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    • Well he does have a way of alienated people.  I imagine in a couple of years the only caddy he will be able to retain is the one Kucher used in Mexico a year ago. John
    • I can just hear Reed in the team room, "Come on, Webb! You're killing me!"
    • So, we could only get 1-1/2 points this morning (out of the 4 points available) and we're now down 9 to 5.  Can we win all the 4 points this afternoon (their time) to tie it up?  I can't tell a lie:  I think we'll be lucky to get 2 points.  What happened to the strong team we were supposed to have?  
    • We play a Master and US Open each year. Basically its an individual weekend  tourny with you paired with a blind drawn pro who has made the cut. So its your net plus his gross. Its gone both ways for me,  I've played well and finished well back after my pro stunk it up over the weekend and drew Tiger when he was 12 ahead of the field. I think the club house likes them because it keeps people around for a bit to watch the results.
    • Unfortunately the system will probably just see them as better or worse and that their new handicaps are what they are.  Courses must be re-rated at least once every ten years.

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