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    • Still rusty and getting adjusted to surroundings, still not comfortable with swinging hard, feels like a closet, hands are a little higher at 4, still flippy around 8, would like to see hands go higher and right after impact. Fighting path going left from 4, one of the few decent swings I made here. But at least I broke out the PVC and alignment sticks. Will place them closer to ball as I get more comfortable. Oh yes, I centered the net to the ball, thanks again @billchao. Need to check if I can use the Mevo, not sure if I have enough ballflight for Mevo to read.  
    • This would do the job. Like I said, get a machine screw and couple washers and you can do hosel adapters also. Value Shaft Extractor THE GOLFWORKS - VALUE SHAFT EXTRACTOR, VALUE SHAFT EXTRACTOR, Golf Heads, Golf Reheading, Head Extractor, Golf Epoxy, Heading Epoxy, Golf Head Epoxy, Maltby Heads, Maltbie Heads, Ralph... Also if you need a quick video on how to do it, here you go. The shaft puller is different but the technique will be the same.    
    • Hi Ace: Hope you're not going too crazy in self isolation. That's a shame that the layout of your club can't refrain all the CLOWNS and hillbillies with no clothes, shoes, etc from entering the property....considering the members continue to pay dues.....you'd think that American Golf Corp would hire proper security to guard the club...but I'm not surprised that a big corporation like American Golf doesn't give a sh*t.....it's all lip service from them....no way the premier privates here in Vancouver would put up with GOOF's entering the property. Heck...even the muni's here have hired staff to watch over the facilities. 
    • My son sent this to me while I was at work....obviously mocking my Day 3 drills. Thought y’all might appreciate  
    • No, but if there are tools for this under $100 I'd certainly consider it. The only ones I've seen all seem to be $200 or more. Granted, I haven't researched this extensively as I've only really dabbled in building irons.

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