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    • I don't know what's going on here. your club face is laying WIDE open on the red line, when it should be about 70° closed to that (green line). I'd spend a long time looking at your grip and figuring out just what in the heck is going on here. It's going to be nearly impossible to play good golf from that position. Yes, and this drill teaches each person — hopefully — what they might need to feel, as well as introduces some people who have never felt palmar flexion to feel and see that.
    • This article is dangerous in propagating misinformation. Seems like they are misinterpreting what the term "herd immunity" actually means.  It does NOT mean those without immunity are protected simply because a majority of the herd has immunity. It ("herd immunity")) simply means the rate of transmission is significantly reduced because those with immunity fights off any infection and does NOT transmit the virus.  Therefore, the ones without immunity is less likely to get infected as the virus transmission is significantly reduced. The term has nothing to do with having "protection".  It refers to a reduction of transmission.
    • As with any word, the more it gets used and becomes accepted, it will/is a correct word.  There is no set rule, IMHO, as to whether a particular word is proper or not.  All language changes overtime.
    • Check out these 8 photos that go inside Augusta’s exclusive clubhouse Take a tour of the simple white clapboard clubhouse that has become one of the most iconic structures in... Great pics!
    • Day 5 – Delivering the Clubhead As golfers, we’re aware of the fact that we hit the ball with the clubhead. This can cause problems, however, if the hands become overly active and we end up throwing the clubhead, our hands, or our arms at the ball, instead of using our body — our core — to help deliver the clubhead to the ball. Today’s drill is a simple one, but it’s one that can help you feel a better impact position and fix: flipping the clubhead at the ball. hands rolling over quickly in the early follow-through. your chest and hips remaining too square to the ball through impact. loss of speed and power by the core/hips stalling out. The drills for today include: 1:00 – Review yesterday’s lesson to ensure you’re in a good place at A6. 5:00 – Swing to A6, make a small “pump” move, hit the ball with a good pivot forward, and slam on the brakes. Check your positioning. Video:

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