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    • Ah...well...the LPGA players may have some issues with the greens no? Pin placements? I think it’d be fine and I’d like to watch it.
    • No, I'm saying it's exactly like my 9i but with more loft. There are no wedge-like elements to it at all and calling it a "wedge" is a bit of a misnomer IMO.
    • Thank you for the Hyperlink. I will go sit in the recliner tonight and do some reading.  Retired Old Man  
    • Golf's New Rules: Major Changes New Rule: “Maximum Score” is a new, additional form of stroke play: A player’s score for each hole is capped at a maximum set by the Committee, which may be fixed (such as 6, 8, 10, etc.), related to par (such as two times par or triple bogey), or related to the player’s handicap (such as net double bogey). A player who does not complete a hole (often referred to informally as “picking up”) is not disqualified, but simply gets the maximum score for the hole. Reasons for Change: The need to hole out on every hole in stroke play can have at least two downsides: (1) it often leads to a slow pace of play, and (2) it may discourage golfers who feel they no longer have a realistic chance to compete or to make a good score for the round once they get a very high score on one or two holes. Maximum Score is an alternative form of play that addresses both concerns, by allowing a player to “pick up” when he or she scores at or above the maximum and by capping the player’s score for any hole at the maximum. The Maximum Score form of play is unlikely to be used for elite play, but it may be useful in many other contexts, such as for play by beginners or golfers who are less skilled or experienced and, more generally, for club level and day-to-day play when pace of play is a particular concern.
    • I think I finally reached a milestone in my game. Over the last month or two I am playing noticeably better and with more confidence. For the last two years I have been playing and practicing as often as possible, including taking lessons.  Between tweaking my swing and trying to find long clubs I could hit the ball consistently with I seemed to be making little or no progress. All of a sudden I am hitting the ball more consistently and recording lower scores. I know that’s how it works in most things - grind until “the light comes on”. But it’s nice to know I wasn’t just wasting my time. Very encouraging, and I am enjoying the game more now.

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