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  1. It looks like he may be playing reverse- left instead of right- handed? Note the glove on the left hand, and low.
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  2. This weekend I taught one-day college seminar called Golf As Fundraising. A dozen undergrads and master's students got introduced to how to organize and carry out a benefit golf tournament that hopefully would make money, not lose money. For guest speakers, I had the head teaching pro from my home course, the general manager of a 36-hole private club, a realtor who is the area scramble guru, and one of our part-time instructors who runs a major chamber scramble. And, I even got corporate sponsors to cover our morning bagels and lunch sandwich buffet. Among things the guest
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  3. I've always been a fan. He has more demons than most, but when he wants to play, he's damn good and fun to watch. And he was Tin Cup before there was Tin Cup.
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  4. I've played in a handful of scrambles and they have all been company charitable events facilitated by a business. The business I work for does one each year. We "invite" our big partners and customers and vendors etc. Everyone pays green fees of about $150 including myself and all employees of the business. The green fees in excess of what the course charges us goes to a charity (Fresh Start Surgical Gifts in our case). We have things like buy mulligans for $5 each, pay a long drive champ to take your tee shot, pay to tee off with an air compressor bazooka etc. People drink and go a
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  5. As many others have said, I always pick it up. I know that if it were mine I would want and honest person to pick it up and either drop it off at the clubhouse or if I walk back from it to just hand it back. I'd rather do that than assume the person is going to go back for it, only to have it picked up by a dishonest person before then who doesn't return it. Especially with a vokey, I'm sure a lot of basshats out there would bag it without returning it.
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  6. This is exactly what I do. I just don't get why people don't at least turn it in to a Marshall or the pro shop.
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  7. I always pick it up and return it at the end of the round. I'm surprised some people don't.
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  8. I do pick it up and I almost always get a "I'm always leaving a club" story. The law of averages are against these people who leave clubs on the course regularly. Eventually you will hit a finders keepers guy or in your case, a few I don't want to waste time or mess around with someone else's club guy.
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  9. I'd pick it up and check with the group in front if anyone has dropped a club. I wouldnt say what the club was as las thing i would want is to say " have you dropped a Vokey wedge" and some random to say yes just 'cos they want a Vokey. If they say "yes, ive dropped a Vokey 52deg" and can confirm its the club i have then fair enough. If there is no group in front i'd finish my round then hand it in at the pro shop.
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  10. I agree with that. I will always pick it up and try to notify the group in front of us that I found a club. Of course, I try to wait until an opportune moment, like when we catch up to them on the next tee. They're always very grateful.
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  11. Course I used to play had a hole with a creek that ran along side the fairway for a bit. On of my buddies, a notorious ball hawk, would always pull out his retriever as we started we started walking. He pulled a ball out once that had "Lessons? and a phone # printed on it.
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  12. Yep. Usually run in to the owner, then usually have to wait for them to get out of the way.
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  13. I once left a Hogan Edge 7 iron with Avon Chamois Grip, graphite shaft at Palm Springs Muni. I went back to pro shop, never turned up. Several years later, I saw a similar club on Ebay. It may or may not have been the same. I eventually replaced it with a similar one except the one I bought had a different flex shaft.
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  14. If I find a club, I pick it up. At least half the time I eventually run into the owner working his way back to look for it. Failing that, I turn it into the clubhouse.
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  15. I have turned lost clubs into course offices before. Seemed like the right thing to do to help reunite the club with the correct owner.
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  16. Here is a good post in this thread, relates to lower body (hips) in your case. Also there is a good thread for a drill on weight transfer or weight forward which @mvmac posted. I somewhat recall the drill is to use very slow motion movements, with timing being a key element of proper positions. I'll post it once I locate it. Still try to post better videos, better light conditions. A shadow of a body is bad.
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  17. My freebie won't be until July 2017. That would not deter me however, but I believe I will be playing Arrowood. Waiting to hear from my daughter. Have fun!
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  18. I was caught up watching history last night, but I still think the show isn't as bad as many of you seem to believe. Then again, I do about two or three other things while watching TV, so maybe I just don't see how bad it is. As sometimes interesting background noise it seems fine.
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  19. Now Then Almost better across the board. Yes I am much better than I was last year.
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    • I've had between a half dozen and a dozen rounds at my home course this year;  part of that is I moved an hour away in 2019 and hadn't really explored the area.  I'll probably maintain club membership there because I like the group, and I'll look for one around my new home too. I say that because in those 6+ rounds, I've yet to par holes 7, 9, or 12;  I have yet to make a birdie at the course either.  Best-ball score at the course so far in 2021:  74. Earlier today, I played my third round at a course that might become my new home course, or at least my most commonly played course starting soon.  It's the second-closest (not including super expensive or private courses) to my house, an easy drive, and well within my price range.  After three rounds, I have a composite score there of 74, with two birdies in there. On one hand, the new course is easier (lower CR/SR) and a bit shorter, but on the other hand, that's interesting.
    • No new birdies tonight however closed out my league 9 with back to back birdies at 8 and 9. Lipped out the birdie at 7 I thought was in. Didn’t hit a GIR until 7.... took advantage of them tho. Took me a bit to get going after 2 weeks away from golf.
    • That's not a good plan, IMO. Where's your Member Swing topic? I don't see one.
    • Missed my league night on vacation in Virginia Beach last week. Hadn’t played in 2 weeks. Decided to go early and do extra short game work prior to my tee time. I expected to be a little bit off and need my short game. It paid off. I didn’t hit the ball well at all but managed to post a solid score. Right out of the gate I pulled a 9 iron left at 1. Ball on heavy rough, with a green sloping away. Chipped to one foot to save par. Bogey at 2 missed a short save. At 3 I got up and down again. Caught a flyer at 4 and missed a little deep. Made bogey. Up and down at 5. Bogey at 6. Then got hot. Stuck a wedge to 8 feet at 7 and lipped out the putt. Wedge to 6 feet at 8 made birdie. Stuck another wedge to 5 feet at 9 for birdie. Closing birdie birdie got me to +1 for the side. -2 net. Not bad considering I only hit 3 greens in regulation. 13 putts for the side is good for the score card.
    • Just an aside.  Bumped into an old friend on the practice green on Saturday.  Told him I was playing at 9:20 on Monday and that he was welcome to join me.  I let him know I'd be using a power cart because of a torn meniscus. Overnight I start thinking about the guy... a conspiracy theorist, crypto currency guy, etc., etc.  Though he did sell Mercedes' at a dealership once.  How mainstream is that? He shows up Monday morning.  I hop in the cart, clubs strapped in.  In short order Jeff straps on his clubs and hops in.  I say, "Jeff, gotta ask you a difficult and potentially rude question... are you vaccinated?"  "Hell no!"  So I told him I'd pay for a 2nd cart for him.  He was good with that and understood.  Great round... had a lot of fun.  But at 6 feet.
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