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    • Faster players, like myself, @billchao and @David in FL don’t ridicule players just because they’re slower. I think you’re assuming fast players expect everyone to be as fast or faster. We’re talking about an acceptable pace. I’m fine if I’m on pace for a 4:15 round. I’m not gonna get worked up if a group in front of me is on an acceptable pace for that day as long as it’s reasonable for the current conditions. I don’t think most fast players are basing acceptable pace on whether or not someone is as fast as they are. 
    • I have played in a fivesome there with Nathan's blessing.  But we were fast... Matt Cowell, Shane Clarke, Sam Reier... you probably know them.
    • Definitely better than last year. Comparison from 2018-2019 2018: Scoring in mid-high 40s for nine holes from white tees, 200-yard drives, up-and-down about 10% of the time 2019: Scoring in low-mid 40s for nine holes from white tees, 230-yard drives, up-bad down about 40% of the time.  I imagine that this time next year, I’ll be breaking 40 in at least a third of my rounds, and getting up-and-down at least two-thirds of the time.
    • Whenever I hear of 5-somes I think of the guys that play first thing in the AM at North Bellingham.  Not a soul can catch those guys.  Their key is that they don't really putt. They pick up and move on.
    • You should send your post to the ownership of the golf course.  Send an email to the head person at Foothills Park & Recreation District and cc the mayor.

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