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    • Day 181 Played 18 today. Didn’t play very well but had a couple good runs of pars to break 90. A scratch player in my foursome pointed out I was collapsing my arms in the backswing, so I changed my swing thought and worked on backswing for the remainder of the round. Got home and did a little mirror work with the same thought and also hit some balls. 
    • Shafts do not acquire memory.  Nor do they wear out.  Flex is a longitudinal measurement...not a lateral one.  There is no such thing as a left-handed, or right-handed shaft.  Carry on and don't worry about it.
    • 72, 76, 68 last weekend. 72 & 74 the last couple days. Played The Wynn today, 25mph winds but it was still fun. Six par 3's, par 70.  Good swing here, right over the flag, over the green and into the waterfall 😂 Had to go for it, Wynn will give you 15K if you make an ace.  
    • Yes it will probably feel taller. Stand up while gripping the grip, add a touch of knee flex, bend from the waist a little, then relax the upper back and neck as you lower the arms.
    • Not in position to really rate his advices, but I'd give 9 based on first watch. Really shows he has worked alot on his swing over the years and feel like he could even examine his own swing to some degree if it's about to fall apart. Especially liked his terminology, I think that's big part to not use words that can be misunderstood. Been watching alot of disc golf pro's giving tips and seriously those guys are really lost when it comes to understanding what they do, and the terms they use are really hurting alot of people. Loved the advice he gave for that 4 year old watching behind at the top of backswing and still hitting the driver more solid than I do. I feel that's the kind of advice 4 year old will pick up and benefit greatly from in all ways, next GOAT in the making. 😄

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