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  1. When you moved the ball with your forward press it was not a stroke since there was no intent. The ball should have been replaced with a one strike penalty (18-2ii). Since it was not replaced an additional penalty of one stroke was incurred under 20-7 (playing from a wrong place) Your score for the hole was 9.
  2. It depends on your shot shape. If you routinely hit lower ball flights, and you play courses that are firm, then playing for the roll out is important. It also means you need to consider more when you do your shot. Where your ball lands, how you think it will roll out, what hazards/bunkers are in the way, ect.. For me, I play the carry yardage 99% of the time.
  3. Kind of hard to describe something that is relative to one's strength and familiarity with hand tools. One person's "hard" could be another's "fairly easy" etc. You just don't want to overtighten and strip anything. I have used a regular torx head screwdriver before. If you are concerned about it at all, I'd bring the wrench to a golf store and compare it to theirs.
  4. As suggested by golfingdad,thanks. The new soccer season has started. We are 3 weeks into it with Man utd,Man City and Chelsea having 3 wins out of three,long long way to go though. This year also sees the start of qualifying(in europe) for the 2018 world cup in Russia.With Scotland and England in the same group it should make for interesting stuff......well for me anyway. America are in the same group as Trinidad and Tobago,St Vincent and the Grenadines and Guatemala.At the moment the yanks are in 2nd spot 3 pts behind Trinidad and Tobago with 2 matches remaining, CAMON LADS! A big local derby coming up on Sept 10th,Man City-Man Utd.
  5. Boorish behavior blemishes Barclay's battle.
  6. 9i to SW... Two different types of swings from my PW. I see you have LSW. From the idea in the book (and posts on this forum) I came up with this which I have taped on my push cart and have made a card also for my pocket when I don't have my push cart.
  7. That's just because of the buckets they've chosen. Likely no other range of approach shots are going to reach a high strokes saved number.
  8. SJD...that is my kind of group! When the players are an interesting collection, some great memories can be had.
  9. Your choices seem to be to 1) go to the fitter and work through the process of hitting test clubs and observing the results, or 2) taking club fitting advice from strangers on the internet who've never seen your golf swing.
  10. Damn dude, 4.1? Wow. I think you and I were about even when I joined here a couple years ago, 6-something. You're going in the right direction, I'm headed the other way. I'm actually at 9.4 at the minute but haven't updated here cuz it's painful and I consider it temporary . Hand pain gone, actually went to the range this week, 1st time in a year. So, I plan to throw down a 78 or so and be back under 9 by end of day, fingers crossed. Keep rolling. No idea what my birdie conversion rate is, I'd guess pretty respectable cuz my putting never left me.
  11. ~40% over my last two rounds, but that's an absurd anomaly. ;). I set a record high with 5 birdies two rounds ago (on 11 GIR) and I made one birdie last round on only 3 GIR because I putted from the fringe about 5 or 6 times. Real answer has to be about 15% or something, I imagine. I probably average 7-8 GIR, and 1-ish birdie per round. (Handicap is 4.1 right now)
  12. That wouldn't make sense ... You could start a new one though. :)
  13. Just bash his head in with a brick. Can't let the terrorists win!
  14. Don Trahan has an interesting marketing speil, but I stepped away from DT after trying his swing concept for a few weeks. Basically, the partial turn left me with no tension at the top, and I had direction problems on shots. Also, after the online freebies I got bombed with 3-5 e-mails a week asking me to buy full membership in the DT kingdom. I finally blocked the address. @iacas warned me away from guys like Trahan during my first year on TST.
  15. Depends on the lie. Off the tee, it's a topped driver. From the fairway, it's a chunky 8-iron. From a greenside bunker, it's a bladed sand wedge.
  16. This was at Indian Creek GC in Dallas. Hole is a par 3, 226 to the pin. A good drive for me is average 215, so I said what the heck I will hit my Driver. Sun was directly in my eyes so I couldn't track the first shot and couldn't see if I had hit the green or not. Hit a provisional just in case. Drive up to the green looking all over for a ball. As I come around the back of the green, fully expecting to park and walk all over looking or drop, I see it laying there on the green about 45ft from the pin. Of course I couldn't convert the birdie and ended up with par. Still great shot for me!
  17. Started the round Double, Double, Bogey and then proceeded to play the final 15 holes in 1 under. I ended up with 5 birdies, 6 pars, 5 bogeys, and 2 double bogeys on the card. My short game saved the day today as I was not striking the ball particularly well. Stats: FW-3, GIR-5, Putts-26 - 43-33 76
  18. While teeing further up and further forward does tend to produce better distance, to a point, it's all relative to a bunch of variables that the OP hasn't shared (including his average drive distance). This is why other members suggested hitting a few with a launch monitor. The TL;DR version is that there is an optimum launch angle and amount of backspin for a player's swing speed, and the swing path of a driver, or almost any club, is not a straight line over the ground. So, teeing it higher and more forward may help you, and in fact that's more likely than not for anyone swinging under 100mph with anything less than a 12* driver face, but if you're close to the ideal already it could actually reduce distance, and it could also give you a wicked slice that will require swing path and mechanics adjustments to bring back into line, which could in turn sap your clubhead speed and leave you back where you started. Breaking this down to a troubleshooting questionnaire; stop when the suggestion after your answer to any question is bolded: Is your drive carry distance in yards better than 2.6 times your clubhead speed in mph? (80mph -> 210yd, 90 -> 235, 100 -> 260 etc) Yes - Keep doing what you're doing. The best carry distance you're going to get with a PGA-legal driver over flat terrain is maybe a touch over 2.7 times swing speed (so a 90mph swing would average ~245 yards carry, plus 5-15% rollout), and that's essentially perfection. Your distance will improve as your swing speed improves, and you can make small tweaks to swing or equipment to help. Re-evaluate if your swing speed and/or distance change significantly. No - OK, we need some work, keep reading. How's your flight path after launch? (assuming you try for a straight drive) Significant (>10% of carry distance) - Fix your swing alignment. Even if you can compensate for it on the course by opening or closing your stance, you're losing quite a bit of carry with either a draw or fade of this degree. Straight or minor draw/fade (<10% of carry) - OK, that's not the problem (though if you're at the threshold of a 10% fade you might want to work on it), keep going. What is your clubhead speed? (for a younger male golfer) <80mph - Keep practicing with the driver you have; increasing your swing speed simply by making your swing smoother while keeping a relatively straight shot will do the most for your distance at this stage. >80 - We can work with that. Young male golfers with a smooth swing should have no trouble hitting 90 and more athletic swingers can hit 100 or more, but 80mph with a straight ball flight says you're familiar with the swing. Next question. What is your "Smash Factor" with your driver? (Ball launch speed divided by clubhead speed; you'll need to determine this at a range or test bay using a launch monitor, hitting your normal game ball with your own driver) <1.4 - Something is terribly wrong with your technique or your equipment. Either you lied on one of the previous questions and you're swinging slow or very wild, or else your driver is very old, damaged or defective, or your game ball is way too soft and you're wasting energy squishing it. Try a higher-compression ball and have a clubsmith check your driver. 1.4-1.44 - Work on your ball striking. Your driver and ball are probably doing the best they can to transfer energy, but you need to make better contact to consistently hit the sweet spot, and/or increase swing speed to really get the driver's trampoline face going. You might double-check your equipment and fit, but this range of smash factor is consistent with slow or sloppy driving. 1.44-1.5 - This is about average, up to very good if you're striping it better than 1.48. Keep going. >1.5 - You're cheating. The maximum theoretical smash factor possible for a club and ball conforming to PGA rules is 1.5, and that's essentially from a perfect hit with a perfect club at >125mph. PGA/LPGA Tour pros average 1.49. Find your approximate ball launch speed in the below table (to convert from mph to km/h, multiply by 1.6), Ball Speed (km/h) Launch Angle (deg) Back Spin (rpm) 286 9.5 to 11 2450 to 2650 272 12 to 13.5 2750 to 3200 256 12.5 to 14 3000 to 3300 240 13 to 15 3300 to 3550 224 14 to 16 3500 to 3800 208 15 to 17 3750 to 3900 192 15.5 to 17.5 3750 to 3900 176 15.5 to 17.5 3800 to 4050 160 16 to 18.5 3900 to 4200 How does your launch angle compare to the range in the table? Launch is too low - Bring the ball forward in your stance and tee it higher, until launch angle is in the proper window, or you can no longer make solid contact or keep the flight straight. Then move on to the next question. Launch is OK - Sweet, we're good here. Move on to the next part. Launch is too high - Bring the ball back in your stance and tee it lower, until launch angle is in the proper window or you can no longer hit it square, centered and/or straight, and then move to the next part. With launch angle corrected as much as you need or can control, how are the new launch numbers? Launch still low, Spin low - Too strong a club. If your launch is still straight, in line and centered off the clubface, but you just can't get it up in the air nor get any spin without losing control of one of those things, you are probably using a club with too little loft for your swing. Try a higher-lofted club and/or a more flexible shaft. Launch still low, Spin OK or High - You're hitting it like an iron. You still have the ball teed too far back, delofting the face and adding extra backspin with the downward motion. If you can't hit it straight with the tee any further forward in your stance, you need to work on developing a driver swing that bottoms out further forward in your stance, using more weight transfer and/or bringing your swing plane around more in front of you. Once you've straightened your shots out with a more forward stance, check the numbers again. Launch OK, Spin Low - Teed too far forward. You're hitting up on the ball so much that you're taking out too much backspin. Move the ball back in your stance and tee it lower, then hit a few and ask yourself this same question. If you can't increase the spin enough before launch drops too low, then you need more loft. Launch OK, Spin OK - You're doing it right. If everything's square, in-line and centered, and both launch numbers are in the proper range, then as of this moment after any adjustments made, you're doing everything right in your stance, address and swing to give yourself maximum distance for your swing speed. Grats. If it's not enough, increasing swing speed will be the best solution. Launch OK, Spin High - Teed too far back. You're hitting the ball at or behind the bottom of your swing, and the downward motion coupled with the loft is giving you too much backspin for a ballooning shot. Move the ball forward in your stance and raise the tee a little, then try some more and check the numbers. If you can't get the spin numbers down before launch goes too high, you're probably using too weak a club and need less loft. Launch still high, Spin OK or High - You need a stronger club. Your swing is probably OK, maybe a little far back, but that's because you need less loft and/or a stiffer shaft to bring down the amount of "help" the club is giving you. Try a lower-lofted driver with adjustments to your address as necessary until the launch angle is in the zone, then check the spin numbers. Launch still high, Spin low - This is golf, not cricket. This is unlikely to be possible with ordinary golf equipment and a swing that produces a straight shot, but if you're achieving this, you're either getting handsy and casting the club, or you're hitting so far out and up on it that you must be taking a full step forward in your follow-through. If you can't control the shot any further back in the stance, you probably have what would be a severe outside-in swing that you're compensating for with extreme weight transfer and launching your hands forward and out. Work on drills to pull the swing plane back around to your trailing side and then try this test again.
  19. I had an interesting pairing today: 3 singles meet up on the first tee. One guy is very, very hard of hearing (not completely deaf, but you basically have to speak very loudly very near him), another one has one of these holes in the throat when they intubate you and can't talk except in the faintest of whisper, and the third guy is me (no major issue that I know of, except perhaps my golf game from time to time...). We manage around the track, with little conversation as you may imagine. The nearly deaf guy plays with hickory clubs, and persimmon woods, which are nearly 100 years old. He's got some mashies, niblicks, irons stamped with the name of the local pro from over 90 years ago, a blade putter, the whole thing in a lightweight bag made of textile that looks like a tent. It takes him about three shots to get on par 4s and 4 on par 5s (hitting the "driver" 3 times) and he plays basically bogey golf, which I find pretty amazing with that equipment. He even let me hit his driver once: I hit it smoothly as he warned me, and the ball went just shy of 200 yards. It was a cool feeling! He figures out I am of French origin from my name and proceeds to show me all his ancestry on a folded piece of paper about to fall apart, and shows me two of his great-great-grandmothers who were French on his family tree which is mostly Irish and Scottish... Meanwhile, the silent guy claps to show his appreciation of a good shoot (and makes the thumbs up gesture afterwards), and also to alert me or other guy, but mainly me (as the other guy can't hear the clap), when we have overlooked a ball or are in his way as we are both walking ahead and he is riding in a cart. So, communication problems? Definitely! But we managed pretty well and we all had a very pleasant round. Amazing how that works, uh?
  20. Let me see if I can put what I was asking/saying in my original post differently. *I know we all have blow up holes. *I was not trying for a hero saving shot to make up for a poor shot. *I agree, just put it back in the fairway is a good option. My question had to do that I was not able to get over the OB on 15 and it was still affecting my concentration on 18. I hit a decent tee shot on the par 5 18. Leaving me about 10 yards shy of the water hazard. To carry the water from there, my second shot needed a full 50 yards to carry the hazard. I'll hit my second over the water to where I like to leave myself between 80 and 100 yards for my approach on this particular hole. So when I put (topped) 3 in the water from there I knew something was in my head. I have no idea why this happens, sometimes when it does I will play a few holes just fine and then that memory will come back and I'm done. I've been breaking 90 almost every time I've gone out, this round was well on it's way to being my best round ever..
  21. " This is now four or five consecutive rounds with a birdie. Just far too few pars. " In my experience, it isn't the lack of pars which keep you above 100, it's the triple+ bogeys. Turn a few of them into bogeys and you're there. For playes like us a birdie is like an eagle, a par is like a birdie and a bogey is more like par.
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