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  1. Nice try, buddy. I learned about this scam in my Adulting class.
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  2. You have realized that there are two kinds of golf: golf the sport, and golf the social event. In golf the sport, you are trying to play your best - it's you against the course. Your playing companions/opponents are in the same frame of mind. The group knows the rules and follows them. Then there's golf the social event - people who are out to have a good time, whose pre-round warmup consisted of washing balls still dirty from their last round, and five minutes of putting. They will hit an occasional good shot... have one flat-out miss each hole... make creative interpretations of th
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  3. Yeah it was. 11th hole. Short par 5 with a dogleg left. I pulled my drive and it also had a draw on it. The ball went off into the hardpan, but it wasn't too bad. Somehow I had a shot. Granted it was a blind shot, but when I measured it with my laser it was 130 yds. over some trees. So I pulled my 9 iron figuring it would land about 5 yds short and bounce up on and roll up to the flag. I caught it fat and left a 50 yd shot to the green. Eagle and opportunity blown. Then I pitched on and didn't do a very good job of that leaving myself a 35 foot putt which I three jacked for a bogey, costing me
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  4. I agree, they can make a rule that discourages people from attempting that shot but if the ball lands on or near the green it can't be OOB.
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  5. I guess I don't care if it's OOB 'officially' or not. I'd prefer they just put a sign up and a bigger net and note that it's for safety - and anyone selfish and irresponsible enough to try to hit that shot is caught, they'll be escorted off the property or even turned into the law if appropriate. Bad course design, they need to plant some big trees asap and take away the very option.
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  6. Another fun fact: I'm also currently selling it. PM me for more info.
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  7. I would vote for the Cobra Amp Cell. There is great value there and due to the adjustable club lofts etc, it would be a great choice. I may be biased as I still game one and love it. You could go up to the Bio Cell as there may be more of those on the market based on whether you are looking for new or used
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  8. I find it striking that if you watched the tournament on the Golf Channel this morning, or on NBC this afternoon, there is nothing to indicate that what they're showing is on tape delay. The only way I found out was by going to PGATour.com and seeing Rory McIlroy in the lead on the 14th hole, even though on TV he had not even teed off. Not showing it live and not saying it's not live seems kind of fraudulent to me. They should at least post some little sign on the screen that says "recorded earlier."
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  9. Maybe he watch's a lot of Women's tennis?
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  10. 245 yard par 3 straight uphill. You can only see the flag from the tee box. There are fewer pitch marks up there than there have been men on the moon. Nailed it with my 5w. "One small step for..."
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  11. Best shot of the week happened today on my home hole, #13 at Northdale. It was mud ball today and I was hitting my fourth shot from 50 yards with pin in back of uphill slope. I grabbed PW and chipped it. It hit in center high side and rolled, and rolled, and rolled in for a par
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  12. Who knows, maybe I'm missing out somehow, but I golf to golf, and so do those with whom I play. We socialize later, off the course.
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  13. You are rolling your weight onto the outside of your right foot. You need to keep your weight on the inside of the right foot. I think this will keep your head from moving so much, and allow you to get your weight shifted more forward on the downswing. Try keeping your right foot more flat on the ground, with the weight on the inside of the foot. Then, on the down swing, tuck your right elbow into your side as you slide your hips forward so your weight shifts. I see your front foot coming off the ground after the club hits the ball. That tells me you have failed to shift your w
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  14. Yes, it would be nice if your Son could have his own clubs, but it's up to you to know how seriously he takes the game. Went to a prominent local course yesterday, and the scores for the latest High School Invitational were still up on the scoreboard. One kid shot a 67 (applause!), but there were quite a few players who shot well into the 100's! I'd check with the HS golf coach to see if there are clubs available, and have a sit down with my Son to see what he really wanted. No doubt he'll do better with clubs that fit him, but if he doesn't care all that much about the game, you may have
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  15. FWIW, my Ford Fusion hybrid is constantly stopping and starting its motor. It is all unobtrusive, as the start does not feel like a traditional car start where you crank the key. When the car needs more power than it gets from the battery (or if it needs to charge the battery), the engine quietly kicks back in. Hard to say why, but I just feel like it doesn't take a lot of energy to start it. It's almost seamless. I used to doubt whether that made sense to shut down the engine like it does, but the engine does stay off for long enough, that it must make sense. I've gotten 38/39mpg n
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    • Do you have a swing thread going? Maybe you should  create a swing thread with your videos. Go to ‘Members Swings’ and upload your videos from YouTube then post the links.
    • Day 373 - January 16, 2021 Mach 3 stuff to demonstrate, not for me (I’ll do mine tomorrow), then in the few minutes I had between juniors and a group of five adults, hit about 15 balls. Less exaggerated than the previous time(s).
    • Good advice.  Lay a towel a couple of inches behind the ball when you practice.   It will be an eye opener.
    • Oh no...here comes the ‘ he was the greatest ball striker of all time’ talk....
    • Ok so I went out today and played a few holes.  Been videoing my swing and I’m seeing definite improvement.  I’m not flipping anymore and I’m starting to take divots after the ball.  On my good shots now I’m pulling in the ball left.  Any ideas why that would be?  I go to my pro for second lesson on Monday so I will get his input obviously.  Just curious if anyone else has had this issue.
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