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  1. What could she possibly have against the salsa? that stuff's fantastic
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  2. PUTTING PROBABILITIES Distance (feet) One-putt % Two-putt Three-putt + Expected putts 1' 100% 0% 0% 1.001 3' 96% 4% 0% 1.046 5' 76% 24% 0% 1.245 7' 56% 43% 0% 1.440 10' 38% 61% 1% 1.625 12' 31% 68% 1
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  3. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/why-we-should-do-away-with-bunker-rakes It would certainly make the tours more interesting.
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  4. Yes, you have to post every day (see Post #1 for details).
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  5. Im shooting in the mid 80's on a good day. Breaking 80 is my next goal and im focused on it for sure. The 2017 goals thread opens in a day or two and im gonna document my commitment so to speak. Look forward to seeing what everybody is shooting for. 79 for me and PAR for you, haha. Lets make it happen !!
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  6. Thanks! I've shot in the 70s a few times this year and they all seem to just happen and everything just clicks. I've also shot a 91 this year. Most of my issue come from how well I drive that day. I've been horrible at extending my arms and rolling the wrists and usually stay tucked and slice the ball or just smother it and pull it. I only get to play 2 times a month now so I had a lot of reflection and watch a lot of videos and took a few practice swings throughout my off time and it helped. I was able to shape it a bit both ways which was great too. And my 71 is really jus
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  7. a great drill to check hip turn is to put an alignment stick/shaft thru loops in trousers for your belt either side of and across the belt buckle..does that make sense? when you take a practice swing it gives a great visual indication of how far you are/arent actually turning..It also gives a hint to whether you are tilting/dipping in the swing as well,certainly helped me a few years back,when my hips turn well everything is better! good luck
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  8. Check. Check. (trimmed the tree, too) Check. And check. (Wipes hands on pants, tosses rakes and shovels into cart.) Not if they don't get raked at all. (Okay, maybe the evening wind will smooth it out a little.)
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  9. The problem with not raking the bunkers is the first players out get the best playing conditions.Those who go out in the afternoon get the worst conditions. The biggest problem I have with bunkers is when they are so deep it is hard to get into the bunker to hit the shot and then it is very difficult to get back out of them. Those us who are in our Golden Years and have bad knees, hips and backs find it very hard to navigate this type of bunker and it seems most of the new courses bring built are like this on many courses.
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  10. Impressive !! especially on a new course, way to go. 71 is just a dream to me, thats awesome. When you go back a second time and are more familiar i bet Par is in the bag. Good luck and nice round !
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  11. Played at a new course today. Tee boxes and fairways not in the best condition but I'm guessing that's because of the season and how late it is here in Indiana (36 degrees today) but the greens were real nice! shot a 71 (par 68) which is my best score relative to par ever. Drove the ball well, irons were really good for the most part and I putt well. I'll def play here again. Great course to practice in. Dog legs left and rights for the tee shots. I flirted w shooting par but really have it away at the end.
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  13. Great topic. Overall I would say YouTube is fantastic as a knowledge base for information on the golf swing. The issue is that it is not organized. I mean that it is like a puzzle, a big one, and not only is it hard to solve just as a puzzle all by itself but also the pieces are all over your house. In different rooms and some of the pieces are not for your puzzle. So now you walk back to your puzzle thinking you have found "the piece" only to realize it's for another puzzle. So you get frustrated and go searching for more. And on and on. At least that is how I have found it. I do k
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  14. Was 34° when I got to the course and warmed up to a toasty 37° but the time I finished walking 18 today. When I called the resort they told me the course was closed. I asked them why, and was told the golf carts and flags had all been put away for the winter. Told them I was walking and didn't care about the pins, so they let me play. It's rifle season (deer) up here right now and was concerned about all the overzealous yahoos in the state land surrounding the course, so I wore some blaze orange. By about the 12th hole, I started wondering if a stray bullet would be less painful than the
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  15. Thats another reason I keep failing to quit golf. Its my coping mechanism and many have actually said I suck a lot more without golf, then I do with it. That and Im hoping to have lots of memories playing golf with my little boy as he grows. And since I dont fish or hunt, not real sure what else we could do together as he gets older. Thanks for your post. It was helpful and insightful. Sorry your work life is killing you. I can totally relate. Hope it gets better for both of us soon.
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    • My mother is recovering from ovarian cancer and she’s has other immune issues. She was wearing a mask out long before COVID-19.
    • Why do I picture these two from your post? Uncle Buck.
    • I guess when I wrote this would you rather I didn't realize how actually depressing either option would be. I was just thinking and wondering if my best golf was in front of me or behind me? It's the kinda shit you wonder about when you are a man of a certain age. Anyhow, I thought it was a tough question. Because I do truly feel like I'm getting better at golf. I also feel like going forward I'm going to play a lot more golf. Having written that, I no longer get to play with my dad and those are some memories I really cherish. I've had two holes in one, but to be honest those aren't in my top 10 golf memories. Don't get me wrong it's really f-ing cool to hit a hole in one. But for me its more about the people I've played with than the golf itself.  If I had to pick I think I'd take all of the memories I have. But again, it's a tough choice. If my old man's health was better I'd take memories going forward, because I'm always optimistic that the next shot or next round or next season could be the greatest one ever. 
    • Day 491: Started off with Covid-19 practice plan flow drills. Flow is something I start to leave out of my full swing motion when I start focusing on other elements, so I try to do some recentering/flow work every full swing session. Next moved on Covid-19 day-2 drill for shoulder turn/pitch. Then rehearsed a bunch of exaggerated shoulder turns with a club. Then did this exaggerated shoulder turn/backswing while hitting 9-3 chippy 7-irons. Finally took out my Mevo and hit full swing 7-irons without feeling the exaggeration, but used Mevo to make sure swing speed stayed below 85 mph, and track launch angle.
    • Chambers is still requiring players to park at the practice facility and walk up to the first tee. At least the grill and other facilities remain open even if Pierce County went back to phase 2.
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