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    • Wait..  what? I went from possibly the most ridiculously strong grip on this site to pretty weak?   This effin game, man.   means I should probably post more.  At some point I’d guess it was right.     anyways..  Left hand or right hand or both is too weak? 
    • I know I’ve posted this before, here’s my story which relates to the above: I was a terrible putter. Straight up glaring weakness. I didn’t like to practice it, either, because it never seemed to help. Weird thing was, I actually had a pretty good acceleration profile. I’ve taken AimPoint. I’ve had putting lessons on SAM PuttLab before. I should have been mediocre at worst. Eventually I got around to getting an Edel putter. During the fitting I found out that I aimed my putter 4° right of my target, ala Tiger. Except in my case, I didn’t have decades of practice to execute the putter “release” properly, resulting in both pushes and pulls. No consistency other than consistently off-line. I struggled to make 50% of my four footers. I had completely mangled my setup and stroke in a failed attempt to make this putter work for me. After obtaining a properly fitted putter, I started hitting my lines. Putts I didn’t expect to make started going in. I started gaining confidence in my putting, which made it more enjoyable. Now I actually like to practice. Last time I got a putting lesson (with @iacas), it was a simple change in my backswing arc - a remnant from my previous putter. I’m about 50% from six feet now and I expect (though I know I won’t) to make four footers. I’m not going to say I’m a good putter, but I’m closer to being good than I am to being terrible. I like to think it’s the skill of the player and not the equipment, but my experience has shown me the equipment matters, too.
    • I could not care less if I EVER play left handed. (Except for maybe the left handed challenge to get a badge on this forum... but that only requires one swing.) So, I'll take option 2... But in reality I hope to do better than option 2. 
    • In the picture my hands look..  far apart, or separated, or not tight..  or something.  Doesn’t feel that way though.    I’d guess there’s an issue there. 
    • Pretty weak. I'd likely strengthen it a bit.

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