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  1. Big C

    Game Strategy

    Two thoughts. 1. Would you ever trade a full stroke on a hole just to move up one set of tee boxes? Sounds like a pretty bad trade to me. Missing that 1 footer for par costs you a full stroke. Getting to move forward might gain you a quarter stroke. Just try to do your best on every hole. I would avoid trying to overthink it. 2. If the players in this game are your average mid-handicappers, everyone will be playing from the red tees by about hole 5, and several will stay there for the duration of the round. I might tweak the format a bit to say that you can't play more than 3 consecutive holes from the front tees. Interesting format, though.
  2. Meera (my 9 year old) serenading the Newport Cup with the Peanuts theme...
  3. That isn't a generalization of good players. It also depends on the width of your stance. Check out Spieth in the image below. His shoulders are way ahead of his back foot. Let that back leg lose some flex. It will help you be able to maintain a more steady head and stop you from tilting towards the target. If your shoulders are ending up in front of the ball then it is a good chance your tilting towards the target at the top of the backswing. Which probably means you are laterally shifting your hips way too much. I would check out the threads below. See the threads above. I would work on how your hips and torso turns first. This will help greatly in your ability to get the weight forward at impact. The more you lateral shift the harder it is to get your weight forward. The reason why you feel fast is because you don't get your weight forward. When you lack weight forward at impact you end up flipping at the ball. This is why you hit fat shots. Also, that move makes a swing feel fast because your feeling the club fly past the hands. Tempo is something created from good swing mechanics. It isn't something you should really worry about.
  4. iacas


    One of my favorite quotes from The Golfing Machine holds the truest secret to "getting good fast": In other words, make good swings and the ball flight will sort itself out. As many of you know Dave recently purchased a building and we'll be doing a lot of our teaching indoors. Regular golfers have a net about 30 feet in front of them, while golfers in our teaching bay will be hitting into a net about ten feet in front of them. That's good, because we can focus on making good swings . When your goal is to build a good golf swing, quite frankly, how the ball flies is almost irrelevant during the process. It's a part of the outcome. It comes later. If you're applying proper understanding of the golf swing, physics, geometry, etc., the outcome will not be a surprise. And for the golfers who are at the fine-tuning stage, well, we have a Trackman to show ball flight and to let the more skilled player tweak some of their numbers. Now, don't confuse this with "making golf swings pretty" or "putting the hitting of positions above scoring." I'll take a guy with an ugly swing who can score above a guy with a technically sound swing that can't get the ball in the hole to be on my team every day of the week. But those guys are anomalies, and frankly, the first guy's "ugly" swing still obeys the same laws of physics and geometry, and the guy who has a "pretty" swing but can't score either doesn't actually have a "pretty" swing from the ball's perspective or his coaches have failed to work on his short game, putting, mental process, or course management. I'm a former Pontiac Aztek owner. Great car. Why? Because form follows function . The same is true in the golf swing, and The Golfing Machine and Homer Kelley had it right. Make good swings - make your body and the club function properly - and the ball will fly how you want it to (the form).
  5. As schedules do not get too hectic, I am going to play in my first Arkansas State Golf Association tournament June 25-26 in Batesville, AR. What sucks, is that a majority of the population in Arkansas lives near Little Rock, which is where 90% of the tournaments are, and its 3 hours away. They are all 2 day events so I'm looking at a hotel stay as well. If everything goes smoothly this summer and my handicap drops enough, I plan on playing in the US Mid-AM qualifier at The Blessings in Fayetteville (Though qualifying isn't really an achievable goal) Our Club Championship for my home course is in August and depending on a trip to streamsong Id like to win my flight.
  6. Big C

    Game Strategy

    Exactly right. The idea to bogey early makes absolutely no sense if you really think about it. Whether you bogey early or bogey later in the round, eventually you will find your way to the front tee boxes when you are +2 or worse. Why is it preferable to get there early and inflate your score in the process? Especially when bogeying from the red tees is still in play for just about any recreational golfer? This strategy maximizes your downside but eliminates the small chance that you will have a great day and never even get to two over par (I am assuming it's on a net basis). As @acerimusdux correctly points out, the only time any strategy might be involved is when the back tee box on a specific hole is so challenging that the expected score rises by a full stroke or more simply by playing back. I can't think of any hole I have ever played where that might be the case. I suppose a short hitter who is looking at a 200+ yard forced carry might be better served to "punt" on the hole before it. But those circumstances are extremely rare. 99% of the time, you are better off playing for your best score on every hole.
  7. I'm not sure it's really even necessary to get to the Red tees early. Unless doing do is going to save you from double and triple bogies. Since this strategy calls for you to never make better than par, you can't really hurt yourself by trying to make par from the beginning. If you happen to par the first two holes, you can always bogey the next two. And even making birdie doesn't necessarily hurt. Bogeying the next hole just gets you back to where you started. I think the best strategy here might have to involve being aware of which are really the most difficult holes, where you are liable to do worse than bogey. A short hitter who struggles more on par 5 holes, for example, might be best off not making a birdie on a par 3 ahead of a long par 5. Are there holes where moving back a box is liable to cost you more than one stroke on that hole?
  8. disaster

    Golf Truths

    No matter how bad your original shot was, the provisional ball will always be perfect
  9. Neither I look just in front of the ball. I'm not thinking target only stroke and a good one means my eyes don't influence my body. I read it, line it up and let it go.
  10. Interesting. I will check that out, my putting is not very good and needs some changes.
  11. I have heard of some other pros doing it. I've never tried it, but that doesn't mean the idea isn't valid. Sometimes you can get "ball bound" and this is one way to break that pattern.
  12. I am going under the assumption that this is a format you have signed up to play rather than one you are trying to design/tweak the format. That is how your original post reads. Given the parameters I would say - yes, make bogies early to get to the front tees and then rather than try to make birdie putts just try to get them to tap in range. If you accidently make a birdie it is fairly easy to remedy that by making a bogey on the next hole which keeps you right at par (for those 2 holes). Depending on the last few holes you might start trying to actually make birdies as you get near the end of the course. If it is a net game rather than gross then I would rethink it.
  13. Golfingdad

    Golf Truths

    Playing to a two-tiered green with the pin perched on the tiny top shelf, I'm not hitting it there in 10 tries ... but when the pin is sitting in the middle of the inviting bottom shelf, where everything funnels towards the hole, you damn well better believe I'll find that upper tier with my approach.
  14. Weight and Torque would be your differences.... see attached spec chart FWIW, I got fitted for the following shafts after bringing heads only to the fitting. 910d3 - Diamana Blueboard S+ x5 60g Stiff 915h3 - Diamana Blueboard S+ HY x5 70g Stiff Can't go wrong ,IMHO, with Diamana shaft, but unless you get fitted for a shaft your really doing yourself and injustice!
  15. 1. Didn't say you were lying, simply wrong. Perhaps the club was damaged and you didn't know it or the switch coincided with swing improvements, etc, etc. 2. Not sure what you mean here. I understand putting 10 in the HC spot as a place holder but are you also saying you lied about how long you have been playing in previous posts?
  16. Not making birdie is easy.
  17. Starting to dial in a couple aspects of the game early in the season. Wedge Play: My game dictates from 120 and in has to be spot-on, or I'm looking at 90 or better in the rear-view mirror. My iron set has a PW and a GW (or whatever you wish to all them), 45 and 50* respectively. I also carry 54* and 58* wedges. Why? Sunday's round is a perfect example. Course took on a lot of rain Saturday and overnight prior to the round. It was a 'you get what you hit' day off the tee and second shots as well. The course I played (blue tees) measured 6250. Pretty much the outside yardage limit for me. Many of the par 4s were 3-shot holes due to distance and the fact that many of the greens had fortresses built round them. Lots of uphill 2nd shots, big ascending grass and sand bunkers guarding greens. I'm sitting at 160+ on MOST par 4s due to length and a soggy course. It was to the point of laying up with 7 and 8-irons to get into 60-90 yard wedge range. Shoot flag with Bushnell, choose correct wedge, hit shot. Distance control was incredibly spot on with the 10 or so wedges I hit Sunday. The misses were pulls a 10' or so LEFT of the pins. I'm guessing because there wasn't a FLAT LIE on the golf course more than an outright pull or bad swing. Really getting 'ball-first' strikes a small divots. For a point of reference, my 4 wedges are dialed in at 110, 100, 90 and 80, PW through the 58*. All yardages are full, under control full swings. I try to NOT 'step on the gas' with any of the wedges. Also had some shots where my 2nd shot on long par 4s, (370+ holes) went longer than anticipated leaving me (what I remember) with the awkward 40-60 yard range. Had wedges from 48, 55 and 62 yards. Used the 58* on all and simply dialed back my swing. Distance control was very good from those yardages as well. No 'scoops', 'chili-dips' or 'blades' across the green. High soft wedges that hit and stopped. When you don't hit the ball long like me, getting into that 110-and-in range means two things: 1) you better have the right wedge complement; 2) be able to control distance. Thankfully, it's working so far. Second upgrade this season: Continuing on with the 'I don't hit the ball far anymore' theme, I sought out a club that would eat up yards consistently on the long par-4s and all par-5s. A 7-wood is in the bag this year. I took it to the range a few times prior to playing. It's almost to the point of being 'automatic' now. High flight, little R to L movement and 180 or so when flushed from a good lie. It doesn't go high enough to hold greens yet, but will get me AROUND the green on 375-400 yard par 4 holes and INTO that 110 or closer range on MOST par-5s. The 7-wood got a workout Sunday due to soggy conditions and the fact that I was just outside my comfort zone with the course playing at 6250. I LIKE to keep course length 5800-6200 max. Next up: Getting my 5-wood working to eat up MORE yards. Still not comfortable with it and only seeing about a 30-40% success rate with it. Both the 5- and 7-woods are new clubs in the bag this year. Another trip or two to the range might help the 5-wood come around and be more accountable. The ones that are hit squarely and fly decently are 190+, but the success rate with it right now isn't something I can count on. That leaves me playing the 7-wood exclusively right now. Sundays round was a 91. Had a few doubles, mostly bogies and a couple of pars. Very difficult/challenging course with the wet conditions, length, huge elevation changes and my first time playing it. Played with a dad and son who were excellent tour guides and nice people. Hope my 'plight' and strategy to hone the game struck a chord with a few of my fellow bogie hacks! dave
  18. skywaterbanjo

    Golf Truths

    Why not hit your second ball first?
  19. Welcome here and welcome back to golf. You'll find a lot of us played golf when we were younger but families and careers just got in the way. So we're back with similar hopes to you. There are also a few musicians here that you may stumble across.
  20. RandallT

    Golf Truths

    If one plans a TST outing for April because in March the weather is consistently in the 60s and 70s, then the bad weather is simply waiting for you to finalize the outing date.
  21. Fourputt

    Golf Truths

    On the hole with a 60 yard wide fairway and no bunkers you stripe your drive straight down the center, but on the hole with water on the right and deep fairway bunkers on the left, you couldn't hit the fairway if they gave you 4 mulligans. The beverage cart always shows up as you are leaving the 18th tee - or as you arrive at #10 after just having stopped in the snack bar.
  22. I feel I would score much better in relation to par on a par 5 only course. Statistically speaking, par 5's are usually where I gain most of my strokes. Par 5's give golfers the chance to be on the putting green under regulation with relatively low consequences. To two-putt for a birdie is a rare feat on a par 4 and impossible on a par 3.
  23. And another vote for Trues. I like mine so much, I wear them everyday to work.
  24. I don't think you (original poster) mentioned what wedges he carries? Having the right 'tools' will definitely help you in the mid-range short game. For example, I have a 45* PW, a 50* gap wedge, 54 SW and 58* is my most lofted wedge. The 58 is my go-to around the greens and can back if off to about 55-60 yards. Anything INSIDE that yardage that wouldn't be a pitch-and-run with a less lofted club, is a problem for me. I will stay OUT of that 55 to 30 yard range at all cost because it's just not a shot I practice a lot and therefore, not real comfortable hitting them. The best bag upgrade I've made over the past few years was going with 4 wedges. I have them gapped very well leaving full, smooth easy swings with each from 100-110 (PW) to 70 yards, (58*). As mentioned, I can shorten the swing with the 58* wedge down to 55-60 yards as well. Best advice: If you're not comfortable in that 30-90 yard range, get wedges that fit that range for you and practice them a lot! dave
  25. Ha, thanks for the mention, Dave. It was good to put the driver into action with two actual Newport Cup attendees. It had its share of push slices to the right, but the Ping G30's finest moment to date was being somewhat abreast with you in the fairway on Stoneleigh #12- a challenging driving hole, OB right, hazard left, uphill against the wind. In the snow, no less, as I recall. Hopefully, I can draw upon that hole for good swing thoughts in the future. For everyone- Dave has an amazing basement/cave with golf memorabilia everywhere, pool table, the works. When I first saw the cup by the basement beer tap, I thought he'd mounted the damn tap right onto the cup before sending it along with Vishal. Sadly, just an optical illusion.
  26. I hike a lot of trails myself. My hiking boots work just as well on fairways, roughs, and greens. It' all about comfort for me when golfing.
  27. Mine arrived on Thursday! Can't wait to offer up all of them to the golf gods.
  28. I ordered mine yesterday through my club. Red Lettering for "HACKER" and #91 on my ProV1X lol
  29. They've been doing this for 4 years that I know of, and I'll take advantage of the offer yet again. If you find one that says "DAVE'S BALL", its mine! Its surprising how many of my lost balls make their way home to me.
  30. Alright, I sucked it up and signed up for my first amateur championship tournament ... the Southern California Golf Association Mid-Am. Ever since I started taking golf seriously, one of my goals was to become good enough to start playing in "real" tournaments. Well, I'm going to give it a shot for the first time in a few weeks. Not the actual tournament, but rather just an 18 hole qualifier. I don't expect to qualify, nor do I expect to even come close (this is a championship open to anybody over 25, after all, and I'm barely within the handicap cutoff) but I do expect to enjoy myself and gain some experience. Mostly the latter.
  31. Pros can get any ball they want for free*. They choose to get Titleists free. * Titleist offers tee-up money, too, but it's in line with what other companies pay.
  32. There's a reason why many people play Titleist Pro V1/x, but I've hit my share of trees with them too. In fact, I can safely state that I've hit every type of tree with every type of ball. But it was a pro-V1 that bounced off a tree 20 yards behind me on an errant drive.
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    • Day 288 Did a video check of my swing. On short, slow swings I’ve got my hip priority piece down well and strike the ball cleanly, but full swings have been a mess. Turns out my attempts to not drag the club head too far inside (sub priority piece) has caused my shoulder turn to shorten considerably. Fixed this in a couple rehearsals and full swings with a ball. Did same drill as yesterday with 9-3 swings. Then a superspeed workout. Then hit 5 balls with driver, all strikes in a pretty good spot on the face. 
    • Scrambles aren't a recognized form of golf, so… do whatever the tournament organizer says.
    • In a 4-player scramble format for a charity tournament, what happens if one player drops out after several holes, say due to health issues? Can the remaining 3 players then take an extra shot within 100 yds? Each player would by rotation perform the extra shots on their selected holes. 
    • Day 98.  During the work day today, I snuck to the adjacent (for me) room and hit 6-iron practice shots periodically.  Real balls, indoors, off a mat, into the net.  
    • Is there a reason you have narrowed it down to those two? Are you open to other suggestions from the folks here? Any info you can give us about ball flight, distance, stuff like that?

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