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    • These guys wrote a book on it and have an app. I read the book. It was alright. I tried it, but it was hard to translate the rhythm to the course without the metronome. I preferred to keep my own rhythm with a song in my head. Tour Tempo – Golf Swing Tempo Distance Training We discussed it here.  
    • They will change the swing weight of your clubs slightly if you have a standard grip now. Not much if you stay in the same size. The GolfPride Tour Velvet is 50g and MCC+4 is 52g in standard size.  Check your current grip weight at golfworks.com. If you go up in size, it can change swing weight a lot. I went to the midsize MCC+4, which is 66g and have to add weight to the head area.
    • Think Cam Champ had a lot of fast twitch muscles. Seen a lot of pitches in my day that weren't very big either but could throw mid 90's or harder. 
    • I hear they are the original contract manufacturers of the Nike RZN that own the RZN technology and have launched the ex-Nike ball on thier own. Anyway good news, looks like and more options for us golfers!
    • Day 37.  After yesterday's round, I particularly felt I could have hit my half shots a bit better (in retrospect, I don't know why I thought that, as I had so few to hit).  Anyway, so I did 10 minutes of half shots with my U-iron (gap wedge, from the iron set), indoors, off a mat, not actual golf balls (but balls, not just practice swings). 

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