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  1. After reading some of the comments to this thread, I can't help but get the impression that the reason some of you want to improve your game is so you can compete against other golfers with the hopes of beating them. If that is incorrect then please correct me. Nevertheless, if that's what your goal is then all the more power to you. Yet that goal differs from my own goal. When I play golf, the only person I compete against is myself. I could care less what other golfers are scoring, or whether or not my score is lower than theirs. Sure, I have scored lower than other golfers, but that has nev
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  2. That comes from the behind-the-scenes peek from the famous Time interview with Tiger Woods: http://scoregolf.com/blog/lorne-rubenstein/the-goods-on-woods/ . Tiger, it turns out, is wrong. The golf swing is too fast. Even if you could instantly form a thought and direct your muscles to do something, it quite literally takes too long for the nerve impulse to travel from your brain to your muscles for it to do anything past about A5. That's right: if your brain hasn't told your muscles to do something by A5 (or when your lead arm is parallel to the ground on the downswi
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  3. Had a great day with the Newport Cup! Golf club was closed today so the cup hung out with me for some putting practice. Nice job with getting it fixed @Club Rat! I'll try my best to replicate the professional packing job that you and @kpaulhus did. Will be on it's way to @Golfingdad tomorrow.
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  4. Not warming up will definately play a role. Having the arm locked straight will also put quite a shock on the joint especially off of mats as has been suggested. The biggest problem however is that people let these things go on for too long to the point where something might actually even break. When you get the first symptoms of joint pain you should lower activity levels and apply ice for 30 minutes at a time atleast after activity. Throw in some nsaids and massaging and youd treat most cases very effectively.
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  5. Not sure where the idea of the collared shirt and no jeans got started, but I know it certainly got reinforced in the late 1960s near the end of the Vietnam war. Jeans and (often) tie-died tee shirts were the warm-weather uniform of the anti-establishment hippies and counter-culture set. Corporate America saw the country clubs and golf clubs as one of the last bastions of post-World War II respectability, so the dress codes started popping up in the early 1970s to enforce a decidedly non-hippie look. Just look at the PGA golf tour. Pros who sported mustaches or goatees caused quite a stir
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  6. This is exactly how I am. I am competitive against myself. I always want to improve. I evaluate every round by examining what I need to work on.
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  7. Head going a bit too far forward for my liking from A4-5 but the strike was good and the thrust piece is getting better. Priorities....
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  8. Wie. She's the only player who can get me to stop down for an LPGA event when in contention. Unfortunately, she hasn't been there enough to date. Hoping for a successful 2016 for her.
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  10. One that always stands out in my mind is from very early in his career - January 12, 1997 to be exact. This is the first tournament of Tigers first full season on tour, 3 months before he'd win his first major. He made 11 starts in 1996, winning twice, and we were just starting to see what he was capable of. The final round of the TOC in 1997, back when it was still being played at La Costa, was cancelled due to rain. Tiger and Tom Lehman had finished the third round tied for the lead so the PGA Tour decided to have them playoff in the rain at the par 3 7th hole to decide the winner.
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  11. Me too but because she told everyone to "stuff it" when they said she should quit school and play full time. The golf analysts on the idiot box were the worst! Good for you, Michelle! You stuck to you guns, finished your degree and yet still managed to go out and win.
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  12. I know where grass ranges are and use them, but they are not as quick to get to compared to someone who lives in most areas of the rest of the country. And you'd be hard pressed to find a grass range open off season, like now. > don't care to explore finding a place where there is some. Yep, that's me in a nutshell. I'm hopelessly lazy and have zero initiative.
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    • Made in Mexico, Canada, US, Hong Kong, China, Peru. Perhaps others.
    • I keep coming back to this whenever I think about this topic. What an odd exclamation for him to say, out all the possibilities. 
    • Maybe 30 courses.  WA, OR, Kauai, AZ, CA, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Bend Oregon and Sedona Arizona have some great golf.  
    • They are about making money, but reputation is also worth a lot of money. If your supply chain involves human rights issues, bribery, exploitation, etc., and your customers find out, you can lose a lot more money than you saved with lower cost raw materials or manufacturing sites. And I mean a lot more.  The company I retired from spends considerable resources to determine if the supply chain meets the company’s core values. I was part of those teams. PR is hugely important. Keeping customers is absolutely vital. Premium products can cost more because those supply chain have been vetted. The company’s reputation depends on it.  A hypothetical concern was raised about RL in the thread above with no data support that accusation. For all we know, RL has fully vetted their supply chain and that is why they are so ready to protect their brand. I hope JT learns from that.
    • 100% Agreed - I don’t think I could’ve recalled that word from the 80’s-90’s if you paid me. It’s so obsolete. If he pulled that out of thin air at a moment of frustration, clearly it’s not that obsolete from his vocabulary.    Having said that, when someone does something they regret, I try not to judge them in their worst moments as I wouldn’t want to be judge in mine.  But don’t give me that “it’s not me” line. Let’s be honest.
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