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  1. I'd agree. And he flat out fired those pieces into the gorse; quite beautiful to see.
  2. Difficult situation. I would address the issue openly, making it clear that, when playing casual golf together, you are not worried abour his very loose attitude towards the rules, since basically in that situation you are playing against the course and yourself, but that in a more official competitive event where other people are involved, you would have to insist that he adheres strictly to the rules. That way, you are not directly criticizing his behaviour up till now, while making it clear that it has not gone unnoticed, but at the same time sharing your concern about how to play and behave in the upcoming event. If that doesn't work, you're going to have to look for new playing friends in the area anyway.
  3. 2 points
    Fixing one thing like this fixed a lot of other things that come after. Proper prioritization is important. For this golfer, fixing this part of the backswing made a lot of later compensations unnecessary.
  4. I appreciated Phil's honesty at the end of his interview where he gave props to the R&A for setting up the course so the best talent that weekend could score versus the USGA's desire to keep the final score close to par. Great tournament, kudos to the field and R&A!
  5. Some players playing the course after championship is done.
  6. Stenson holes this putt and he's on 62 watch.
  7. This is a dominant display by these two, and I think we'll remember and talk about this duel for a long time. This has all the elements of being something historic. Both guys look at the top of their game, and all I know is that this is just special to watch.
  8. Damned if I know. I shot 43 at Congo River last week. Took a double on the windmill hole....
  9. All I can say is, "What a final round of golf in a major championship!" Everything you could hope for! Nobody folded. Nobody yakked! Just two guys giving it all they had! Point, counterpoint! Punch, counterpunch! And kudos to NBC for basically ignoring everyone else in the field, other than giving them a nod on the final holes, and treating this as basically match play, which, for all intents and purposes, it was! The producer should get a raise also for putting both top on course commentators on the final group. I was pulling for Phil (I'm a Yank, after all), but Stenson's golf, besides the first hole, was otherwordly!
  10. I would try the advice mentioned above, even put down a visual on the ground just outside of your swing path. I used to have the same problem, it would go out about 150 yards and then take a hard right for about another 80 yards. It is not your face as it starts straight, that means your club face is square. It is your swing path as mentioned above and thinking about swinging towards 1st is a great swing thought. I tend to be visual so I had to put down a stick pointing just to the right. After learning to control my swing path I can now, more often then not..lol, hit a draw or a cut. The biggest way I learned to get rid of my slice was to learn how to draw the ball, that's what helped me.
  11. I use other people's tees. Folks leave all kinds of wood and the durable plastic ones on the range and on the course. For par threes I use a broken one left there
  12. The penalty for acting the fool is...looking like a fool.
  13. Yep, would have looked something like this: Can't remember who it was yesterday who said this was a rubbish major championship, but they couldn't have been more wrong. Certainly the most entertaining final round I've ever watched (right up there with Turnberry 77 - although I haven't seen all of that due to my age) and the quality of golf was just outstanding - can't think of a better advert for the game. Shame one of them had to lose, but the way Henrik played the back nine and the par threes over the week is what won it for him. Delighted for the guy and as others have said, a great year for breakthrough major winners.
  14. What a great championship....the best of the year by far Kudos to Henrik.....what a fantastic display and what more can you say Kudos also to Phil.....46 and still kickin ass.....certainly disappointing for him, but what a great effort... Kudos to the R&A for hosting a WONDERFUL tournament and always understanding that things are best when the players are the story.....However impossible it was to make the USGA to look even worse than it did immediately after the US Women's Open, the R&A's effort did just that....god I hope someone from the USGA was paying attention this week.
  15. The big three: -2 Two old guys combined age 86: -37
  16. Phil didn't lose the British Open Henrik won it. Amazing performance by both players
  17. My sleeper pick for the week, J.B. Holmes, won the tournament: I don't know what tournament those two were playing in.
  18. People know who he is, but I wouldn't call him a guy that people turn on the tv to want to see.
  19. What a classic duel. Meanwhile though haha: Check out that bug's last second escape as the ball was heading its way. Don't forget your fedora! GOOD LORD, STENSON. Well, that just happened.
  20. Mmm... where is Troon? Would a nice morning Scotch be okay? And how much do I care about the errands I have to do this afternoon?
  21. Well there's a giant douche canoe to begin with.
  22. i think Pieters wins this round v Rory in terms of intentional club damage. the Snap Over The Knee is an all time classic, but hucking the halves into the gorse is true artistry.
  23. It's a shame we've lost another habitat for wildlife.
  24. Tell him you don't think his handicap is accurate, and would cost you in the tournament (assuming it's handicapped). Who cares if he follows the rules in the tournament if he shoots ten over his normal score?
  25. ^^that^^ it's a hard conversation to have, but it needs to be done. maybe something along the lines of: "Dude, I'm happy to play with you and we'll have to make sure we're 100% compliant with the RoG within this format. If I [we] are paying money to play in this thing, we can't take a chance on facing penalties or DQ for not following the rules to the letter. I know it's kinda lose when we play together, but we gotta tighten things up for tournament play. Clear?" GL
  26. The 2.5 and 3.5 jacks seem like obsolete tech so I would suggest trying to avoid them entirely if possible. I think USB and mini-USB will be around for quite some time though.
  27. Milestone round for me today. 77 (36-41). First time breaking 80. Previous best was an 82. Still a little in shock.
  28. They should make reporters covering golf tournaments use mirrorless cameras so there's no clicking sound.
  29. http://www.golfworks.com/oem-shaft-replacement-guide/a/376/
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    • Looks like your shoulder and hip pitch changes in the downswing to very flat. Not sure if maybe feeling like your right hip and right shoulder going down at the ground more, or your left hip and left shoulder going up more will help keep the club from rerouting so much. 
    • I started out with the overlap (Vardon) grip.  Over the years I have experimented in practice rounds with the double overlap and even the triple overlap!  I've also played with the concept of the trigger finger down the grip.  All "mad scientist" experiments.  All failures... but I learned something.  I learned to never do those things again.
    • It's one reason I swing normally at about 85%. My carry distances are all at 85% swing. That way if I need that little extra it's there. I can go to 95%. I don't ever want to go to 100% - this is where bad things happen. I don't know if you can learn by watching Ernie Els swing 1000 times on youtube.... but it's worth a shot.  
    • Depends on the golfer. Some might feel like getting the arms down sooner will help. Others might feel the hips. It's what ever feel works to produce a consistent swing.  If you want specific advice, post a video of your swing (create a My Swing thread). 
    • 11th hole on Southern Pines on Saturday. Short dogleg right. Only 270 yards but I'm not a big hitter so I decided not to try to carry the bunker up the right side and play it straight up the fairway. I ended up pushing it right a bit but made excellent contact and really got into it. As it was flying towards the trap I worried it would come up short but somehow it managed to carry it and roll out to about 20 yards from the green. I left myself a 5 footer for birdie but missed the putt. It was by far the best drive I've hit in a while even if it was technically a miss. 

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