10 minutes or more, after I checked in and the guy sends me to the tee telling me I will be second up with so and so... Then I tee off and wait 5 more minutes before they can find their glove, their tee, their ball, their ass, etc... and so goes the rest of the round. Sadly. I believe slow people are slow at (nearly?) everything. They just seem to operate on a slow clock...
    • I take somewhere between 2-4 minutes at the car. My bag stays attached to its pushcart, but I make sure everything is in it, and set my phone, smokes (I know, they are bad), keys, etc. into their respective places in the bag. It takes me longer with a cart because I load the balls/tees in, and have to switch the slot of my driver and 4W to make them accessible. I want the head of the idiot that designed golf carts that have the roof of the cart overhanging the bag area. Playing wise, I am the fastest I know by 25%. This is a very conservative estimate. The way I see it, the faster I play, the more chance of a second round on a weekend. For some people its a leisure activity, but I get my excitement from hitting the ball, and if I can see twice as many holes on a given day, then I will attempt to do so.
    • 1:1.  People who take 20 minutes to get their cart in order take forever to do everything else.          

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