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    • Many moons ago, I chafed at some of the decisions made by a beginner who made his progress for all to see, the 10,000 hour hypothesis remember? Now I'm following someone doing something kind of the same, going by the Instagram handle of miaellax, there's no set goal, at least not that I know of, but from what I'm seeing, she's going about it every smartly. Figure I'll make a thread for it. The big difference between now and people who tried it previously like 10 years ago, is that online instruction is much more prevalent, although I think you could do the same things albeit not as great video quality, 10 years ago. Probably a larger percentage of instructors who know what they're doing as well. Definitely the tools to keep track of progress, remotely, are much better now, cheaper, easier to use, etc...  
    • Use the 10 second time delay and cut it out. I’m not a big fan of it. My kids watch golf, and I’m sure other kids do too. 
    • The caddie clearly touched the sand. To blatantly lie about does absolutely no good at all.
    • If the pro agrees to be miked up then that's a different ball game and it should be PG all the time. But if they are not miked up and they are background noise, its going to happen. If the network is ok just apologizing for the occasional mishap then that's what they will do. I am pretty sure this will not happen during the Masters coverage. Those guys run a tight operation.  At the club I worked at while in college we had 2 retired guys as starters. One was from the Bronx, the other from Queens, both Italian, one a retired Cadillac dealer and the other a WW2 marine that survived his ship being tanked by a kamikaze. Those guys would make these kids on Tour blush with the language they used. The marine swore like a sailor (pun intended) but he earned it the hard way. Now if you heard one of their words on tv they would shut it down.  
    • Dang, this is like the opposite of Stewart Cink's DQ a decade ago that led to a rule change.

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