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    • Maybe even two groups?
    • I live in the twin cities (MN) western Suburbs.   not sure if these are all strictly within 20 miles.   but, all close enough for me to make a 7:30am tee time.   so, I'm counting them.   1) Windsong Farm (private) - Maple Plain, MN 2) Spring Hill Golf Club (private) - Orono, MN 3) Chaska Town Course (public) - Chaska, MN 4) Olympic HIlls (Private) - Eden Prairie, MN 5) Ridges at Sand Creek - Jordan, MN    
    • if I am playing with one of those people who insists on marking every missed putt, looking above and below and beside the hole, carefully lining up the line on their ball again, and missing by 4' again, only to redo the process...after a couple holes I have no qualms whatsoever about moving towards the next hole, particularly in casual play. I probably go too far to the other extreme...unless there is visible dirt on the ball, it is in its own pitchmark, or it is in the line or sightline of someone else I never mark my ball. Getting to the green only to have someone miss 10' short from 20' after the above routine, miss 6' short after the above routine, have a 2' putt and still have to do the routine...I sound like a tour guide. "And we're walking"   As someone mentioned above, if I am walking and guys are in carts, and I have holed out, I am over at the fringe, when they leave a 1' tap in, I might start walking away then.   The ones that drive me nuts are the ones that leave carts in front of the green, their chipping tool at the back, finish putting, wait for everyone else to finish, then go get their club, move to the cart, sit there for interminable amounts of time filling out their card, and only start to the next box when everyone else is already there.   Grrr.
    • At this point you’ll want to use ice and heat.

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