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    • Yeah, well, it is a forum, so mild diversions are fine, so long as we don't wander too far. Do us a favor, please, and add an avatar to your profile, @humblepeasant.
    • I know nobody really interacted with the original post, but I have been working on a couple things and figured it couldn’t hurt to add some updated videos. My left miss has gone away but my ballstriking has really suffered. I think my lower body is the cause of a lot of my problems.  My “miss” as of now is just thin and on the heel (borderline shank at times). Open to any comments or feedback.      
    • Would You Rather…? #16: Hit the ball as solidly but, due to some luck or whatever, score relatively poorly for you. Hit the ball poorly but, due to some luck or some holed chips or whatever, score really well I just came across this thread and have enjoyed the conversations.  For me I have to go with the former as solid ball striking creates confidence. I love the feel of a solidly hit ball and have come to expect erratic scoring, so option is "life as I life it" at this time in my game.   
    • Haha yes, my question has been answered and then some! Never dreamed my simple question would ever be on it's fourth page of discussion 😀
    • Have you tried chipping a penny?

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