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    • When I say "know where it's going", I mean within a 40 yard window. Unless you are playing very difficult courses, then you should be able to stay away from OB and hazards with that. And if a high-cap is playing those difficult courses, that might be why they struggle. You are absolutely right on the ball speed thing, but generally speaking swing speed is a decent indicator of distance.  I agree with most of what you said otherwise also, but I think if I was making inconsistent contact to the point of it costing 2 strokes a couple of times a round, I would dial it back. Whether it's from 120 to 110 or 100 to 90mph swing speeds, slowing the head down should make it easier to get consistent contact.
    • You can order Oakley with clear prescription lenses as well.  I’ve got Oakley Prizm sunglasses with the Turbine frames (prescription, but without bifocal lenses). For clear lenses for golf, I use an inexpensive pair I ordered online from Zenni. (Also non-bifocal. I stepped up to the first tee today without switching from my bifocals. Took me about 10 seconds to figure out why things didn’t look right.)
    • 7 birdies today, six repeats and checked off the 11th hole.  
    • 68, 7 birdies, one bogey and one double. 
    • Thing is, I've had the same experience with multiple (4+) Clicgears. I'm not knocking it as a quality unit, it's just that I feel it's clunky and heavy compared to Sun Mountain Speeds. Subjective, but to me very significant. Loooool

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