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  1. So I am at my local short game practice area. Because I am going to the range afterwards, I have my full bag of clubs which means I also have my Clic Gear Trolley. While focusing on a chip shot with my LW, I hear this commotion behind me. As I turn around, I see my trolley, and bag go flying by. A guy, in a golf cart by himself, has hit my stuff, knocking it about 20'. Not only that, he also ran over my diy shag stick. Being the easy going guy that I am, my first thought was if the guy was alright, and not having some sort of medical episode. He tells me he is fine that he just didn't see my gear. Then he tells me I should be more careful where I park my gear. Still being my easy going self, I ask him not to leave until I check my gear out to make sure nothing broken. That he should have someone look at the new crack in the front of his rented cart. Nope, that crack was already there he tells me and then drives away like nothing ever happened. My trolley and clubs were not harmed, but my diy shag stick was going to need to be worked on, or replaced. I went to the cart barn and gave the guy there the cart number of the culprit, and explained what happen. He said he would go find the guy. There is more to this incident, but it would make this too long of a read. All I will add is, that once found, the guy denied everything. Fortunately I was not alone at this chipping area, so there was a witness. Bottom line is the score. Clic Gear 1, Golf Cart 0. The diy shag stick was just collateral damage.
  2. Finally made it back under 10, at 9.6, after nearly a year out of single digits, including a 3 months layoff forced by an illness. It feels good!
  3. It's true! I have become a non-golfer!....................by my own standards!! LOL Do you remember the ..........."you are a non-golfer, IF....." ......threads? Yes, I started those threads!!! I stopped playing golf in 2016...hanging it up!! I have a golf membership, so I can play every day for the same price all year..... what is up with that? ...quitting. I played Less than 90 rounds in 2016 and already called it quits which is the least golf played in nearly 30 years.... I am living a world of complete insanity. My son is active in another sport and I mostly watch him do his thing....he bowls and is pretty good at it. In his age bracket, he's one of the top kids in the country. He got me started bowling so now I do it too and I bowl in three leagues, watch my kid bowl tourneys on the weekends.....my entire golf life is a mess right now.....LOL We spent a week at nationals last year and he didn't win, but he was right there and he was one of the top finishers. This is why I don't play as much golf..........watching the kid. He bowls in regional tourneys with kids from 4 states every month....competing in the top scratch division against kids 20 and under..........................my son is only 14..and WINS these events. Crazy.........I know................... He has some game....this is his first win against the older kids.... Sadly...I am a non Golfer now...!!!!!!
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    West Denial Virus. Ha ha. Mushroom bisque. Yum. MINE!!! ALL MINE!!! The King - Arnie lives.
  5. I gave it a try on the practice green the same afternoon that I wrote that last post. Two thoughts. It took some focus to let the putter passively stroke through contact, and it required a longer stroke to get the ball to the hole than I am used to. However, when I executed it correctly, I was hitting 30+ foot putts within 2-3 feet from the hole, mostly short, but, I expect there to be a bit of a learning curve with this new approach. I have to say that I'm quite excited about this.
  6. I managed a 9.9... Finally below a 10...barely.
  7. I don't find it curious at all. The Rules of golf are more concerned with competitions, and the day to day results as they affect that competition. As such there is very little flexibility in the procedures which are allowable. For handicap, you are concerned with the last 20 scores, and only 50% of those, so there is more latitude as long as the player uses good judgement in choosing the best procedure, one which leads to a result that is reasonably close to the score that he would most likely have posted had the rules mistake not occurred. An honest mistake resulting in an error of a stroke or two on a couple of rounds is unlikely to have much effect on one's handicap. Of course, this assumes that the player is making an honest attempt to follow the rules as he knows them, and to make good estimates when the procedural choices come up. If sandbagging becomes a concern, then the handicap committee has the authority and the tools available to address that. Anyone who deliberately abuses the handicap system is just as likely to abuse the rules when playing the rounds he is posting, so I don't see how that is even relevant. Far more players are likely to fudge the procedure in the direction of vanity anyway, unless they are deliberately posting for sandbagging purposes. Then all bets are off and it wouldn't make a particle of difference what the manual says.
  8. Down to an all-time low of 10.2. I need one more set of 9 to meet my New Years resolution of being a single digit
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    I practiced for about two and a half hours today. After an early rut where my swing felt profoundly off, which I was able to fix within a few minutes, I began to hit my irons fairly well. I wouldn't say that I was consistent but I am working on it. When hitting my Hybrid I began to hit a chronic hook which I was largely unable to correct today. The positive news is that the swing was generally as good as my swing has ever been. I like where my grip is, I was keeping my right arm inside, keeping my right leg firm, keeping my left arm fairly straight, rotating well with good clubhead speed and rolling my weight over to my left side through the ball. I was still hooking the ball, but that is very good news I think for a lifelong slicer. I have taken a few critical steps towards being a better player. Overall, I think that I am on the right track. Yes, I am a Dolphins fan. They unfortunately have some serious problems as a team right now.
  10. @TryingtoPlay In simple terms, the ball starts where the face is pointing and curves away from the path.
  11. Isn't this thread politically motivated by it's subject and OP? The post has nothing to do with the architecture or playability of Trump courses. It is asking if anyone would play a Trump course because of the candidacy and the political environment.
  12. I fail to see how the first two things you quoted warranted a response/reprimand while a comment about performing an "upper decker" in the facilities of a Trump course got nothing. Unless I missed it.
  13. Oh, hit driver all day! I do. Absolutely. Accuracy wise driver may be my worst club but as long is trouble is at least 245-255 out, I will hit it till my arms fall off. Not the point of my post. I just don't agree that a driver is easier to put in the play compared to a 2-iron especially if he hits 3I and puts it in play all day. Maybe that's not what you are saying but that's how I am reading into your post. The 5-8 degrees of extra loft counts for something. Now, THAT would be insane.. lol.. Yupp, a premium on accuracy is an individual thing though. To each their own. For some, it might be EVERYTIME they stand on a tee. Long term, no arguing that we all must find a way to put driver in play as the loss of distance is too much of a cost to give up for good. You don't have to convince ME. You would have to pry my driver out of my dead hands.
  14. Brian W

    NHL 2016-17

    Who are you referencing? The guy that took us to the 3rd round last year?
  15. billchao

    NHL 2016-17

    Tortorella is grossly over-rated as a coach IMO. I'm not really sure why he keeps getting coaching jobs other than being a "known commodity."
  16. I have never been one to want to have to call a penalty on someone. I don't know how many times I have seen someone reach in their pocket or get another ball out of their bag and not say a word. When that happens, I will always ask them "Are you going to play a provisional ball?" If they say yes, I tell them to announce it.
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