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  1. That was a great shot Rory made on the first playoff hole. He made the swing with his left eye closed.
  2. Rory is $10 million richer, though it's not like he needed the money. If Davis Love doesn't choose Ryan Moore as his last captain's pick, the PGA should fire him on the spot. The man put on a clutch putting clinic in the playoff.
  3. Some background information before you vote... I run a weekly game on Saturdays and Sundays with anywhere from 8-12 guys. Handicaps in my group range anywhere from 1 to 16. Expected pace of play at my course is right at 4 hours. Anything more and its frowned upon. We do not get the earliest tee times of 8am, because the course does me a favor by allowing me to have standing tee times without having to call every week. We have 9:00-9:10-9:20 every weekend. This morning we had 7 guys, so I sent off a 3some (me included) and the last 4 guys to follow. On the 3rd hole I noticed that there was a 2some in front of us on 4 tee, and one of the guys took 5 practice swings just to top his driver maybe 4 feet. It was still on the tee box. He reteed and pulled one about 60 yards left. No biggie, golf is hard no matter how good or bad you are. The 2some was not very good, so they were having a hard time keeping up with the 4some in front of them. I texted the assistant pro (close buddy) in the pro shop and he came out and asked the 2some to try and keep pace or let our 3some through. We waited on every shot on 4-5-6 and finally on 7 green we hurried to the 8th tee only for them to look back at us then drive off. The issue was they were waiting for the 4some to get on the green before they would tee off, and then come nowhere close to hitting it 200 yards. On the 9th tee I finally said, "hey guys, do you mind if we play through? We will get through that 4some no problem and you wont see us again" They said sorry, but the 4some is not allowing them to play faster and that they couldnt let us through. At that point I said, you're a 2some, and 2 hours for 9 holes is not on pace. You need to push the guys in front of you so they know to let people through. At the turn the assistant pro let us through, and we played through the 4some on 11 without them missing a beat. Ended up playing in 2 hours and 55 mins, even with the hold up (all three of us shot sub 80 rounds). After the round I thank the assistant pro for allowing us to play through, and mentioned that 2 hours for a 2some was not on pace. He told me that they complained that I was pressuring them to push the group in front of them, and that he was a tennis member who they would like to join as a golf member. The assistant pro said he has been giving one of them lessons, and that 2 hours probably should be their pace. I replied with " I have no problem with anyone shooting 120 on a Sunday morning, golf is golf, but when there is a faster group behind its golf courtesy to let them through" I dont really care what they think, and honestly if they can get around in less than 4 hours Id be glad to have them play in my weekly game. Was I wrong for pushing a group of not very good golfers?
  4. Kevin has a sense of humor...Na...actually he does. I'm glad to see him have a good time with it.
  5. You're right, it's probably about average. But one round under 2 hours where you had to jog to do it doesn't make you a fast player. But at least Na realizes he's slow and seems to try to do something about it. I'd say at least 90% of slow players don't realize that they're actually slow.
  6. It's overcompensation for a general failure of pro golfers to play at a reasonable pace. It was funny and humorous to see Na jogging to his ball, but golfers do not need to run to their ball to finish a round in 4 hours, they need to shorten the time they take to pick a club, consult with their caddie and hit their shot, they need to spend less time reading putts, get rid of all the step in and step outs before addressing the ball, reduce the countless practice swings they take and better utilize the time spent walking to the ball.
  7. On the other hand, 2 hours, 48 minutes on Saturday playing by himself isn't exactly a quick pace.
  8. I think DJ, he's finished Top 10 in 15 our of 22 events compared with Day 10 out of 20 events, both won 3 times, but one of DJ's wins was a Major.
  9. I think that using the pro shop was the correct method for solving the problem. So that part I think you were in the right. I wonder though if you were standing in the fairway hands on hips (you know how you look if you're doing this) ready to hit the instant they got off the green and were not being a little pushy. If you were being pushy, in a non confrontational way, meaning not telling them but doing the little things that everyone knows is pushy. That is not right. So pending the second part of my answer I want a C option where I can say half right, half wrong.
  10. Arnold Palmer's passing (and corresponding in memoriam montage) threw off the planned announcement of the remaining U.S. captain's pick, but it is Ryan Moore, as it should be after today's performance.
  11. When Day is on, he is on! When Spieth is on, he is on! When Johnson is on, he is on! When Rory can actually make putts, he is on!
  12. I posted and made the point of clarification, because I was interested in the topic / his idea. Might want to experiment with it myself. If something seems contradictory in a topic that interests me, I'm generally going to say something. How else am I going to understand it properly? It was unclear from the OP explanation whether it was important to be closing the non-dominant eye or the lead (target side) eye for it to help. I'm guessing you're an angry drunk. .
  13. Better hear Ryan Moore or Chappel. If not...that shit is rigged. #MAGA
  14. I played golf in St Andrews last week with a couple guys who are on the R&A Rule Committee. They said that the re-write is expected to be substantial. The primary goals are to simplify the rules and speed play. They only two items that both of them felt fairly certain to be included were allowing the player to leave the flagstick in when playing a stroke on the green without penalty and allowing the player to drop on the fairway (to avoid divot holes, loose impediments that might cause the ball move if removed and other irregularities). Many other items are being considered but without much consensus yet. The speed play goal strikes me as a bit hypocritical since the rest of the world seems to be heading towards the US handicap posting model which is one of the greatest causes of slow play.
  15. Reading what you did, I'd say no, if I were part of the twosome that was in front of you, maybe. I hate when people push when there's really no place to go. Our starter doesn't send us out until the group in front of us hits the green, that is the pace we try to maintain but obviously it gets a little messed up on Par 3's when you have to wait for them to clear.
  16. Well done by all three in the playoff. And for Coke and Southern to NOT advertise during the playoff. Lastly, is there a way to instantly electrocute bush league spectators who yell "get in the hole" on every shot?
  17. I agree, Moore handled the pressure well. He's a tough gritty guy that I think will respond well to the team mentality.
  18. If they were one shot (or less) behind the group ahead and keeping up with that pace... If I was in that twosome I'd be thinking I'm not holding you up as long as a close ranks on the 18th. I'd also feel that I have no obligation to push the group ahead, that is not part of golf ettiquette nor is it my obligation. That is what the Marshall is for. When you asked to play through I would have let you as I don't like to be pushed and would have been annoyed as I was keeping pace. You shouldn't have called the Marshall on me you should have called the Marshall on the group ahead of me. (What I would have done as that twosome when you almost met us on the tee box at the 200 yard par three, I would have called the pro shop and said, "the foursome ahead is playing slow and we have two groups backed up on the tee box".)
  19. Rory's going to steal this thing, isn't he? Wicked eagle.
  20. If you have the technique and swing speed to hit a 7-iron 220 yards (reasonably high) after playing only 2 months, it seems highly unlikely that you will only hit driver the same distance. Usually there's a gap of ~ 100 yards between the two. Also a 220 7-iron implies the swing speed is ~120-130 so the 3-wood would usually be closer to 280. @IndianaDundee could be on to something with the damaged / cracked driver head. @yanni may want to google earth his range and confirm that the range markers are accurate from where he's hitting. Often times a range places permanent markers relative to a fixed point and the hitting line moves up and back. They expect you to step off the difference. Also it's smarter to quote carry distance with irons vs. total distance. If you are catching it super thin and it's rolling forever, that's not really a 'quality' iron shot for most purposes (though could be for links / high wind).
  21. To OP, your primary focus of all should be to learn to swing on plane first. Speed will come. It will come in boatloads. Consider the analogy of a car speeding in a NASCAR track. You can throttle the car when in the straight section of the track and get max speed but you have to slow down in the turn section, no matter how powerful the engine. Swinging 'on plane' with a proper sequence is like driving the car the straight section - you can maximize leverage and inertia for speed. Leveraging a club for speed until then is like trying to speed up at the turn - you will just go off track or will have to slow down to keep control. Of course swinging on plane is easier said then done. It is as closest to the 'holy grail' of golf you can get. Everybody, even experience players, are always chasing it. But swing even somewhat on plane will do wonders. Impact will dramatically improve too. You are new to the game. It is an exciting time with all kinds of new discoveries of what you can do with a golf club. THIS is the best time to get a camera and work with a good professional - do it NOW!!
  22. I played round 1 of 2 for the final local tournament of the year yesterday. I struggled with my driver the entire day and managed to find only 1 of 14 fairways. It was frustrating, to say the least. On the plus side, I posted a 42 - 45 = 87 and I'm only 4 strokes back heading to the final round this morning. I figure, if I can jump out to a quick start early... I have a chance. I know I need to post something really low... like an 82 or something, to have a realistic opportunity to catch the leader... but I know I can do it on the course we're playing, so... I have my fingers crossed. I'm about to head out in 45 minutes or so to get some practice time in prior to the round. I'll update tomorrow. CY
  23. 9/24 - Cleaned out a friend's Aunt's house. While tossing each of the 60 or so bags of trash on to a pile in the garage, I focused on a centered hip turn and getting weight forward before release.
  24. Hi Nikita, As a woman you are looking for beginners info for men? You want to surprise someone? If so don't buy the set, give him a voucher for shopping at Golfsmith.
  25. Great time! Laughs, good conversation and three new good people that I met. Hacker James is a fun character and his daughter is also. She has good setup form and with more playing and practice she can really improve. She hit a few good long drives, out driving her father from the same tees. Hacker James was lagging very well, but nothing fell for him, but he took it like the golfer that he is. Shindig is a great guy and fun to play with and talk with. His golf game is impressive. Long drives, good short game and putter. He's pretty consistent. Consistently out drove me. Shindig was using Game Golf, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. It didn't seem to bother his game. I got up at 3:00 am, left home around 4, got to the course about 6:30 from Palm Desert. I liked the course. it has a great practice area, broken up into the driving range and different short game areas. The layout of the course was good as well as the fairways and greens. I didn't like some of the sand bunkers with very little sand, but overall it's a good course to play. The employees were friendly as well. I shot 97, 48 on the front, 49 on the back. I putted so badly. I missed so many putts within 5 feet. I drove the ball well, not too many out of the fairway, and they were still playable. I got in the sand and out pretty good most of the time, but I missed one short putt after another, it was killing me or better yet I was killing myself. My lagging was hit and miss as well. When I got home I took five putters to the putting green and selected another putter for my next round. I did hit one of those shots that make you say " Oh yea". It was a 5-wood from the fairway, oh so sweet. Looking forward to the next outing and meeting other Sand Trap members.
  26. @6Aces, in this case I believe the difference is communication. Once player A states his intention, player B is required to wait. If Player A doesn't say anything, its a different matter.
  27. I don't follow the PGA that much, and I don't have an interests in breaking down others' golf swings. Not much of a PGA stat person either. I can say this for JS. If I were at a tournament he was in, he'd be the one I would spend the most time following around.
  28. Silent

    Joost Luiten

    Irony is a b*tch Ah well, family life is (much) more important and I had a blast at Gran Canaria.
  29. Well, they write their family name first but my experience is they actually refer to each other by their 1st name, or 2nd name, I guess. E.g., I had a girlfriend named Kim, In Suk. I called her In Suk. May not be universal but that was my experience.
  30. I was just about to post this. Common misconception. When I really want to put some oomph in my shouts, I close both eyes. I feel I can open my mouth wider that way and really belt it out!
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