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  1. I think the smartest thing for them to do is just go play and don't worry about a score. Play for the enjoyment of the game and with their buddies. Getting out and forgetting problems at home or at work and just enjoy a beautiful day at a park like course and get some exercise.
  2. "Oooh, look at the whimsical and careless way my hair flows in the breeze!! Pass me my Pantene ProV1x, wench!"
  3. I agree. The whole "Ooh, look at me and all my hair, I don't have to wear a hat to protect my bald head from sunburn and skin cancer, neener neener." Yeah, eff those guys!
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    A recent topic addressed the idea of modifying golf in an attempt to make the game more enjoyable. There’s nothing new to the idea of simplifying or modifying rules in games. Rules are changed in Monopoly and Scrabble. Poker can become a completely different game by making various cards wild. When playing pickup games of football or basketball, our rules were nothing like those of official high school, NCAA, or the pro ranks. Even these levels of the same game have variance in the rules. So it’s not that weird for the rules to change for casual golf or a practice round. Even golf leagues break the rules of golf to make the play faster, easier and more enjoyable in an attempt to get more to participate. In these circumstances, golf is whatever those playing together can agree upon…. or not. I’ve been criticized for not taking an illegal drop on the green side of a hazard, for not repositioning the ball to get a better lie, and for not taking a mulligan or breakfast ball. “You’re just making the game harder than it has to be” I’ve been told. Modifying the rules for casual golf is not an issue. But some want to actually amend the rule book because they feel some rules are just too hard. My favorite example… “I couldn't find the ball even though I saw it stay in the fairway from the tee box. I shouldn't have to suffer a stroke and distance penalty”. Again, it’s fine to take a drop in a casual game. I’ll do it all day long on a busy course. But that one act automatically turns an official round into a practice round. The rules of golf and the handicap system are standards. Choose to play by the rules and you know exactly where you stand compared to others who do the same. Use the handicap system and it not only gives a poor player a fair chance to beat a better one, it also forces the better player to bring his or her best game to the competition. What other sport does that? Then there’s what constitutes a regulation course and the variations that exist from one course design to another. In addition, each course offers more variation in differing sets of tees. The best part about this system is that the difficulty of each is accounted for. I don’t fully understand the rating system, but it seems relatively logical, even if a bit convoluted. Playing from 6500 yards is more difficult than playing from 5800. The change in the rating and slope of each set of tees reflects that. More importantly, each players may find either option more enjoyable than the other on a given day. The rules, handicap system and course rating system are pretty damned good as is. What’s even better is that no one is sticking a gun to my head making me follow the rules or keep score. If anything, more pressure is applied to break the rules in favor of faster play. I find it ironic that I tend to play more by the rules when playing a solo round, considering I can’t apply those rounds to an official handicap index. While specific rule-breaking during a practice round may hone some skills, scoring lower as a result does not make me a better player. For me, leaving the flag in on short putts makes that part of the game easier. It’s psychological more than anything else, but I stopped doing it on all but the busiest days. Why? Because I want to get better at that skill in the event I start playing official competitions. The same goes with abiding by any of the rules. I hope to get to the point where this desire to improve starts to subside a little. I want to have more days where my enjoyment on the course is less dependent on the score. But I’m not there yet. I still want to get considerably better. To me, the only way that happens is to include rounds where I play 100% by the rules and from a set of tees or a course rating that challenges the limits of my distance and ability.
  5. I haven't heard any of the talking heads on TV mention it yet (I'm guessing someone has that I missed) but with Federer's Aussie open win today, the leading men's major count in both golf and tennis now stands at 18 (Nicklaus and Federer) and the second place count in both sports is 14 (Woods and Sampras/Nadal). And Federer's 18th major today has a lot of parallels with Jack's 86' Masters with both coming ~5 years after their previous major and at a point where most had written them off to win another. Anyways, I'm not pointing this out to start a GOAT discussion or anything (that poor horse has been beat silly), but just thought it's a pretty crazy coincidence for anyone that might care.
  6. Lihu

    My Swing (Lihu)

    Played a round yesterday with both my kids. Perfect weather beautiful mountain backdrop. We all struck the ball pretty decently, but our short games were awful. My daughter hit her shot of the day on the last hole and got her par on a long par 5. My son couldn't hit driver, but made quite a few nice tee shots. He's getting even longer off the tee. If he could hit his driver, he'd be being questioned or grilled on this site. I played a round with my oldest nephew today since he had a little time off from college, and both of us had a blast. On the last hole he pitches to within 2 feet and expected to take the hole, then I made my putt from off the fringe from something like 65 feet away on a high breaking putt. We left the flagstick in this time (I had one fringe putt go in and out today. If the stick were there for sure it would have stayed in "so I say"), and it plunked against the middle of the stick to match the hole and round. We tied up on 9 holes. My son joined us on the last hole, and the two of them gave me high fives for that putt! Cool beans. This is the real reason I practiced so hard and worked to play this game to my current level. To play fun rounds with my kids and nephews...
  7. How is it unfair, if everyone has the same pin? Difficult? Sure. Nothing wrong with a difficult pin on 18 on Sunday on the Pga Tour...
  8. No doubt! That's going to make the year-end highlight reel, for sure. I hope he wins (no I don't . . . but only because he's not in my fantasy roster, lol).
  9. Nope. Yup. Hopefully. But I don't have high hopes.
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    I think everything from a practice round to a casual round with mulligans to a competitive tournament is still "golf", even if you pick up without chipping or putting. What you are talking about (to me) is what makes a real score. That would only include rounds played in accordance with the RoG. It is interesting that golf is different from other sports...there are no "rules of baseball" or "rules of soccer". Each league has its own, and there are commonalities, but no single set of rules.
  11. If getting married didn't cause a problem last time, I can't see a reason that a simple move (are they ever simple?) should be an issue this time.
  12. I think he will regret in when he starts to either get a skin cancer scare or loss of hair.
  13. You're one of the few people near enough to me that I'll offer to help you with this if you can make the trip out to here. It's about 4 hours from me to Detroit, if that helps anything.
  14. Ah yes...stalking golf balls in the wild. They tend to congregate in brier patches...or at the bottom of steep grades.
  15. If it's a parallel shaft, you buy it in the DG X100 and follow the trimming instructions. All raw DG X100 shafts are 41 inches long. The fitter has to tip trim for iron #, and then butt trim to length after insert into hosel. The Trim Instructions contain these details. (Note the cautions.)
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    After returning home I made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who specialized in hand and wrist treatment. He did an x-ray to rule out the possibility of any broken bones in the hand or near the wrist. The x-ray showed that there were no bone problems in the wrist. The doctor thought I likely had some kind of tendon problem near the wrist. He really did not know or maybe want to say what at that time. He thought I should first try to immobilize the wrist and put it in a custom splint for about a month. I was asked to check back with him a couple weeks after taking the splint off. He originally thought I would be back playing golf very quickly. This was one of those situations however, where you just kind of know the outcome may be different based on what your body is telling you. I had a sense that this was not going to be a simple rest and recover fix. After taking the splint off, it still did not feel right. I would continue to have the popping near the wrist with various movements. It was not particularly enjoyable, and the wrist was in a constant state of irritation. I decided I was not going to make it any worse by trying to swing a golf club at that time. I also started to notice that the tendon on the outside of the wrist near the Ulna bone would often visibly appear to pull away from the bone itself and stick out. I started to figure out which type of wrist movement was bothersome to the injury. The two main movements that bothered the area were Supination and Ulnar Deviation. Two movements that are also very much used in the golf swing. After doing some more research I started to get a sense for what might be wrong with the wrist. The problem was somewhat rare, both as a sports injury and in general. I made another appointment with the specialist to try and see if he would give me the actual diagnosis and confirm my thoughts on what the injury was. I started to become very worried about whether or not I would play golf again that year.
  17. OFF THE TEE For tee shots, we currently get: Club performance data (length of driver) Fairway accuracy Under Insights/Strokes Gained, we get the total strokes gained for Off The Tee, plus a Smart Tip improvement for Off the Tee The visual chart of where the tee shots land. Shows length of each, typical, the long, the short, and how many go left/right. That's more than we got for putting, but I think there could be more impact on where we stand. Some extra ideas they might throw at us: How often does a player lose strokes to OB (stroke and distance) or to hitting in a hazard/unplayable and drop farther up the course? Currently, there's no penalty data. It's nice to see the impact of hitting the fairway in a chart like this. People I've spent time with looking at their stats always appreciate knowing how much their poor drives are costing them (this person below cut their chances in half of hitting the green or getting near the green): APPROACHES For approaches, we currently get: Club performance data (length of driver) GIR percent Under Insights/Strokes Gained, we get the total strokes gained for Approaches plus a Smart Tip improvement for Approaches The visual chart of where the approaches land. Shows the percent inside 15yds, left/right, long/short. You can pick the range, lie, club, round, etc. But it's mostly visual. Some extra stuff perhaps: Give us some real data like this (I've found people like to know the results in these terms. How often on the green, how often near the green) They could more easily give us green hit and near green hit percentages by range. People love seeing the actual numbers, but this can sorta be seen by the their visual chart with the "fake" <15yd green, if you toggle through the distances. No reason they couldn't give us proximity data by range and lie: No reason they couldn't give us our average hole-out averages by range (in fact, crazy but they could build out our own personal chart for hole-out values for ranges, if we played enough rounds). For example, bogey golfers tend to be shocked when they learn that they take over 3.5 strokes on average from just 60-120 yds, but you get ZERO sense of that when you look at the GG reports: SHORT GAME For short game, we currently get: Scrambling percent Under Insights/Strokes Gained, we get the total strokes gained for Short Game plus a Smart Tip improvement for Short Game The visual chart of "Approach the Green" includes inside 100yds, but there is no separate category. Shows the percent inside 15yds, left/right, long/short. You can pick the range, lie, club, round, etc. But it's mostly visual. They could break down short game into way more detail (as LSW does, using inside 20yds and 20-60yds, plus bunker shots): They could show us our average proximity from each of these short game ranges, as well as up and down percentage and average hole-out values from each range. Show us how many opportunities we get from each, of course. OVERALL On the LSW site, there's a chart to analyze each opportunity you got from each category of shot. I think you could start with that basic chart. GAME GOLF could fill in each opportunity you got for the round, and give you a "score" for each shot- as GAME GOLF can tell how well you did on each, compared to other shots from that range for your skill level. They could basically take a crack at it, anyway, and give you their assessment in that same format. I know I'd love to see a review of my round, pre-filled for me, based on how well they think I did for each. Perhaps allow us to make corrections and save it off? Then across multiple rounds, let us slice and dice those analysis sheets so that we can assess multiple rounds and see which areas we ranked the lowest. It's own little self-assessment area. It might be complicated to some (and perhaps duplicate their strokes gained feature), but for those who just want to simply look at every opportunity we have, grade ourselves on those opportunities, categorize them by skill-- we can each see for ourselves how well we are doing by skill using our own baseline (not strokes gained). Plus see how many opportunities we get for each skill. GAME GOLF today, doesn't give you a sense of how many opportunities we get for each skill level. That's the main hole I'm trying to fill on this suggestion. So the main idea is to summarize for us how often we have good/average/poor results for a certain skill, but summarize for us how many opportunities per round for that skill we get. That big picture view helps us figure out where to practice, as opposed to the minutia that I feel that GAME GOLF currently spits out at us. While visually cool for many of the charts, it misses the big picture (imho).
  18. Hmmm... Kind of like others I know.....
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    • Day 320 Superspeed workout, then some mirror work on takeaway/backswing, and finally hit some balls with 7-iron. Hit the ball well today. Still searching for a good feel/thought to take on course for backswing piece. Current one is okay, but I think I can come up with something better. 
    • Update - I sent an email to Arccos support about my Caddie Link order, again, and received this prompt reply (in part): "... We did begin fulfilling pre-orders at the end of September and then the first week of October our manufacturer informed us that due to COVID they are unable to acquire the needed materials to complete further devices for the next couple of weeks so shipments have halted for the time being. Shipments of the devices will commence the first week of November. We greatly apologize for this delay and issue and once they send yours out we will be sure to send you tracking and status updates."  
    • Hi all, I was fit into both the Mizuno JPX 921 SEL irons (which is a combo set of 6-GW Mizuno JPX 921 tours and then 4-5 JPX 921 Forged) and the Taylormade P770 irons.  I hit both pretty well, and thought the Mizunos had a slightly better feel but the Taylormades went slightly further.  Both had good spin rates and descent angles, although the Miznuo was slightly better on those factors for me.  I feel pretty torn between the two, I like them both a lot looks wise.  My fitter said it was a really close and tough call but that at the end of the day he would probably suggest the Mizunos for me because they're cheaper to get customer shafts and grips with, the lie can be bent more, the higher center of gravity helps a small amount with my miss (a hook), and they will last me longer as I continue bringing my handicap down.  On the other hand, the P770s are a touch more forgiving and go a little further, so it's a tough call for me. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts between the two or advice or perhaps would just like to share which they would pick in my shoes. Thank you.
    • No clue. Here is some images of the drawers.  

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