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  1. Ok, this is getting pretty scary. Over the past few seasons, I've addressed my two biggest issues of need: 1) hitting par 3 greens and making pars to reduce a pathetic 4+ stroke average on those holes; 2) put a club in the bag to eat up yards on par-5 holes and get around the green on longer par 4 holes. Saturday's round: Par 3s played at +1; Par 5s played at +1. Had a 3-putt on one par three. GIR on all but one. Par 5s included a birdie, 2 pars and an ugly double due to a water-ball penalty. Another issue addressed: Better chipping / pitching as in getting the ball all the way to the hole. Sunday round was a bit off on iron play and GIR. I probably had 8-10 chips/pitches. I wasn't getting the chips to inside 5 feet. I wasn't getting them inside 3 feet. I was putting them inside ONE FOOT. I had 6 at 1 or inside 1 foot. It was like my 58* was a magic wand! Lastly, I flushed a 9-iron to a pin at 120 yards. One bounce and stopped on a dime 6" from the hole for a birdie on a par 5. Anyone ever do this: I flushed a few short irons that were hit so pure that I heard the sound of the shaft absorbing the energy. I'm on a 'good roll' right now that I hope stays for a long time. dave
  2. Well, cannot believe I'm about to do this and humiliate myself like this, but here goes nothing. Today actually marks one year to the day that I got my first real golf lesson and actually picked up golf seriously. So I thought it would be, ahem, interesting to see where I've come from and where I'm at. These are both full pitching wedge swings. To everyone else needing encouragement in golf, if nothing else I am proof that miracles CAN happen with a golf swing! lol. On a more serious note and for some encouragement in life (and also relating to golf!) in the year span between videos something noticeable that's changed is I'm also down about 40 pounds and counting as well and it has done wonders for feeling better in general both on and off the course. So whether your goal is golf or otherwise life related, trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Lastly, I couldn't have done it without all of the help and encouragement on this forum, so a sincere thank you to everyone here, for everything. Here's to year #2! Before
  3. Great sketch and photos of redans, that Chicago green is squarer than those in Oakmont. http://www.friedegg.co/golf-courses/redan-holes
  4. No PGA event this week, so might as well follow the Euro event leading up the The Open Championship Castle Stuart Links, Inverness, Scotland http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2016/tournamentid=2016052/teetimes/index.html prominent USA/PGA entrants - Phil, Patrick Reed, JB Holmes, Lovemark,
  5. This weekend I played 3 rounds of golf, 2 times on a par 72 Championship course and once on an Executive course. This smaller Executive course has par 4's and a par 5 so it is a good place to play cheaply for a good golf day out. Normally I play this course with my buddy when he is down. This weekend his brother asked if he could join us, to which I had no issues with. The problem is that his brother is not athletic at all and does not have any sort of sport skill at all. This caused him to have short drives and no accuracy, although, his chipping was bang on 80 percent ftom 20 yards out, with the odd shot flying 60 yards. I knew that it was going to be a long game and that's why the smaller course was great. But because he also could not hit far I suggested that while my friend and I play a normal round his brother should play best ball choosing who he wants to drop his ball from. We had agreed but once the brother saw that we were playing a real game with our scores he wanted to do the same and gave up on the best ball idea. To be honest it was kind of annoying because it clearly held people up, so much so that I had to wave 4 groups past us. I remember playing for the first time and I played in a way that because I was a bit more athlectic I could hit the ball long distances just not accurate. So when I first played I would play my shot and if I lost my ball I would play it where I think I lost it or from my partners ball and thus I was able to keep pace and not get in anyone's way. So what is proper etiquette for playing with someone who has no athletic ability and hits a golf ball ten yards at a time. Was my suggestion of best ball so bad? In the end he gets to play the same number of shots that we do, is it wrong that it bugs me that people who take 15 to 20 shots on a hole want to record thier game? In the end if there was no one waiting I wouldn't care. I have dropped 10 tee shots on a hole before when the course was empty but what happened over the weekend was just a bit much, even though we did have a ton of fun.
  6. I see a lot of talk about the "Big 3" which seems to include Spieth, Day, and McIlroy. I even saw an ad for The Open that touted such things. However, it would seem to be, right now, that there is Day, Spieth, and a rotation at the number 3 spot. Of course I mean this as a hypothetical ranking, not based on OWGR, etc. At this very moment I would say the "Big 3" are Day, Spieth, and DJ based on number of wins and consistency over the last two seasons. Adam Scott was hot for a while but hasn't had a top ten since his two victories earlier this year. Rory is "struggling" as well without a victory in 2016. In any event, I think the emergence of this top tier of consistent golfers is very good for the game as a whole. Very fun to watch the heavyweights cluster at the top of the leaderboard consistently.
  7. It's practically 800 bucks for all intents and purposes. So a GIR, is on in 3? Driver, wood, wood? Driver, wood, long iron, medium iron? What do you call a hole in one? A double albatross?
  8. Strokes Gained: Surprise, surprise, DJ top 30 in every category. If he had Furyk's strokes gained approach number, he would have lapped the field. http://www.usopen.com/en_US/news/articles/2016-06-19/strokes_gained_djs_perfect_driving_record.html Someone mentioned this on reddit - it's some kind of echo effect. Here's the explanation:
  9. Some friends and I were playing last summer and the course was really backed up. I had a pretty good front nine (41), but we had a lot of time to kill at the turn, so we had a "few" drinks at the clubhouse. Ended up with a 55 on the back, but I'm pretty sure I had a good time.
  10. It was hot, but hot is good, hot is golf. I rode 18 on Sunday at a beautiful course on the water, whisper quiet electric carts (hate gas) that actually stopped on their own if you went into a no-no area! gotta back up, very cool although a little annoying, but the course was in great shape so it works. On Monday I walked 27, my legs are toast, and the sun got to me even with sunscreen on, but it was heaven. How about you?
  11. Right - you are probably now swinging too much to the left - maybe down the target line vs the line to the right (in the video I posted). Check out the 5 Simple Keys posting on this site. I have used this in conjunction with my lessons and found it really helpful. My instructor doesn't teach the 5 keys but he'll give me something to work on . .which will invariably be part of 1 of the 5 keys. I use the 5 keys to find additional info to help me understand what he's trying to get me to do . .and also to rate myself on the keys so I know how I'm improving, overall. It's really changed the way I think about my swing - I truly think of it as 5 "parts" that all have to work and those 5 parts are pretty dang complete. If there is anything not covered by them, I haven't found it yet. I went back, mentally, through all my lessons and he taught me Key 5 and 4 . .for a while . .then Key 1, then Key 2. At times we touched on Key 3 but it's never really been a lesson. And there's nothing we learned that isn't one of the 5 keys . .crazy, eh?
  12. Stricker punched his ticket to the Open in Memphis a few weeks ago, for the record.
  13. If you're buddy will stop golfing with you because you help him help his brother's pace, then he's not much of a buddy.
  14. It's not easy because a beginner wants to join in the fun, but a beginner should be very cautious playing on a full course, they must play by unwritten beginner rules, which means pick up after double the par (15-20 shots is not even remotely acceptable) and bad tees shots are picked up and dropped on to the fairway by the others, you simply cannot hold up play for partners or others because you're a beginner, not cool at all. I'm just glad I had the right instruction at first and was told that I can't do it, people that take out beginners are just asking for trouble, glad you had fun though.
  15. I love the feeling of playing an entire round with a single ball. I typically lose 3-5 balls a round, and during tournaments... I only play with the TaylorMade Project (a) balls, so... if I'm having a bad day, I can lose a half dozen quickly. The last tournament, I managed to play with a single sleeve of balls for the entire 2 day tournament. On the first day, I lost none (a bit of luck in that as I had at least 2 that could have gone missing). On the second day, I lost 2 and then, after my final hole... I fed the remaining, beat-up ball to the pond next to the green. Congrats on playing 27 straight with that ball! I think my record is just shy of that... maybe 24 holes or so! CY
  16. Nicely done. It's been years since I've been out to Radrick, nice track. Saturday I shot a 44+44=88 at Monroe Golf Club (first year it is open to the public). Sunday I shot a 42 at Wyandotte Shores.
  17. My thought exactly. If the grip is good and you're happy with the swing path, why not simply close the face 2-3 degrees at address and regrip...?
  18. We played Radrick Farms. Differential of 5.0 - I was on fire for the front side (-1) and hung on for the back. Carded a 76. Fortunately, the last score of the previous 20 was a similarly decent round so my trend index barely dropped.
  19. Disappointing to see Fowler is not defending his title.
  20. 1 point
    We worked on his backswing. His pivot. Reducing the sway. And a little bit of setup work (the grip is quite a bit stronger - this player may need to reduce the strength eventually, but not now). This speaks to prioritization. That doesn't always mean fixing the first part of the swing that goes wrong, but often, that's kind of how it feels, because everything after that becomes a compensation.
  21. The revving the motorcycle feel has worked well for me in the past.
  22. I'll update more in the next few weeks, but it's still a work in progress. The key for me has been to get regular video lessons. I use Evolvr, and this A4 to A6 piece has been my priority for a while. I have posted some pics in my swing thread on this site, and there is some improvement. The important thing has been to get new assignments regularly. Each one helps advance my knowledge, and see things from a slightly different perspective (but it's a unified view- not like hunting random youtube clips that could conflict). There were lots of good tips here in this thread too. First, I use an alignment rod under the butt of my club often to ensure where the butt of my club is pointing. That I learned here. Second, from the top, I am feeling a slightly different travel path of my hands to promote the shallowing. In the past, my hands and arms have been all about coming straight down. That promotes steepness obviously. That idea was from the thread. Third, I think another breakthrough has been to get the right feel from A6 to A7. Just isolate that and make sure you know the hip/club/shoulder alignments at each. That felt so awkward to me for a while. Once I could get that, things started to feel better throughout the swing. Lastly, my instructor has me very recently doing things at the start of the backswing that are really helping. I'm getting a little steeper in the backswing along with a couple other minor tweaks, and it's helping with the flow at the top of the swing, I think. I've learned you can't really actively shallow it with your wrists/arms with deliberate concentration in the swing. Like you say, you can't manufacture anything. It has to just flow from the overall movements, or else it won't stick. It all ties together, and if you try to manufacture something when you've gone awry in your swing already- forget it. You're toast. I went down that path, and my instructor noticed in one of my slow motion videos that I was improvising my own techniques! Lol. Overall, the key is to stick with the advice of a good instructor and use video effectively to see what you are doing. It'll come bit by bit, don't expect overnight success. Like I said, I'll update after a bit more progress.
  23. Titleist driver I bought for $19.99 is probably the single cheapest club I've bought (though I have gotten quite a few free ones over the years). Most expensive would have been the Callaway driver I bought just when I was starting to get serious about the game and still believed the latest and greatest was worth the extra cash.
  24. Thats a very nice score indeed!!! Congrats!!! :)
  25. Well if you didn't want my input, you shouldn't have started a thread on an internet forum. Oh and keep your head down, you're looking up at your ballflight early and it's causing your (insert cliche miss here).
  26. Shot a very nice 44+44=88 today! Didn't lose a single ball or incur a single penalty stroke. That being said, it was an older course with few hazards but many, many trees. I was punching out of trouble nearly every other hole. I think some courses just suit my game better than others. I didn't think I played exceptionally well but the score was 5-7 shots better than I've been shooting lately.
  27. In a casual round, most white stakes take on a decidedly red hue. We change OB to hazards now and then.
  28. For non-tournament play, we abbreviate some of the procedures, kind of like what @Golfingdad mentioned...gimmes, leaving the flagstick in, cleaning the ball without marking, etc. We very seldom give advice, unless its a fourball match. Probably the one rule we often "abuse" is a situation where multiple drops would be needed. For instance, a cart path is running near a lateral hazard. The right procedure for a ball in the hazard might be to drop (twice) on the path (the ball rolls closer to the hole), then place the ball on the path, then take relief from the path. In this case, we'll usually just take relief from the path immediately. In tournaments, I play it the right way,
  29. Let's see: I will occasionally tap one in with the flagstick still in, and I'll also occasionally take short gimmes. I don't drop correctly all the time in casual rounds - sometimes it's just an underhand toss. Nor do I measure exactly where two club lengths ends if it's obvious that there is no real difference in the ground conditions in that area. I sometimes don't mark my ball on the green to clean it. And I also will not give myself a penalty on the rare occasion where I bump the ball with my putter. My friends and I give advice liberally, and ask what club each is using often. Im sure there are plenty more, but that's al I can think of for now.
  30. I had 6 beers today and a few hits of Crown outta my flask. Um, didn't help, shot a smooth, drunken 91. So, not saying you SHOULD drink, just that I do. Dammit.
  31. All my golf buds drink so I drink most every time I play. It's an event for us. We don't run the bars much anymore so this is our alternative now that we're old. Nothin better than an afternoon drunk. Wake up the next day feeling great. I don't when I play alone or if I get out during the week but that's pretty rare.
  32. I recently moved home. The players I play with now all tee off at about 9am, so alcohol isn't an issue. Prior to moving my friends and I teed off at 10am. The round started with a nip in a coffee, and after the first 9 the beers were open. To be honest, I preferred the 10am start. Golf should be a sociable game, and a few beers help. My friend is a pro and runs a club. During the summer he sends out a beer cart. Golf should never be taken to seriously !! Golf is like driving, you do it so much better after yo have had a few LOL
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    • I didn't play today but was at the driving range for about 45 minutes.   It was very hot standing in the direct sunshine.   My car temperature stated 96º.  It would not have been to hot to ride in a cart out of the direct sunshine.    I would not have attempted walking and playing.  
    • Maybe Bryson really is what happens when a nerd optimizes for golf.  If so, good for him.  And when I feel it's safe for me to get back to the gym, now I really need to.  I was making good progress the first ten weeks of the year. 
    • For some reason, some people think golf should be harder than it already is.  There was a stigma at some point about people who aren't playing blades.  Now we have Kevin Na saying he isn't good enough to play blades.  We also have one manufacturer making game improvement blades! Similar with long irons versus fairway woods.  Some people laughed at Raymond Floyd for showing up to Augusta with a 5-wood instead of his 2-iron.  He had the last laugh that year. We also have a few guys on tour playing graphite shafted irons, or nearly.  I think Matt Kuchar used them at one point.  
    • I think because it is golf's equivalent of of Viagra...lol.  
    • The nice thing about Game Golf is the ability to adjust the round on your computer after you finish.   Some times I tag the shot a couple times because I wasn't sure if I did it the first time.   Easy to correct on your computer.  

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