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    • Those bent tools like you have in your picture are IMO terrible for fixing ball marks correctly and encourage the "pop-up" thing that most people do. The tines are way too close together for me. The Pitch-Fix tool is very nice for a good fast repair. I also repair a lot of improperly "repaired" marks. Thanks for mentioning this issue.
    • Whitemarsh Valley CC outside of Philly. George Thomas design, 1908. PGA Tour event from 1963-80. Every great player from Harry Vardon to Jack Nicklaus has played in competition there. Twenty years ago I would have given it no more than a 3. It was neglected, had shrinking greens, bad bunkering and way too many trees that were planted 50-60 years ago. But an ongoing reclamation project over the last ten years has lifted it to a 7, some would argue 7.5. The Philly area has a lot of great golf courses and Whitemarsh is back to being one of them. Right around the corner is Philadelphia Cricket Club, whose Wissahickon course is a solid 8, but Whitemarsh is very close on the scale, IMO, and much more accessible. 
    • I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but, you description, sounds like you are going about things quite well and have a good game plan. While proper fitting (for you) equipment can make a difference, IMO... Good technique is more important. 
    • I am aware of that.  He still does not need to be playing in the sand with his club or bad things can happen.
    • Lol...yeah...well that’s why I threw in the apology with the unnecessary mention of the weather.🤭

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