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  1. I bet he'll start out strong, but wind up designing about two or three fewer than Jack Nicklaus.
  2. We had a great day at Silver Rock today with @Big C. It wasn't great golf, but it was great weather, a really good golf course, and a great time to reconnect with a Newport Cup friend. The weather looks just a bit iffy for Thursday and Friday with @tristanhilton85, @mvmac, and @Golfingdad, but we'll be hoping for the best.
  3. I think the far more glaring error in the tweet is the FACT that the dog is not surfing, but paddle boarding. Geez, can't the PGA Tour tweeter even get that right!
  4. Eh, they're probably right. But, just like the dog surfing, I still have a lot of fun regardless.
  5. Found a heated driving range here in WI (Vitense Golf Range) that was so dang well-heated that the girlfriend was hitting from the mat barefoot, and I put my winter hat back on just to shield my head from the intensity of the heat. They run a $14 special of a bucket that normally costs $10, paired with a hot dog, fries, and a beer (Lagunitas!). And there was a flatscreen with the NFL game (Packers, duh) at every stall. If this is what golf is like in the mid-west, I can get used to this! That said, before we went out to the range, we managed to book a weekend trip down to Florida for warm-weather golf in two weeks. Having a girlfriend who loves golf and has a half million airline points from work travel definitely qualifies as a keeper!
  6. Aggregate score vs. score relative to par. Kapalua is a par-73 course, so it takes twelve more strokes to shoot par for four rounds compared to a par-70 course such as Waialae. 73•4=292; 292-31=261 70•4=280; 280-27=253 Thomas took eight fewer strokes to reach 27-under than Els did to reach 31-under.
  7. 1 point
    This past weekend, I won tickets to the Diamond Resorts International charity golf tournament. It is a celebrity/pro competition here in Orlando to benefit Florida Children's Hospital. It's an interesting event with competitors from the LPGA and PGA (senior tours) along with celebrities. Some of the the celebs were really good, while others (Larry The Cable Guy) were not. My son and I followed Larry for a while on Saturday and he made pars and bogeys. The wheels apparently came off on the back (front) nine. He certainly was entertaining though and a crowd favorite. Other celebrities included Alfonso Ribiero (Carlton from The Fresh Prince, Dancing With the Stars, and currently America's Funniest Videos), Blair o'Neil (TGC), Marcus Allen, Ray Allen (NBA), Jeremy Roenick (still looks mean as hell), and many others. You can see the full list of participants here. One of the things that made this tournament interesting was to see LPGA stars playing the same course and tees as PGA players and amateurs. I stood on the tee of #12 while some of the big hitters like Lexi Thompson and John Daly teed off. I've witnessed Dustin Johnson and other PGA pros unload on par 5s too, and I can definitely say there is a difference. It's also different to see how a pro plays a hole vs. the celebrity. I saw several of the better celebs hit into the 15th green with close shots, but they were past the hole leaving a downhill slider. Nobody made it. Compare that to the wile old pro Ian Woosnam who played one to short of the green and bumped it uphill to a foot past and tapped in. One of the pros landed the ball on right side of the hole where it kicked left and trickled right over to the hole and made the birdie. I think you can do this when you have better control over where your ball goes. It was a fun event that I hope to return to next year. I am actually entered for an opportunity to play in this next year. I'm not holding my breath, but how cool would it be to share my experience between the ropes. Who knows. Maybe I can Git R Done with Larry.
  8. Uh, every golf broadcast I've ever watched showed caddies hunting down and "replacing" divots. Those will last until the fairways are mowed for the next day's play, when they will be displaced by the mowers. That's when the grounds crew comes out and fills divots with a mixture of sand, fertilizer, and grass seed. What are the caddies supposed to do? Tote the bags and a 50lb sack of seed mix?
  9. No I was not! That's what the guy told me... Oh well, he was much better than I was, absolutely no reason to cheat.. but whatever, he only lied to himself.
  10. Yeah, haven't picked up a club in 6 months probably just came down with the golf fever.. I'm loosing it. Feeling better now though, man what a stupid thing to get riled up about lol.. but hey, if they can have a pr intern or whatever put a tweet on PGA tour account, surely it can't be surprising that Eyad's alternate ego ca get a post or two in on his tst account? wait, am I talking about myself in the 3rd person now?
  11. As with a lot of things in golf, buying used isn't a bad idea here. There's a lot of preowned rangefinders on Ebay in great shape for around $100.
  12. 1/16 - the 6.5 month streak comes to an end. I'm deathly I'll (at least in my opinion) and have only left the bed to go to the bathroom and/or let the dog out a few times. I won't be doing anything today. ***i was thinking that after a couple of months we should accrue a sick day or so that won't count against us
  13. What a great place for golf. My list has got to be: 1. Old Course, St .Andrews 2. Turnberry, Ailsa Course 3. Royal County Down
  14. I would question every one of those points, they don't make sense to me taken at face value. I'd start asking "why" a lot during your lessons. I get a lot more out of a lesson and buy into the drills/changes much more if I know why.
  15. No. Decision 13-4/0.5 applies... Ball In Hazard 13-4/0.5 Meaning of “Test the Condition of the Hazard” in Rule 13-4a Q. What is meant by “test the condition of the hazard” in Rule 13-4a? A. The term covers all actions by which the player could gain more information about the hazard than could be gained from taking his stance for the stroke to be made, bearing in mind that a certain amount of digging in with the feet in the sand or soil is permitted when taking the stance for a stroke. Examples of actions that would not constitute testing the condition of the hazard include the following: • digging in with the feet for a stance, including for a practice swing, anywhere in the hazard or in a similar hazard; • placing an object, such as clubs or a rake, in the hazard;
  16. I am sure that your pro is trying to come up with the best solution for your game. However, you need to know when to flip the switch from technique to performance mode. If you get too caught up in the technique that you are learning from your lessons, you might actually play worse than before.
  17. Alone in first place. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. Justin Thomas is my new BFF.
  18. Mother Nature is providing some Winter Happiness again this week.... Potentially 5-6 days this week with temps above 50* and possibly a balmy 60*ish day or two...
  19. That is kind of funny... mid 50's and cold. In New England those two thoughts don't belong in the same sentence. Funny how things change 1500 miles away. Being a snowbird is awesome. NE for spring, summer and fall and down to FL for the winter. It was a lot of fun for 10 years. Sometimes I wish I didn't sell the house in FL. I hope it all works out for you and you get to go back North for a few weeks here and there and enjoy the cooler weather. That would be funny. I picture a big AC unit hanging out the bag. No where to put the clubs. I am sure someone would figure it out and make it look cool. I remember the first time I saw a cart cover and the propane heater. Those guys were die hards and knew what they were doing.
  20. Kittyhawk, Eagle Course Dayton OH 53-46-99 As marginal as it gets weather wise, but it was my first chance to swing a golf club in two or three weeks (I can't actually remember). It was about 35 degrees, but the floor was ok and there was no real wind. The front nine looked like Day One stuff. Absolutely terrible with the big clubs. Drowned three before the turn. Picked up a bit on the back, birdied No. 17 with a 40-foot putt and was pleased to keep it under triples. Played this one by the book, so you gotta keep expectations reasonable at this time of year.
  21. So now you are going to have bad dreams about an inflatable snowman chasing you around the golf course John!
  22. I dunno. I thought it was kinda funny. Definitely not gonna get hung up on it.
  23. @SunkTheBirdie thank you very much for your comments. I really appreciated the time you spent for me. Your long comment deserves a adequate reply: I am sure there is much more staffs to improve respect to what I see in the video above; I just started to work on the ones I "felt" more important. Regarding your comments: (1) I agree, I overswing when the ball is on the ground, I'd prefer the arms would stop earlier. However, if you look at my video with no ball (07 Jan 2017) you'll notice I don't. Hence I suppose my overswing is more the result of something else; why this difference, any guess? (2) is there any typical amount? I checked some pro videos and it seems that my lead hip actually slide more respect them. I just try to move my weight to the left and then rotate on a firm left side but maybe I should think of rotating more from the top?! (3) Yep, I also think it seems a bit extreme. I suppose that is coming from the wall drill (still trying to ingrain). Usually I tend to extend that leg in the BS (to facilitate my hips rotation) but avoid locking it. Here I'm just trying not to slide the right hip backward (which I mange to). I think my right leg should extend as much as possible without locking. Thanks @JonMA1 for the link I already read it once (before your suggestion) and I'm going to read it again. SunkTB what do think about Jon's link? you seems to be in contradiction with it: SunkTB would please finish the sentence? (4) What do you exactly mean with "connected"? Do you mean avoid moving the arms up in the BS? As far as I know, it means: lead arm more linked to the chest at the top and during the DS (more of a one-plane-swing concept). In a connected swing, the lead arm is dragged by chest rotation during the DS (feeling pressure at PP4), with less downward movement of the arms. Crossing my chest, my lead arm should always be in front of me (am I wrong?). Do you refer to my right arm getting behind me? Concerning the hips too ahead, I think this is similar to point (2) above. DW swings are already posted above , had a look? Would you suggest the same to Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson? wow, they look pretty impressive to me. I notated that a longer BS takes me to definitely longer shots but it's more difficult to coordinate/timing (I feel like I need to wait more at the top before starting the DS in order not to slide/hook). I tried shorter BS, they are easier, I agree. Sometimes they take me to thin it. Lots to study here. I'm reading all the posts already written in this site but it takes some time; I will revert back to you asap. for the time being, my personal opinion is that I stop rotate my lead shoulder during (or just before) impact loosing PP4 too soon; if it would keep its rotation, the upward movement should keep the the clubhead lagging. Looking at my videos, it seems to me that the impact is not so bad (lead arm and shaft almost straight) but just after my left wrist cup and I don't like that. My impression is that I just have to let the right wrist rolling over the left better.. but really, I do feel I need a better understanding here. Wow, I'am gonna try it but timing seems not easy at all. Would you suggest starting the DS with this in mind? Finally, May I ask which level of play are you? I'd love seeing a video of you trying the left foot pushing move Cheers
  24. I might be wrong, but forearm tension, will also cause excessive tension in the wrists, and most likely too much grip pressure. Too much grip pressure can also cause too much wrist, and forearm tension. So, my first question to a person with excessive forearm tension would be how strong are you holding on to the club? If the grip is suspect, try relaxing it, and see if the excessive forearm tension relaxes too.
  25. First welcome! Great iron swing for 7 months! I won't comment on your particular steepness (backswing) or shallowness (downswing), but in general, that's quite a good combination to have. You definitely don't want to be shallow going back and steep going down. I'll just point you to this thread in case it helps. You seem to be trying to use a hip bump to shallow the club, but there are many possible ways to do it. An instructor would know the best one that suits your current swing, but reading through this thread might help you get some background on going from a steep backswing to a shallower downswing:
  26. Went back to the range today with video to see how I was doing on my downswing piece; I'm glad that I did... ...since I'm completely screwing it up. Looks decent there, and the impact position is OK, but it's not as good as it was up in Erie: Even worse, when working on the "pump/stab" drill, I was not getting the backswing pieces right (generally bad on the hand depth, and some weird stuff going on at the top): This had me coming way over the top (and mixing in some other weirdnesses), demonstrated at A5: The good news is that I was able to see all of this going on as I worked by reviewing the video; the bad news is I struggled to correct it. I need to make sure the "pumps" include my previous work to keep the club behind my hands, and I need to keep working on the backswing stuff until I can do it even while working on my downswing piece. I'm going to work on that stuff at home, and then hopefully get back out to the range soon to try again. One fun note: my driving range puts up seasonal inflatables (turkey for Thanksgiving, etc.), and they had a snowman set up today on the 150-yard green, perfectly on my aiming line for the bay that I ended up at. On one of my shots, I hit him directly in the face. Hilarious.
  27. The AP1 have lower loft because they launch higher. Don't be confused by that. The loft is just a number. The more important number is launch angle My review for the site is below. That being said, I would go with the AP2 at your handicap and most likely age. I am older and opted to play the AP1 last year vs. my 714 AP2 because I was losing distance. https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/titleist_716_ap1_review
  28. Golf message boards, though, are another matter.
  29. I found this: it is archery netting and is what you need http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cimarron-Sports-Archery-Practice-Netting-Baffle-12x10-Golf-Net-CM-ArchNetP-NEW-/201657186078?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  30. Group lessons are fine for beginners, but for anything other than that it's almost not worth the money - to do a good job your work your ass off with decent to good players, and for those players, they're not getting their money's worth even if they're paying a fraction of what they'd normally pay. Let's say an hour with a guy is $100. Normally for a group of two the pro might charge $130 or something. For five, he'd have to get closer to $200 and NONE of those people are getting $40 worth of instruction if they're intermediate to advanced golfers. Skiing is several orders of magnitude different than golf. There's only really one "method" or way to ski. What can be efficient is a "supervised practice" session. For $10 or $20 (above the cost of balls) if a pro can get 5-10 students out there practicing for an hour under his eye, and jumping in to say "yeah, you're doing that drill properly" or "no, here, a bit more like this…" then that can be worth it to the pro and the students. The pro still works his butt off (not as much as the group instructional stuff, but a bit more so than during his $100 lesson), but the students aren't paying a bunch and they're not expecting a lesson, simply reinforcement of what they had previously learned in a lesson.
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    • Day 347 Did rehearsal backswing practice in patio door mirror. Then did some tempo drills with 7-iron hitting balls at about what felt like 75% speed. 
    • Day 2 Week 5 Worked on 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 irons. Focus on that 3/4 swing and correct grip.  Finished up the session with my Driver 
    • I play local sports podcasts on a Bluetooth speaker in my cart, but only when playing by myself (which I usually do) or with my family for whom I know it doesn’t bother.
    • Weird Science, bogey. This movie is just dumb, and only nostalgia keeps this from being a double or worse. Additionally, the fact that it's like 80 minutes helps. At least it's over quickly.
    • I enjoy posting these and going back through the thread and reading my old thoughts on my round. Also happy I was able to play today even though the temperature was around 42 degrees. The theme of my round was greens. More specifically missed greens. Front wasn’t awful. Hit 5 greens. Hit a SW to tap in range at 9 for a birdie and played the front at +3. I did miss at the 3rd with a gap wedge. Missed at 6 with a 9 iron. Back 9 was a mess. I hit one green. My really bad misses were at 10 with a gap wedge, 12 with a U wedge, 14 and 16 both with SW in hand and to compete the side I dunked a 9 iron in the drink at 18. All I had to do was par the 18th to stay under 80. And I made double for 81. Actually drove the ball well. Funny I shot 2 under a few weeks ago while hitting 3 fairways all day. Today I hit 7 fairways and couldn’t break 80. Hope this isn’t my last round for the year. Like to end on a better day.

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