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  1. For (essentially) any golfer, the 72.0/125 course would be harder. The first number (68.1 vs. 72) is the difficulty for a scratch golfer; higher numbers are more difficult. The slope is a representation of how quickly the course gets more difficult for less-skilled golfers. A 113 slope is "standard", and means that a bogey golfer is expected to take 18 more strokes than a scratch golfer.
  2. The gradual and long term change of increasing the speed of greens can leave some courses greens a bit ridiculous to the average golfer. Torrey Pines North is an example. Of course they want the greens fast there but the greens where designed for much slower speeds. There were holes, like 2, 3 and 9 for example, you couldn't stop the ball within 8 feet if you miss a three footer from above the hole. On 2 sometimes you couldn't even get that type of putt to stop on the green at all. They're now spending millions to redo the greens. They use to have front to back general slope up to a 4% grade. Remodeled the highest general slope of any greens will be 1.5%. I think the old greens would have been fine if they didn't run the greens so fast.
  3. Did I hit putts on the greens during the tournament days (Thu-Sun)? Yes. Multiple. On multiple greens. They were fine.
  4. Ok, so originally I was planning on just skipping working on my swing today. Then I realized, how can I expect to make any real improvement if I just skip days. That's the old habit that I'm trying to break. I went to the range with specific purpose tonight. I wanted to focus on the centered pivot/wall drill and try to shorten my backswing by starting with slow swings to set the feeling of where it should be. I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with how things worked out on this range session. I recorded probably 15 swings and they almost all looked exactly like this. When the swing got longer it still stayed short of parallel to the ground and my left hip stayed almost exactly where it started until it bumped forward at the start of the downswing. I wasn't sure how the video was going to turn out because I forgot my phone at home so I couldn't really see the camera angle, which is also why there's no DTL shots.
  5. That is a much bigger *******. The one at Oakland Hills is very small. If you're in it, you will likely be standing outside with a funky stance to hit your ball, or you will have to play your shot away from the green to get out safely.
  6. You are losing tilt at the top just FYI. Just from your still photo you are firing your lower body way too early. Going through this same issue myself. If you posed yourself as the still picture, your hips are in a finish position and your arms aren't even close to impact. So your only option is to flip at it or rake everything off to the left, or both. The only thing worse -- results and body wise-- than flipping at it is crashing into the ground which is where your 6 inches fat shots come from If you put yourself just standing at the ball like in the picture that you have, you have absolutely no room left for your arms. You need to feel like you are starting your arms way, way sooner. After having 'lead with the lower body' drilled into my skull for forever, I'm now trying to fix the ramifications of way overdoing that move for way too long.
  7. This one. It's a little deeper than the G6 is long so you kind of have to push it up from the bottom to get it out, but other than that I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. You know, I had a long post typed out to defend my position. But, you're right. I do think a double bogey free round is more difficult. If you break 80 most of the time, a double-bogey probably hits your score card more than a score in the 80's.
  9. So ask yourself. What is it that's keeping you from breaking 80? By your own words, you make a lot of pars, but penalties and the resulting doubles (or worse) keep you from that threshold. Chicken or the egg...and this time it's the egg. Breaking 80 is hard, but it's hard due in large part because of the difficulty in keeping those damn doubles off the card.
  10. Chilli Dipper


    Going into the PGA Championship, Beef accepts a new sponsorship with Arby's.
  11. If I were an 80s shooter trying to get better I'd probably say breaking 80, but now as someone who shoots in the 70s, I've made way more doubles than I've failed to break 80 over the last few years.
  12. Yeah, so I officially switched my vote to "no doubles." :)
  13. You can break 80 with a double bogey, but one penalty at the wrong time can introduce a double bogey so I voted a double bogey round is harder.
  14. The Olympics are supposed to be about athletes wanting to compete against the best in the world while representing their country, it's never been a mandatory event or one that warrants public shame if one decides to not attend (at least not in the US). Whatever their real reasons are, professional golfers have the right to decide not to participate.
  15. Grip down. It doesn't take much. 3/4 inch = 5-8 yards. Having said that, the vast majority would be better taking the longer club and simply making a normal swing. They might actually get the ball close to pin high for a change...
  16. 38 and 42 for 80 yesterday, which is my lowest score yet. The thing is this could have been MUCH lower had it not been for a careless bogey on the 16th with a stupid three putt and a ridiculous triple on the 17th! Regards Mailman
  17. Most double bogies, especially from the average golfer don't come from "taking risks", they come from a poor swing that results in OB, water hazard, lost in the woods, whatever. A decent player can still break 80 with a double or two for exactly that reason, it's only a couple of bad swings. The reason that most golfers never break 80 is that they make a lot of those bad swings, that add up. But even good golfers, who break 80 (or better) consistently, will have the occasional bad swing that will result in a penalty and subsequently a double, or worse. Which is "harder" is a matter of skill level. For me, someone who, as the OP asked, is as likely to break 80 as not, if I had to bet on the result of any given round before the first tee, I'd bet that I break 80 over a DB free round of any score. Higher handicap players will find the opposite. Scratch or better players will seldom fail to break 80, but will still have their share of individual blowup holes. They'll just use their superior play on the remaining 16 or 17 holes to offset the couple of bad swings.
  18. I see lots of good advice, so I'll just add one more thing. When its windy, especially when its gusty, you're going to be wrong sometimes. Its unavoidable, and its not your fault. So you have to try not to let yourself get upset when what seems like a perfect shot ends up in a bad place. Even more than normal, you have to stay "even-keel" when playing in the wind. You may also need to make much more conservative choices, as @boogielicious suggests, because the variable wind can expand your shot zones significantly.
  19. First of all, the 3 degrees upright lie angle WILL affect your play! Positively or negatively, who can tell, since you haven't been fitted. Blow the money and take your chances, or get a fitting? You seem to be impressed with clubhead speed. Clubhead speed doesn't mean crap if all you're doing is hitting the ball farther IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! Take WUT's advice. Find someone who knows how to fit a golfer for clubs and get, at least, a wrist to floor measurement. This will get you a starting point. Hopefully this person will get you past that to lie angle and beyond. Lie angle is VITALLY important. My buddy has clubs he bought somewhere, and the lie angle is much too upright for him. When he addresses the ball the toes of his irons point to the sky! He's 5'8", but he needs to be 6'2" to play these clubs!
  20. It is never too late, but what do you mean by getting serious? If you mean getting good enough to play professionally then you are at a slight disadvantage. But if you mean becoming a single digit handicap, then no, it is not too late.
  21. I started when I was in 8th grade (I think that means I was 13...). I'm 24 now, and I feel like I haven't gotten particularly good until the last couple years or so. There are few things that you're too old to start at age 16, and golf isn't one of them, especially when you've presumably been playing sports most of your life.
  22. Knowing the "why" really helps me buy into and remember the "what". I asked questions. I really like video comparisons, if I can see that what the instructor is asking me to do puts more inline with the tour pro that I'm being compared too, that is when I can really buy into and dedicate myself to the instruction. Also, 5SK has been a huge help in me understanding the fundamentals and instruction. 5SK makes it easy to see for myself where some of my flaws are, it's really easy to see keys 1, 2, + 3 in a video. What to do to correct the problems is the harder part. One big benefit to having an instructor is it makes one accountable. If the instructor gives me a drill.swing change, one reason I'll focus on it is to show the instructor in the following lesson that I've made improvement at the task at hand. I like leaving lessons with an assignment.
  23. In the USGA system, your handicap is based on the best 10 of your last 20 scores. Say we have two players who both average 90 on the same golf course. The "steady" player's best 10 may average 88, while the "erratic" player's best 10 could average 86. In a match, erratic would give steady 2 strokes. That may or may not be fair, but its a consequence of the USGA choice to base your handicap on you better scores, and throw out your worse scores. The USGA has some specific recommendations regarding the handicap numbering of the holes. https://www.usga.org/HandicapFAQ/handicap_answer.asp?FAQidx=25 In general, they suggest the holes be ranked based on the difference of average scores between a group of low-handicappers and a group of higher handicappers. The Number 1 handicap hole should be the hole with the greatest difference in scores, that's where the stroke will most likely be needed most by a higher-handicap player to halve the hole in a match. To me, this makes sense, its the fairest way of allocating strokes. This may not be the hardest hole on the course. My home club has an uphill 174-yard par 3 with a severely tiered green, it may be the toughest par on the course. It's handicap number 16, and I believe that's because its hard on good players too. It would be interesting to take the data your league has, and see where the difference in scores falls, similar to the USGA recommendation.
  24. Success guys! At least on the range success. I took your thoughts and added one of my own and hit the ball better than I have for a long time. My swing thought for this session was, "Full swing; half speed" and it worked. Because I have been nervous about not swinging well I have been tensing up and got too quick in my back swing. This means I am not getting a full shoulder turn which in turn means a weak right result. I also use Tshapiro's idea of bracing the rear leg to prevent sway and to increase hip leverage. Viola! Long and straight off the driver. My 3-wood still needs works but then, it always did. I will have another practice session tomorrow and take it to the course on the weekend. Will let you know how that goes. I am pumped. Thanks for the thoughts guys.
  25. On the tee box just look for a broken tee in front. Tee up behind it, using it for your follow through aiming. You cant place it, but use it if its already there.
  26. I'm not trying to discourage you from what is working, results speak for themselves. But be aware that your feeling of weight forward 70% is most likely just that, a feel. Here is a photo with some numbers based on actual measurements, and you'll see how extreme true 70% weight forward is. He's almost falling over forwards and is still only 68%. So while 70% weight forward is obviously a great feel for you, it's probably just the feeling you need to stop yourself shifting backwards off the ball. So keep doing it, but be aware that it's a feeling, rather than a reality.
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    • Does Gov. Dewy know about this? Thought the ranges were supposed to be all shut. 
    • Found out my local driving range is still open so hit balls there today, this is by far the best I have ever hit the ball. Irons were crisp, main swing thought is keeping my elbows close together on the way back/top of the backswing. Worked on some knock down shots, have a good feeling for taking 10-15 yards off my PW,9,8 irons now. Driver was the best it's ever been, very neutral ball flight, not much curve in either direction. Main thought for driver at setup/address is make sure I stand far away from the ball, I realized today that in my last 2 rounds I was standing way too close to the ball. Main swing thought is during the backswing really load weight into my right heel, feeling like my right toes are coming off the ground slightly (they aren't really) and make sure my back/torso are leaning away from the target. Spent a bit of time working on 50-75 yard wedge shots too, I now have a swing length/feeling dialed in for 50,60, and 70 yard carries.
    • I watched the replay of the 2018 Par-3 contest earlier today.  I watched it the night it happened -- taped it, avoided spoilers, watched when I got home.  Magical then and magical now. I'm watching the '86 final round right now.  I obviously know what happened (I'm wearing a yellow polo today because I knew this was airing), but I don't think I ever watched more than a highlight reel of this before.  It's amazing.  Nicklaus is on #16 as I speak, minus however many year tape delay this is on.  
    • UPS just delivered the mat! Yay!!  I was bored out of my mind so I didn’t wait for my husband to haul it to the backyard for me. Geez was that mat heavy! Already hit a few balls and it feels great to be swinging again!! Just need to figure out the correct tee height and I will be good to go!
    • I know, right? How much would it cost to hire security if everyone is still paying dues? I know the course that @NM Golf is at has hired security to keep the yahoos off so we should do the same. My golf mat just arrived so I am going to set it up and hit a few in my backyard!

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