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    • Day 197 - July 13, 2020 Hit balls before lessons at CHQ.
    • Day 216 Planemate hip rotation stuff. Did a series of hip rotation feel/rehearsal, 9-3 swing with a ball, and then full swing with a ball. I feel like the "feel" is starting to translate to full swing. Need to make a video and send to instructor. Superspeed workout too.
    • I thought I'd update - I'm playing a ton, 3 times a week. mostly because.... - My 10 year old has been bitten by the bug. He wants to play every single day, and this past weekend he won his age group in the junior club championship, as the only 10 year old in the 10-11 age group. He birdied both par 5's in the 9 hole event. If we can get his emotions under control he'll be a legit player - pain free, not so much. Elbow's are killing me, icing after every round, wearing the straps. I'll let it heal this winter and figure out a plan for next year. it's holding me back a bit this year.  - Handicap is down to 8.4 and dropping. Ball striking has been really good lately, just have to make some puts. When the puts drop, I get into the 70's where I want to be. 
    • I just added #6 and #17 to the home course birdie fest. They are both par 5s and I can't believe it took me a dozen rounds to get those. I guess I was putting too much pressure on myself... Btw, this round is also the first time I completed a nine holes side under par (at just one under): until then par had been my best. I couldn't hold it on the back 9, shooting 4 over for a total of 73 (+3, differential of 4.4). Still not bad. 🙂

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