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  1. I want my click back. Without names this is a worthless thread. Why would anyone care if the names are used?
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  2. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/the-national-league-is-getting-closer-to-adding-dhs--maybe-in-2017-194448854.html Honestly I think they should go the other direction. Get rid of the DH in the AL.
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  3. You know you don't have to look up to hear the ball, right? No hissing expected with woods - not enough spin. Often will be some with the hybrid in my experience. Both wood and hybrid ball flight is exceptionally low. Seems to me that you are either de-lofting the hell out of them or catching them too shallow and hitting them both thin.
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  4. Must be a government program.
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  5. I've written here several times I switched from conventional irons to Single Length irons. After I switched I stopped hitting my irons like sh!t. Seriously, I significantly increased my GIR. Ball striking is much improved. Scores lowered by several strokes. I'm a convert.
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  6. You should demo new sets and compare the results you get compared to your older set. That should help you decide how much you would benefit from newer irons.
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  7. One feel that has helped me keep the hands in (and the clubhead more outside of my hands) is to feel as if the right arm is on top of the left.
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  8. It's like a lot of arguments these days, black or white and nothing in between. No nuance. All talent or all hard work. Not a mix of both, some luck, good timing, some street smarts, some books smats, good support.
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  9. Just got back from Taylormade's M2 announcement event where they show us all the new clubs TM will be releasing for the 2016 season starting 2/19/2016. The M2 driver, M2 fairways and rescue, and M2 irons. The M2 driver delivers maximum forgiveness by putting all of the weight low and back. Taylormade accomplished this by combining the saved weight of the M1 crown design with additional mass saved by removing the M1's adjustable weight tracks. The M2 adjustable hosel is fluted to saved an additional 3g while giving it the capability to be adjusted +/- 2 degrees. The sweetspot if further ex
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  10. I fully endorse the idea that you never know if you can be the greatest if you don't try, but I also believe that you shouldn't be disappointed if you can't because not everyone has the ability to be. I just don't believe in saying "you can be the best if you work hard enough", I believe in saying "you never know if you can be the best unless you work hard enough". There is very little difference in those two statements, but the difference is key in my opinion. I believe realistic expectations are much better than unrealistic ones for people. Unrealistic goals set one up for failure, while rea
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  11. I believe that actively doing anything with your lead heel is bad. Make the turn you need to make. If your heel needs to come off the ground to make it happen, a la Jack Nicklaus or Bubba Watson, then so be it. If your heel doesn't, like Rory or a lot of other younger guys, then that's fine too. Actually TRYING to lift it (or not lift it) seems like more thoughts and more moving parts than necessary. Disclaimer: I'm not an instructor and MAY be talking out of my butt.
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