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    • The article mentions something that could monitor your eyes and head movements during driving. That is what I was referring to. I see that you don't have anything about what @Pretzel said about other laws not affecting law abiding citizens where this one does. Care to elaborate?
    • The odds of that happening are probably far, far far less than a drunk driver killing you.  I know with Ignition Interlock Devices there is a safety feature that won't shut off your car if you are already driving.  This device could have the same feature, checking you initially, before starting the car, and then not checking again.  
    • Having a car made before this legislation is a trick enough. Have you ever heard of a hacker? Even if it is 99% foolproof, you still have the issue of someone not drunk, that can't start their car because the car believes they are drunk. Or if they go with the eye tracking bit, your car shuts off in the middle of the freeway because it suddenly thinks you are drunk, and you get blasted by a tractor trailer behind you because they are switching the radio station, and you die. @Pretzel made a much better point than I did. Care to respond to that?
    • But it hasn't been established that the technology can be tricked.  What if it's proven that's it's 99% foolproof?  Would you be for it then?  And that was the basis of the original question... 1. If the technology was available and worked as expected, would you support legislation that required this in new cars?

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