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    • Day 6 complete. I’m a cheap bastard, so I used pennies instead of dimes. It was very easy to tell between thin and good chips (I tend to thin chips more than chunk them). Definitely a drill I will continue to do.
    • Day 1.  As per Erik's suggestion after my day-4 video of me attempting the COVID-19 drill, I spent some time looking at my grip.  I went back to the basics:  @mvmac made a great thread for this (it's available under instructional content) and he also gave me a video tutorial almost six years ago which helped immediately -- at the time and several times since then.  Sure enough, the problems he was describing in that video appear to be manifesting again, so I spent quite some time trying to get the grip to be done the way he describes.  I then tried Erik's COVID-19 drill, day 4 again.  The club looked to me to be better -- not quite where it should be, but better than it was.  Sadly, I didn't get video (I need to charge my camera), but I'll do this again tomorrow and hopefully it demonstrates some improvement.  Then I'll continue on the COVID plans. 
    • For chipping, stance barely wider sure, more hand/arm movement back. Swing the arms.
    • Just some notes on what I can improve.  Wider Stance, Ball more forward, Shorter Backswing, Head looking at ball longer
    • Question 1: I usually do. 90% of the time. Yeah, the 51° usually is around 120 yards but I tended to pull full wedges from inside 120 I don’t so much since I’ve shortened my swing. Question 2: No. But off the tee. I fade the 2 iron and I can work the 3-iron both ways off the tee. I struggle with the draw with the 2-iron. The 3-wood I hit off the tee on about 4 holes a round, the 1st, the 6th, the 13th and 15th.

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