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  1. It all depends on what works, and what feels good enough to give you confidence. At the 2016 PGA show, I got to interview Vokey marketing director Jeremy Stone. He recommended going through fittings to see what works best. Also, he said that Bob Vokey suggests going with the shafts you have in your irons, and softstepping the shafts in your SW and LW (the wedges you're less likely to hit full shots with). What you get with Wedge flex varies from OEM to OEM. For most, this means a Dynamic Gold S200 or S300 shaft. Several editions of Nike wedges had the S400 as stock "Wedge flex." Cleveland developed the TRAction (Tour Reflex Action) Wedge flex shaft for its CG series. The shaft had a flexible tip for more spin on partial shots, but a stiffer butt to keep the ball lower. The later emerging Spinner Flex - with flex point at midshaft - produced similar dynamics. With your excellent HDCP, you probably want to go with a shaft that brings the ball in a bit lower so it doesn't balloon on you - especially with a 60* LW. Being you already like KBS, I would suggest you consider their five wedge-specific shafts. Let us know what happens.
  2. I played golf for a long time, but laid off for about 10 years before taking it up again about 3 years ago at the age of 60. About 2 months ago, I finally started some lessons. Indoor lessons. First lesson, my teacher tells me I need more shoulder tilt. He video'd me, drew lines across my shoulders. "Look, here's you, and here's Dustin Johnson. Notice how tilted his shoulders are? You need to do that." So I go to the range, and it works like a charm. More power, straighter, higher shots. Great. I am exuberant. I want to tell the world I've discovered the secret to ball striking: shoulder tilt. Next lesson. The next thing you need to do is flatten the club at the top of the back swing so it comes down on plane and more inside-out. Shows me how to do it. I've seen it before. Like Sergio Garcia, maybe not as extreme as that. So I go to the range, and try it. I hit one fat shot after another. Totally humiliated and depressed. Why am I hitting the ball fat? I feel like I can't go to my next lesson until I figure this out. So I do a little internet research, and find that one of the prime reasons for fat shots is not getting the weight shifted correctly and not getting my hips open. So I go back to my instructor and tell him my story. My impact position looks like my address position. Even I know this is all wrong. How can I get my weight shifted and my hips open? He watches me swing, and tells me my problem is, I bump my hips way too far forward, and this causes my spine to bend away from the target in a big reverse C to the point where I'm bound to hit the ball fat. This actually makes perfect sense. He tells me, don't bump so far. Bump less, rotate more. So I go to the range, and begin another totally depressing and unproductive hour of striking the turf. Finally, I try narrowing my stance. This enables me to get my weight shifted and my hips open. My ball striking is stellar. I want to tell the world I've discovered the secret to ball striking: narrow your stance. I even start a thread: "Problem Solved: Narrow Your Stance..." I go the the range again. Can't hit a thing. My stance is narrow, I seem to be getting my weight shifted, but I just cannot make solid contact. Finally, I video a swing or two with my iphone. Guess what? I'm not tilting my shoulders. So I tilt my shoulders, and things get a little better. Finally, I try tilting my shoulders with a flatter back swing. It works. I'm hitting the ball great. I want to tell the world I've discovered the secret to ball striking: tilt your shoulders and take a flatter back swing. But what did that have to do with narrowing my stance, getting my weight shifted and my hips open? There's a whole thread below here about how I solved my problem by narrowing my stance. This has nothing to do with any of that. It didn't matter how narrow my stance was, or whether I got my hips open, or whether I got any lag. All I had to do was take a flat backswing with good shoulder tilt. But what about next time? This is the thing about my golf game. I got it, I got it, I don't got it. Think of a drunken outfielder circling a fly ball. One day, I'm finally on my way to breaking 80 for sure. The next day, I fall on my face. Where did it go? This game is such a tease.
  3. 110? My worst round of the entire year may have been about that. Don't make it sound worse that it actually is. To my perspective 10 strokes, the difference between a 95 and a 105, is significant.
  4. Wow, lucky me. I have been selected by Warrior Golf to be the very first to try out their new drivers risk free, but I only have ten days to respond, or the offer will go to the next golfer in line. I guess I better hurry, huh?
  5. Greetings everyone, HELP NEEDED! I'm usually not one to purchase a complete set of clubs together, but I found this set of Callaways on amazon. Would you guys mind checkin them out and tell me if you think its a good deal. Keep in my I would be buying them for a 10 handicap. Thanks! http://amzn.to/2iqWBb9
  6. Ok Beef is officially the coolest guy on tour.
  7. /my ability to ever sleep again
  8. Harvey Penick said a good instructor can fix in one (1) hour what it would take you 6 months to figure out on your own. Or he said something very similar to that...
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    Yep. I've only been to a couple of others, they are usually part of a shopping mall, one was in an office building with your lawyers and insurance agents, which actually was the nicest one w/a ~55 inch flatscreen right in front of you so you can just look straight on to check out feel ain't real for both angles. I was lucky and got a deal, $500 for 6 months. It's 3 visits a week, each a 1/2 hour, but if it's not busy, you can stay longer, which I've done but I don't overstay my welcome. If you do 3x a week, let's say 3.5 months of winter, that's ~50 sessions, ~ $10 session. Simulators can cost around $50/hour, so if you go frequently, that's a good chunk of change you save. I suspect I will be going even when it's warm, so will be paying less for the outdoor range. A big bonus is when you travel, odds are there's one nearby if you're going to metropolitan areas and they have clubs so you even might be able to leave your clubs at home. It's going to be a "step down" when I video myself with just one camera next year.
  10. I'm in! Hopefully I'll remember to do my line-up, even with the reminders!
  11. Nice to see folks still going strong here. I've fallen off the posting bandwagon but am still practicing daily. Even during a recent trip out of town to see the in-laws, still got mirror work in each day. Just wanted to stop in and offer my encouragement to all you practice warriors out there. I've been following the 5S's and practicing daily for about 6 months now and the difference is clear. Noticeable and lasting improvement in my swing, game, and attitude. There's still a lot I know I need to work out and tons of questions/thoughts rattling around in my head, but finding this site and committing to the recommended practice regiment is the best thing I've ever done for my golf game.
  12. Even though I'm still learning, I absolutely agree with you. There is a right way to do things; that's probably the most unpopular opinion of all. Trying to ingrain those correct mechanics i.e., make them second-nature, or "feels", is a commitment.
  13. This is so true at so many levels. Never have I had more faith in the power of good mechanics than now. It is all about mechanics and I consider 'feels' absolutely as a part of mechanics now. Golf is a 'system'. None other than Arnold Palmer has said it (I read it in the AP special Golf Digest). Playing golf with singular instincts is possible and many blessed folks do it well for some time but I think makes it too vulnerable to insecurities and nervousness that you speak of which are inherent to all activities human. The more mature your system, less the variance caused by our fears, etc. Mental game is NOT about trying to control fears or adrenaline. Heck I am going to say that in trying to do that is usually down right counterproductive. So, to me mental game is simply about being present and being faithful to your 'system' at all times, specifically priorities. I believe I have always been poor in sticking to one 'system' in favor of intellectual experimentation. Working hard to develop a 'mental game' to stick to my system. In my case it is mostly a healthy dose of humility for now.
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    A while back they had a deal where you donate $20 to a worthy cause and get a swing evaluation free. I jumped on the offer to see what Golftec was all about. I was impressed, the dual video was enlightening. The high pressure sales pitch, not so much. I could see improving with their system but for the cost, I purchased a yearly membership at a local club.
  15. I guess I talk too much golf around the house. My wife informed me she got on the website on the right time and day and got an order to go through. I think I'll keep her. Looking forward to trying the Costco ball out.
  16. I just won $10M in the Nigerian lottery (just need to wire a few bucks today and then I'll be able to collect), so I can afford much better than Warrior golf clubs.
  17. I just got invited to a free dinner for my wife and I at a really expensive restaurant by some folks who do time-shares! We are both lucky guys!
  18. Thanks for the responses, everybody. One thing golf has taught me is that I am sort of a "true believer" for want of a better term. I find something that helps me hit the ball, and I want to tell everyone about it. If I turn my left foot outward a few degrees, and all of a sudden I start hitting the ball better, I want to tell all my friends they need to turn their left foot outward a few degrees. It'll solve all their problems! And I have to fight the urge to tell everyone on the driving range the same thing. And I have to fight the urge to start a thread and tell everyone on this message board. Having trouble with your swing? I know the answer! Relax your hands! Turn your left foot outward! Keep your head behind the ball! Keep your right elbow in! Relax! Tilt your shoulders! Take a flatter back swing! Shorten your back swing! Get your hands on top of the club! Get some lag! Clear your head! Whatever little discovery I make, I think, That's it! I'm there! I know it all now! Right now, it's Lessons! Lessons are the answer! Everyone get lessons! Next week, who knows.
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    I've been going to Golftec, and my experience has been pretty good. I didn't buy the practice package, so I don't have any idea how much that would cost. I got a set of Ping irons fitted, and they charge the same price for the irons that you would pay in a golf store. Plus they throw in the fitting for free. I also signed up for 10 lessons. So far, I've taken 5, and my instructor is, in my opinion, very good. That would probably vary by instructor, though. The cost of the lessons seems kind of high, but I figure for the same price I can hit 100 buckets of balls instead and not make any significant progress. Plus, the quality of the instruction seems so much more important than the cost of the lessons. No one should shop for lessons based on price. Really, if anyone is concerned about the cost of lessons, I would say, figure up how many buckets of balls you have hit on the range, and how much that cost, and whether that really helped you, and then figure up how much you spent on clubs, and did that really help you as much as lessons from a good instructor would help you. Just figure the cost-benefit of those lessons vs all the other ways you waste money on your golf game. Sorry, I've gone off course here with my little rant. People need to get lessons. Yes, they are good salesmen. They have a nice formula for hooking you in, and they're good at up-selling, but I'm glad they did.
  20. Wrong has nothing to do with it. You need to balance: your goals - if on the line between GI and SGI, how much will you work on your game the next year? your capabilities - get clubs for the swing you have, not the swing you want. What is your HDCP? If your swingspeed with a driver is 80 MPH, probably not a good idea to order a TaylorMade M1 8.5* driver with a ProjX Hazrdus Yellow 65 shaft, X flex tipped 1". At the Golfworks school, the instructor pointed out that some pros have won tournaments with UltraGame Improvement irons: Colin Montgomerie won with original Big Berthas, and Rocco Mediate with X22 irons. (Note: I imagine C and R used more robust shafts than the stock offerings on these Callaway irons). Get what you need for performance, not what you want for showmanship. The Rolling Stones address this spiritual truth:
  21. Simple. Specific. Slow & Short. Success. You are focusing too much on success. It probably took me 6 months to get my hips open at impact without thinking about it.
  22. I'm 65 and was away from golf got back in with then away again and now back in. I played a lot with late 70's/early 80's clubs. if you can find a Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, etc. and try a few different ones, even used, before you buy, it will really help. A lot of these places have monitors so you can see the numbers. I spent a few months narrowing down the potential candidates. I'm not a Dick's fan because they have a limited selection. Also sales pitches are just that. I play a light senior shaft and it is working well for me. I also have a bum shoulder so your mileage may vary. But if you can control a softer lighter shaft it most likely will be beneficial going forward. John
  23. Dropped them off at the Thames Hospice charity shop today :)
  24. I was hanging out in the golf section at our local Academy sporting goods while my wife finished up some Christmas shopping a couple days ago. They had the nike rzn black and platinum on clearance for $20. You may be able to stock up on some pretty cheap while you figure out what ball to play next.
  25. Well a teaching pro isn't a playing pro. That's no different than me beating a pro basketball coach in 1 on 1.
  26. Then read it again? Neither of those are facts, but you state them as if they are. Sure they could. And I'd take your even money bet every day of the week and laugh all the way to the bank. Further proof you didn't read (or understand, anyway) what I wrote. Typical.
  27. Good point - there's another important difference between golf and skiing: Learning to ski is fun. Sure, you're going to fall a lot, but you're moving downhill, and you're going to see continual progress (each successive attempt is generally better than the last). I don't think there was any point in learning to snowboard that I thought I'd give up. Learning to golf f--king sucks. It's like trying to kill a fly with a yoyo. Frustrating as hell, and unless you get that sense of "Damn, I'm going to really enjoy this eventually" (which, fortunately, I did), the urge to give up is pretty darn strong.
  28. Just spent about 20 mins doing the line drill in the sand. I cant believe how difficult it is to make 5 perfect swings in row !! Its tough for me anyway. Getting better though, I couldnt do 3 in a row just a short time ago. Have any of you tried this drill. Weight transfer and a forward swing bottom is the goal. You know instantly if you missed. @Mico My practicing in the bathroom days are over, haha. A round of golf is considered practice im sure bud. 5-mins wont be too much trouble bud, you're almost there. Hit Em Good this week !!!
  29. The rest are stupid and shouldn't even exist. Matter of fact, they should all be paying taxes to the true mascot king, Mr. Metropolitan.
  30. For courses with really large greens... Bogey golfer or not, if it's 30 to the middle and 40 to the back ping I'm definately going to play my 40 yard shot. And if it's 30 to the pin and 40 to the middle, I'm definately playing my 30 yard shot. Aiming for the middle in those situations just doesn't make sense unless there is trouple to avoid.
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    • Day 11: played 9 holes at my home course.  The last 2 pars for my par challenge continue to elude me.  Also took some swings in the backyard working on posture.
    • Day 247 Worked on the same thing as yesterday. A bunch of really slow 9-3 swings, turning hips/shoulders through impact, keeping right arm from rolling too much over left arm. Left hip is sore, so definitely bringing new muscles into the swing. 
    • Just purchased a set of Ping i3+ from a wonderful seller on eBay who kept them in Bristol new-like condition. I played Ping Eye2s for many years until the airline lost my golf bag a decade ago and have since bounced around 4 of the other major club manufactures (don’t want to share anything negative about them on the Forum). None of the other irons have given me the same pleasant feel of the old Ping Eye2s. Any feedback on your experience playing the i3+ would be great. 
    • So, is Mike Malaska correct, incorrect, or only speaking about part of the picture (over simplifying) as regards swing speed? Thanks.
    • I went out a few years ago When I was playing my Ping Eye2 irons and took a few balata Titleists.  I wanted to see if ball and club tech went hand in hand to see the improvements. i had been using the eye2 irons but with prov1 balls.  I wondered why I hit them shorter than I did with balata.  I hit them side by side and off the eye2 irons balata was longer, spun  more and had a lower launch angle and ball flight.  Also angle of decent was good.   The pro v1 spun less, launched too high, had an overall higher flight and a steep decent angle.  It all added up to lost distance.     Now the prov1 with a modern iron like my Ping ie-1 irons was much better than a balata with these irons.  Gotta keep your ball and club tech together.

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