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    • Day 289 Same thing as yesterday, but with an 8-iron, and no superspeed or driver swings    
    • Been stuck on two to go for a while, ticked one off the other day, just the opening hole to go. Haven’t even come close to birdieing it for ages. Green is twenty metres or so above an undulating fairway , falls away back & sides and is always hard. Even though we’ve just left winter Ive never known it to be soft, just drains away, and difficult to stop on.
    • The Callaway Edge at Costco might be seasonal.  Doesn't look like ours has them.
    • Day 61 I played 36 holes today at 2 different courses. Both rounds consisted a solid Front 9 with the Back 9 going south on me
    • Well, first you said that it had been discussed that he put on 40 pounds but that it wasn't lean mass.  I replied that I never said the 40 pounds was lean mass.  You then surmised that I had difficulty believing that he had put on 40 pounds naturally wherein I answered that I never said it didn't look like he put on 40 pounds and based on what I see from before and after that of the 40 pounds in relation to the ratio of muscle to fat, what I feel is likely he can put on naturally isn't how I see that being distributed on his frame. So, if your overall conclusion is that I'm skeptical that the muscle he's added (which is not all 40 pounds) was done naturally and if I'm skeptical of an organization turning a blind eye in a situation which they may feel it's more beneficial for them to do - then yes to both.  That said, I'm not convinced of either of those things because I don't know the details of the PGA's anti-doping policy, how quickly substances a person may use in this type of situation stays in a body, and the fact that because Bryson is an outlier when it comes to natural and physical ability (which all PGA players I'd presume have to be) then he could also be an outlier in his ability to grow muscle at a quicker rate than most of us.

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