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  1. Played a round at a new course yesterday. Noticed something on every hole as I was removing my ball after holing out. Had to fix the turf just inside and outside the circumference of the hole ... but only about 1/3 of the hole was affected. After doing this 12 times in a row, the cause of damage dawned on me. Somebody playing in front of our group was using a PUTTER to remove the ball from the hole causing damage to every hole on the course. Please don't be THAT GUY. Lean over, extend your arm and remove the ball from the hole with your hand. PSA over and out. dave
  2. Well, I will not be qualifying, however I had fun and it was a good learning experience. I had a few 3 putts as the greens were really slick, and two blow up holes where I could have benefited form slowing down a bit more. I hit the ball well for the most part. Even played the entire round with the same ball, despite having to hit a provisional twice. I ended up shooting 88, but the other guys in my group were both + handicaps and shot 82 & 86. The guy who finished 2nd last year, shot -4 68 today, so I think he has a good chance at qualifying. While 88 wasn't what I had hoped to shoot, I hope I come in the top half of the field as the course was very tough and we all agreed that there would be big numbers out there today. On the first hole I was nervous, but piped my hybrid through the end of the fairway 275 yards. Pulled my wedge into a greenside bunker and 2 putt bogey. The Second hole they moved the tees up about 50 yards from yesterday and ended up making a decent par. 3rd hole I hit my 3W right and hit a provisional ball. I found my first tee ball in a good spot. Knew I could hit a 7 iron over the tree long enough to get to the green, but it clipped a top branch and nobody saw it down. It was heading for the hazard and so after looking along the edge I took my drop and hit a ball onto the green. Well, on the walk up to the green sitting down in the thick rough was my original ball. I was bummed to see that. Ended up taking a triple. This hole was unique because even though I had a 7 on a par 4, I was the lowest score in the group. One guy played the wrong ball, twice, taking a 10. There was a twosome in the fairway waiting on us and I was hustling on the next hole so we wouldn't be put on the clock after only 3 holes, and as the 2nd group off for the day. I was pretty far from the hole on 4 and made a bogey, then the big number came on the 191 par 3 5th. I hit a 6 iron into a greenside bunker. I had to carry my bunker shot about 25 yards to the edge of the green as the pin was up on a hill, and there was water left and another bunker long. It needed to be a delicate shot. Well I hit it, 25 yards onto the green, and my ball spun back into the bunker. No worries. Walk across the bunker and now I have the same delicate bunker shot but its maybe 8 yards. Super Soft part of the bunker and I got under the ball. The next shot plugged into the wall in front of me. Getting frustrated I hacked it out past the flag and it rolled 30 ft away. 3 putts later I carded an 8. I was rushing, just didn't think, whatever you want to call it, bran fart. Dumb. Forgot what just happened, even though I was now 10 over through 5 and pretty embarrassed. Made a par on the #1 handicap hole, 3 putt bogey on the next, and finally a bogey on the par 5 9th after finding another deep bunker off the tee. 49 on the front. 2 worse than my practice round, even though I hadn't lost a ball off any tee. The back 9 started well sticking it tight on the Par 3 10th and lipping out my birdie put. the 11th was a "Drivable" up hill par 4 into the wind at 297 yards with 20-25 yards of uphill slope. I hit a drive to the rough just short of the green and made par. The 12th is a true 3 shot par 5. Laid up to 100 yards as there was fescue short of the green. Pulled my wedge 40ft left of the pin and had a huge ridge midway through my putt where I ended up 3 putting again. Made a solid par on the 13th, 14th hole was a two putt bogey, 15th two putt bogey even though my 7iron almost slipped out my hand on the tee. On the 16th I finally carded a birdie after smashing a drive and hitting my 9 iron hole high just off the green. The 17th hole was playing 251 yards....Par 3. Hit a 4 iron down hill onto the green for (another) 3 putt bogey. Hit a solid drive on 18 and thinned a pitching wedge over the green for a 2 putt bogey. All in all my round is summed up as: First USGA tournament. Had a great time. Learning Experience. Practice Patience. Get fit for a putter. Here is my GameGolf Round for the USGA Mid-AM Qualifier: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Kpaulhus/round/1102625
  3. Apparently I didn't watch the slow motion closely enough. I pretty much did not want to see that again though. Cringe and shudder indeed. I thought that male cyclist who went straight into the curb off the road was bad. Wimbledon has fast courts. The ball bounces low and skips and skids, used to favor serve and volleyers, that's not much of a thing anymore, so it favors the power attacking player with the big serve. Roland Garros, where the French Open is played, has slow courts, ball bounces high, sits up, favors the steady defensive player. I guess a fast court is like a very dry Open Championship (which is appropriate because Wimbledon is in England) and a slow court is like the recent PGA Championship, ball plugs.
  4. Par is arbitrary, especially on tour, as evidenced by the fact that members often play the same hole/course as a different par than the pros do. In that case, even though par changes, the course rating remains the same, as does any given differential. So back to my question. If the members play par 72, and the pros play at par 70, on the exact same course, who had the better round...the member who shot 6 under par 66, or the pro who shot 5 under 65? The greatest round of all time, I don't think so, and we can calculate differentials for every tournament played and argue whether someone's gross score was actually 3/10's better than someone else's, but the bottom line here is that no one in the history of the PGA Tour has ever carded a 58 before, regardless of par, or relative difficulty of any course. It's unique, and historic.
  5. I do two things to relax a little bit before almost every swing. The first is a mental trick that works for me, I always remind myself that "this" shot is just a regular swing, nothing special. I want to avoid the ideas like "I really need to smash this one", or even "This is a really important shot". I want every effort to be the same, same preparation, same importance, same normal swing. The second thing I do is to relax my grip just slightly. You can find a thread here that discusses what the proper grip pressure is. I absolutely believe the data, and I'm not saying you should grip the club lightly. For me, at least, I believe my grip gets firmer as the swing progresses. My hands sense the strain required as I accelerate the club, and my hands grip firmer as a nearly involuntary reaction to that sensation. However, I want to start the swing without excess tension in my hands and arms, and relaxing my grip for a just a second can eliminate some of that unwanted tension. Other players may use a waggle to decrease muscular tension prior to a swing, there are almost certainly dozens of methods. I like that slight relaxation of the hands, after the last waggle, and before I swing.
  6. I seriously dislike that. I've had at least 2 stern conversations with playing competitors over this. If you REALLY can't bend over to pick up the ball... get one of those suction cup things to attach to the handle end of the club, but don't dig the ball out with the putter! CY
  7. We're talking about playing golf right? I don't research each individual course owner to make sure their politics is aligned with mine. I can't stand Obama but if he owned a good golf course I'd play it.
  8. The swing to copy if you want to hit all 18 greens, take a suck of that Hogan fans!
  9. Can be a common mistake for golfers to slide their hips back and/or not turn them enough on the backswing. The rear hip has to keep "cranking" back, helps sequence the arms with the torso turn and sets up a lot of good pieces to achieve Key#2 (weight forward at impact). To do this the lead knee has to increase in flex and rotate inwards a bit as the rear leg decreases in flex. Note that due to this "knee linkage" each player's hips are level at A1 (address) and their rear hip is higher than their lead hip at A4 (top of the backswing). You'll also notice that each player has their rear hip pocket reach the center line. If you wanted to check these alignments for yourself but it's a pain in the butt (pun intended) to film a posterior view, you can check it like this. At A1 the rear hip joint is over the rear foot and at A4 it will be inside the rear heel (half a ball to a ball).
  10. Hey kyle, thats great that even though you didnt have the round you mightve hoped for, you still have a positive attitude about it. Looking at your recap, and im sure you already know this, looks like more of your time practicing could be spent on and around the greens. Short game and putting!! Sounds like you got off the tee pretty well. Proximity to the hole on approach shots sounds like it couldve been better, but it sounds like the majority of your bogeys came from not getting up and down and 3 putts. You have a full year before your next crack at it! I think youll be surprised at how much you can improve with a year of consistent and focused practice. Good luck!
  11. And to be a 0 course handicap… the golfer's handicap index has to be really close to 0. It's simple math. The index is incredibly relevant, because only it - and the slope - determine the course handicap. You're wrong that the same golfer can be a 3 HC and a -2. Again, simple math: you multiply the handicap index by a positive number (a fraction of slope/113). - 0.2 * 144/113 = - 0.25 +0.5 * 94/113 = 0.42 Actually a 0.1 handicap index will be a 0 on every course. In fact, at a 0.4, it takes a slope of 142 to get to a 1 course handicap (it's 0.503… which rounds to 1). The maximum slope rating is 155, so… 0.49 = x * 155/113 x = 0.49 * 113/155 x = 0.357 So, any handicap of 0.3 or lower is guaranteed to have a 0 course handicap. C'mon, @BuckeyeNut… this stuff is basic math. By your definition, a scratch golfer is someone who is a 0.4 to a +0.4 for most courses with a reasonable slope, or at most, anyone between a 0.3 and a +0.3 on any course and any set of tees.
  12. It's prime time and the have synchronized diving on. This is why I have trouble focusing on the Olympics.
  13. Majors are the pinnacle sure, but I cannot imagine a more emotional moment than standing on the podium with a gold medal and the anthem of your home country playing..........I actually think there will be a few players who regret their decision to skip. Fukk the haters....I am all in on this tournament.....it means SOMETHING And......just for kicks....Thorbjorn Oleson for the gold is my prediction
  14. I agree with that, but there are others factors in the US Open to consider compared to a normal tournament setup.
  15. Agree completely. Another example would be when they play a US Open at a course they play another time of the year. Two examples are 2008 Torrey Pines and 2010 Pebble Beach. In both cases, the course is par 72 for the regular event and par 71 for the US Open. Nobody in their right mind would argue that a -6 66 in the Farmers or AT&T is a better round than a -5 66 in the US Open. Heck, I don't think anybody would even legitimately argue that a 66 in February was better than a 68 or even 69 on Father's Day Weekend at that same course. Par is very arbitrary and really only there for one reason: so those of us watching can keep track of where everybody stands relative to the field during the middle of rounds.
  16. I shot a 73 playing a round of golf where I only hit driver 4 times. I would leave myself different yardages then I'm use to, and where I would club up for control.
  17. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/saevel25/round/1102334 A much better round. I was trying hitting different clubs off the tee. I tried to club up at least two clubs more than my full iron shot and hit a 2/3 to 3/4 swings for control. I moved around to different tee boxes to try to make me think about the shot a bit more. Basically I would bounce around tee boxes and just pull a random club from 5 iron to 3-wood. I only pulled the driver 4 times. Two times I just tried to hit a pitch-y type shot for control. Outside hole 2 and 3, I struck the ball very well. A thing I tried a bit more was to keep my head a tad more steady. That helped me a lot to not hit my irons slightly fat. My best iron shot was hole 6. I also tried to be more creative around the greens. On hole #15 I hit a low 9 iron pitch into the bank in-front of the green. I played around with some different trajectories. Short game was good. Putting was really good. I didn't miss 1 putt outside of 5-6 feet. With my putting I tried to be a bit softer in the arms. It's been a while since I enjoyed a round like this. It was fun to be a bit more creative on the course.
  18. Kyle thanks for sharing the experience with us. I know it wasn't what your were hoping for, but the first big tournament you play in rarely goes perfectly to plan. Keep improving the game and I look forward to seeing your results in other future events.
  19. 1 point
    Golf is art.....high art. It absolutely is. If you google 'art' lots of definitions show up involving skill acquired through experience, observation, expression of emotions, visual beauty, etc. I think golf has lot or even most of the elements. In addition it is full of paradoxes and has this mystique of being inexplicably hard in spite of a simple looking motion. Watching some swings evoke similar feeling to looking at a painting masterpiece. And how about courses? Some of them in existence can only be best described at sheer art.
  20. OMG, no! I'm taping it, don't tell, please!!!
  21. It's all relative. The point is, he went out loosey-goosey, nothing to lose, no chance to win even if he shot the lowest score ever recorded. So maybe he had self-imposed pressure to break 60 on the back 9, but that's different from the pressure of being in contention at a PGA Tour event from hole 1, such as the final group faced.
  22. Was not interested in this event whatsoever but saw some stuff on MD this morn and my interest level is beginning to increase. Will probably be a snoozer but if Stenson, Fowler, Reed, Rose and Sergio are among the leaders, I may watch more than I had anticipated.
  23. There could be some freak accident, and a lifeguard is needed, small chance there is.
  24. whit6419

    Nassau Press

    Thanks guys. To me it's just another way of doing a double or nothing, giving someone a chance to win their money back, or for me to win more! I wish the latter happened more often.
  25. Yes, that's right. They scoop it out and bounce it once into their hand. Looks cool. I can do this from the ground with my 60°, but I can't control the bounce to come directly back to me, I usually have to reach for the ball or miss it altogether. Not a smooth move at all but I continue to try to be the cool kid, a never-ending endeavor.
  26. Don't they tend to do that with a wedge, since their player is usually holding the putter at the time? I think the wedge head tends to be a bit more conforming to the hole size, but may vary.
  27. Forget about the course for a few days . Go to the practice range , alone . Pick a quiet spot and take out a wedge . Set up and take a few easy swings . Adjust . Concentrate on the basics: grip , setup, turn the shoulders , eyes on the ball . I m sure you'll get it back . Then move on to higher irons and towards the end , hybrids and driver . Its no fun if you think you re stinking it up on the course . Forget the course and your scores for awhile . You'll get it back in no time .
  28. Nike was the new kid on the block in relation to many of the other major golf club manufacturers and never gained the respect (for lack of better word) that the others enjoyed. I noticed a lot of newbies to golf had Nike golf bags and clubs and only a small percentage stuck with them over time. They produced some good clubs, for a while it seemed everyone had a horrible sounding Sumo driver in their bag at some point. I really liked some of their Method putters but I think they were taken less seriously because of Nike's desire to cover the entire market with putters ranging in price from $40 - $300. It seems the golf industry is working against itself. At a time when many complain the cost of entry into the sport is too high, golf manufacturers continue to increase the cost of clubs and boutique companies like PXG and Hogan are targeting an even higher end market.
  29. I've bought practice nets before and they work fine. The only problem I had with them was eventually wearing a hole in the net. Not a big deal to cinch up..... This winter I'm going to make my own out of PVC and buy my own net online somewhere. I just hit off of an old piece of carpet.
  30. Sometimes they allow them to draft for a bit if an incident happened. I didn't see this one, but there is a fine line. Usually it is allowed when they have to navigate through support cars. But they can also get penalized if the referees think it went on too long.
  31. On my final day in Myrtle on Friday, I was supposed to be paired with a twosome who no-showed. So I was sent out alone. I played through three foursomes, and finally caught a twosome on #11. They asked me if I wanted to play through, but I instead asked to join them. I hate playing alone on a course where I'm constantly asked to play through. I don't play well in those situations and I like playing with strangers. You meet the best people on the golf course, politics cast to the side. EDIT--Wild Wing Avocet, in case anyone is curious.
  32. Hell of a round. But how is shooting 12 under on a par 70 a greater feat than shooting 59 on a par 72? Best of all time? I wouldn't go that far.
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    You can pretty much call anything an art these days. The word has lost all meaning.
  34. That's pretty spot on, yes. And I've awarded you the Stupid Monkey badge as a result. So congratulations. As for the flip… Yes, we're waiting on that a little bit. But there's one thing you can do now, and I'm going to explain why doing your current piece is so important. Right now we're working on your hips turning in place (or even slightly forward during the backswing) while your head stays back (in place). There are two big contributing factors that cause you to flip: your head goes forward, and the shaft gets steep. Flipping is a shallowing move, as well as a move that shortens the radius of the clubhead. Consider this: if you let your head go down, forward, and the shaft was steep… you could take a deep deep divot. Conversely, with your head back, and a shallow shaft, and you'd have trouble even hitting the ground at all, and any divot would barely brush the grass. So in the first case (head forward, down, shaft steep) you're going do something to lead to a "more successful" shot. You're going to compensate. Because your head is down a little, you'll shorten the radius by bending your left elbow a bit, perhaps, or flipping, perhaps. Because your head is forward, and the shaft is steep, you'll compensate by doing something that shallows the club and gets it ascending sooner so you don't take a divot to the earth's core: so you flip a little. Otherwise the ball would come out head high and you'd be sued by the county for not having a digging permit. So that's why the backswing is important. I want you to keep focusing on this piece, with one small tweak: don't let your head go down so much in the backswing. Stay a little bit taller, but REALLY make sure you're creating that angle in your right hip (the angle between your torso and right thigh) at A4 (see Dufner).
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    Huh? Art is like a form of expression. Golf is a game, man.
  36. If I walked into a corner store for a soda and the owner was spouting off like Trump does, I'd walk out again. So no, I wouldn't play a Trump course.
  37. I never tee off after 8:00 AM on the weekends. Every time I do, the wife is mad when I get home.
  38. Here is a clip of Rory putting his Nikes into storage
  39. If you have correctly proportioned clubs, and at least an average physique, I wouldn't see why it's a disadvantage. I would think he should at least be capable of average to better than average golf after a reasonable period of learning and practice. Yao may have less than average dexterity / coordination, though, because he was essentially selected for his outlier height - not exceptional athleticism. What golf requires is not necessarily what basketball requires and I would expect all exceptionally tall guys get pushed into basketball early and therefore have less comparative time to put in at getting good at golf. That means there's a very small sample population of really tall golfers who spent the necessary time to get good at golf and that small population makes it less likely that several of them will also have what it takes to get exceptional at golf instead of just average. I expect his height would be an advantage with the right clubs and extended technique training. I think when he was filmed on course that he was essentially a 'beginner'.
  40. Some exceptions would be if it were an ex or someone that you have a restraining order taken out on.
  41. The importance of creating a repeatable swing vs try to kill it and control it every time. I was already hitting it 300 yds at 15 yrs old but it wasn't super accurate and the rest of my game wasn't very consistent. It took me a long time to settle down and try to create a consistent swing.
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    I never buy anything from amazon; if I can get it local I do. If I can't get it local (or order it from a local store), I find some other online retailer to buy it from. That usually means waiting longer and paying more. I think it's important to keep money local, both to help local business people and to retain some local character/flavor. For example, we have a great table-top game store in Ithaca called The Enchanted Badger. I could get anything they sold (and more) from Amazon, BUT Amazon doesn't host weekly game nights or provide a bookshelf full of games that you can try before you buy. We also have a great, local bookshop that barely stays open. Again, great character, nice staff to talk about books with, and it's locally owned. Also, I hear (from a reliable source) that working for Amazon is complete s**t.
  43. Years ago (2011) I was down in Disney Orlando playing one of their courses. I was play with my mother's BF who was a 60 something blue collar, ultra conservative and a grizzled curmudgeon, (CG from here on out). We got paired with an old married couple from on PA. They introduced themselves (Call them mickey & minnie because I can not remember their names). Minnie immediately tells me she is a women of faith, not that the gold cross on her neck would give it away. She doesnt drink, curse or take the lords name in vein, I do all 3!!!! We start playing. Mickey plays from the whites and hits a 150 drive middle of fairway. CG hits about 175 in the fairway. I hit about 250. We then drive up to the reds and wait for her to find her driver, take a minute to work on posture and take 4 practice swings. She then WHIFFS......"nice try hon"-Mickey. I went to my bag grabbed my flask and took a big slug! During the round CG and Mickey talked about how Obama was ruining the county, kids today are soft. The youth are incapable of running the country or being responsible etc...etc... This left Minnie to stand and talk to me. She felt I looked like Rory, I dont. She felt I hit the ball as far as Rory, I didnt! Further talk was about Arnold Palmer being not only the greatest golfer but the greatest human being. "he is a god fearing christian" minnie interjected! "not like that tiger woods!!" she further explained. the pace of play was killing me! Minnie must have shot 300 over 12 holes! Mickey did his best to convince me that a life was better under Eisenhower's administration. He also predicted that Obama would outlaw Christianity in 2 years (he didnt). They also tried telling me that Jim Furyk was full of himself for holding out for a higher paying sponsor deal, they knew someone who knew someone who knew someone. By the 10th hole I started ordering beers 2 at a time. I am after all on vacation. I also did so because Mickey dislike of Obama & tiger woods began to go down some less than comfortable roads. Not to mention I could not take the pace of play which turned out to be a 7 hour round!!!!!! on 16 I was 40 yards off the green on my drive only to skull the wedge over the green "Jesus-F_____ Christ" I blurted out. You would think I had drowned minnie's her grandkids in a bucket. She was horrified and not pleased. I apologized for being a heathen from a liberal state who did not understand her peaceful, religious way of life which enabled her to look down upon everyone else! I grabbed my beer and said little for the last 2 holes. I let CG explain to Mickey that it was the fault of my generation. We apparently dont appreciate anything and have worked for nothing. I think Mickey said something along the lines of "Arnold Palmer would never do this, but I could see tiger behaving like that". Suffice to say I have not golfed with CG either.
  44. I don't see it as that big of a deal. I was never a fan of the "nice shot" comment, too many people say it far too early during the flight of the ball anyway. That's the real nuisance IMO.
  45. I don't usually play alone or in situations where I'd get paired up but it did happen once last season. I had invited my instructor and his business partner (also a PGA certified instructor) and a friend to my home course. My friend had to cancel so the starter had a club member, who was alone, join us. The instructors played from the black tees and I teed off from them middle tees. The member that joined us claimed to be a great golfer and opted to play from the blacks as well. Turns out he wasn't a great player, actually wasn't even a good player. He spent most of his time driving around looking for his ball in the woods and cursing, this happened on every non par 3 hole. We were falling behind the group in front of us so at the 12th hole my instructor suggested to the member that since it seemed he was having an "off" day with his driver that maybe it would be better to play from the same tees as I was at least until we caught up with the group in front of us. The guy went ballistic and it got pretty awkward for a few minutes as he ranted on about his golf skills. He knew he had made an ass of himself but insisted he was still playing from the blacks. He walked up and teed off on 12, put his drive into the water and didn't say a word, just got in his cart and drove off.
  46. That's bullshit.I would have told them somewhere near the 4th hole to just play ahead.
  47. Tiger is 5'10" to 5'11".
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