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  1. Not really a song, but I probably ought to have air-raid sirens. That way anyone around can duck and cover.
  2. Just saw your post on dividing up practice time iacas. Your explanation and reasoning is really well thought out with solid statistics to back you up. I completely agree with your assessment and for once there is nothing to debate! Ha! I didn't read all 32 pages of this thread, so I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but last year a guy named Peter Sanders wrote an article where he compared a scratch amateur to a PGA Tour pro to see how much difference there is in different areas (driving, approach shots, short game and putting). The article starts off with the overall difference in scoring…a PGA Tour pro has a scoring average 2.25 strokes better than a scratch amateur, but Tour pros also play courses that are 3.2 strokes more difficult, so the difference is 5.45 shots which was rounded to 5.5. The breakdown looks like this: Tour pros are 4 shots better than a scratch player in driving and approach shots, and 1.5 shots better for short game and putting. This supports the 65/20/15 concept as well. It might be hard to change the perception that has been preached for so many years, but I am a believer.
  3. 1. The first major surprise was all of the merchandise we were given, golf bag, shoes, clothes, balls, etc. The second, and even more surprising thing, was the final score. Who could have guessed we'd end up tied? 2. I like all of the formats, really. Foursomes (alternate) is maybe the more stressful, and the hardest to get into a rhythm, but its still fun. I'll agree with most of the others, I probably enjoyed the team matches a little more than the individual match. 3. There were no pushovers on either team, everyone was a strong player, but @Club Rat may be the toughest of the tough from the red team. 4. We tied, how much better can handicapping work? Getting or giving strokes doesn't matter all that much when the range is so tight. Either way can get into your head if you let it ("I get a stroke here, I better win this one" or "I better play extra-hard here, I'm giving a stroke"), you just have to put it out of your mind. 5. I think I'm a reasonably fast player, but @kpaulhus was definitely faster than me. 6. I'm sure there were drives around the 300 yard range, I'm sure @kpaulhus had one or two. I know I was in the shorter-driver group, along with @Club Rat, with solid shots carrying 230 or so. 7. There was very little drinking going on, and none until the matches were over each day. Both @Club Rat and I had a couple of beers most evenings, but that's about all that I really noticed. If I had to guess, I'd say the @kpaulhus could put both of us away if he had a mind to.
  4. I understand the Euro Tour is going to start using walk up music . .starting today in Dubai. What would your walk up song be? Mine would be "Spanky" by The Gourds The part I would use starts at 43 seconds in . .and I'd get them to record it clean for me . .I'm sure they would being local boys as they are . . You boys need a spankin I'm the one that'll do 'er You boys need a spankin I'm the one that'll do 'er
  5. Just a couple quick thoughts on @bkuehn1952's questions. - There were no real surprises for me. And, I might add, that's a good thing! My only real expectations were to meet some great guys who loved golf as much as I do, and have a blast competing with them. The trip certainly did not disappoint. I already knew @Golfingdad pretty well, but was glad to make 12 new friends - all of whom I would gladly tee it up with again. In particular, I spent several rounds competing against, and sharing a ride from the airport to our house with @GolfLug, who is just as nice in person as he is online. Interestingly, once I got past the butterflies and fear of putting my partner in a terrible spot, I really enjoyed alternate shot/foursomes. It was probably my favorite format and one that I wish I had the chance to play more often. In terms of competition, it was clear that everyone was a straight shooter with their handicaps because there no pushovers in the group. Meaning that anyone could make life miserable for their opponent in their own way. @SavvySwede buried me on the back 9 of our singles match with a 5 hole/2 under stretch. With his distance advantage, @saevel25 was never out of a hole. And @jamo made more long back-breaking putts in our opening fourball match than I care to recall. But in terms of grinders: guys you wouldn't want to play if you had a large sum of money on the line? @mchepp and @DaveP043 were both maddeningly consistent. I played two rounds with Dave and one with Mike - and while my memory might be fading a bit, I don't remember either of them hitting a single really lousy shot. Drinking was mostly contained to house afterwards. But if I had to guess, I'd put my money on @Clubrat to down those cold "barley pops" with the best of them.
  6. If I am playing with my wife and/or grandkids, we typically play some sort of team game like a 3 or 4-person scramble or two 2-person scrambles. I don't want anyone to have to play behind us while they all take 5-10 shots each. If we can't keep up with the group in front, we will just pickup and move forward or allow the faster group through. No matter how slow a group may be, no one should ever hit into another group intentionally. If I thought someone was doing that to me, I would call the clubhouse. If the course won't address the issue, then they are going to give us a refund or lose our business.
  7. 1. Few things, not greatly surprising but certainly wasn't expecting: Erik and Mike hooking us with the sponsors and the sponsors hooking us up with ALL of our play gear except clubs. I had packed all kinds of blue shirts, shorts and shoes for the three days. Dang. I use the PING bag with my name and The Sand Trap embroidered on it till day. How evenly the teams were matched. The tied final score was only about a 5% accident, IMO. I had expected the blue team to have a distinct advantage which did manifest in the first two days but then red came back and evened it out. Deserved. What was not a surprise - The venue quality. Knew it would be great and absolutely loved Moon Valley. 2. Foursome kicked my butt. Never got settled enough to play equivalent to either of my two partners. But having said that I am hoping to get picked just so I can redeem myself. Enjoyed fourball and singles equally. 3. @mchepp who has a under bearing presence with a disarming smile but has some serious match play chops. Should mention @Big C as he got down from trash cans. From our side I am absolutely certain @DaveP043 is a tough opponent for anybody. Competing against folks like that can wear you down. Relentless and the quality of play wavers very little. I learnt a LOT. 4. I think HCP was fine. I was one of the higher HCP so obviously I want to get strokes as I should. 5. Played 3 out of 5 matches with Kyle in them including my singles. No contest. I think if he could, he would just hit the ball while walking up to his next stroke without stopping to take a stance.. 6. There were at least 4 players in the 280+ range for the week, with one routinely up in low 300s. Median I would guesstimate 245ish. Short side is in the 215-220 range. Honestly it is hard to compete seriously in this crowd with that kind of distance no matter how well you keep it in play. 7. Didn't think there was much drinking going on other than a beer here or there so hard to say but there were a few who I would say can hold their alcohol. There were cigars too. Not one of the questions here but I want to say this was a very solid group of guys including the captains and it cannot be mentioned enough how well we all got along. There was absolutely zero 'unhealthy' gamesmanship then went on. You just couldn't tell the teams apart at The House. Loved it! @Golfingdad, have given up on the fact that my swing will never win a beauty contest but there is a method to the madness even though the result doesn't always point to it..
  8. Excellent thread @Rainmaker. There are many to choose from, but I will go with this for now: Rock and Roll Band - Boston
  9. Good job! Game Golf is a good tool, but when comparing it to what you're seeing on your actual handicap, you're comparing apples to oranges because the calculations are completely different. Rather, I'd recommend that you use one of the many free, non-USGA compliant hcp sites to enter every round you play. Continue to maintain an official handicap, entering only your eligible rounds. The added benefit is that you'll gain insight to how you play when you're playing by yourself vs how you play whenever others are around.
  10. First, a longer-than-it-needs-to-be video: Cool. Any questions? Just kidding. But there are a few things I want to re-iterate: In a good swing, the hands actually begin slowing down around A6. The precise moment varies, but it's generally around when the shaft is horizontal. The hands will also actually begin going up shortly after that. This is a feel, but one grounded in science, too: if your hands slow down, the clubhead will try to kick out. If they keep accelerating, the clubhead will try to stay "behind" the hands. This is very likely not your priority. You probably have other things you need to work on first. This is simply something to keep in the back of your mind. Any questions? I almost never share actual, complete images from lessons, with the text beneath, because that's very particular to the individual student. But this one sprang to mind. After we cleaned some setup pieces, this was all I had the golfer (a junior golfer) do: Before on the left, after on the right. Almost always.
  11. I originally walked because it was cheaper. As I have aged, it is a nice way to get a bit of non-aerobic exercise (while saving money!!). I have also noticed that walking allows me a bit more sightseeing time and less time watching where we are going in a cart. Also, I think I play a bit better when walking, but that is totally anecdotal. Many of my golf buddies have gotten used to carting and they want to ride. So I ride to be social but it bugs me a bit and as payback, I make them drive.
  12. These thoughts are actually from an old golf instruction book written by Gerry Hogan, but man did they really work for me. 1. keep the left hand on top of the right for as long as you can on the downswing. (Great for helping me not cast the club and holding the lag as long as possible. Don't worry you will square it up at impact if your grip is right and keep turning your body) 2. imagine the club is a hatchet with the cutting edge facing down when you grip the club normally. On the downswing you are trying to chop/hit the sharp edge of the blade into the back go the ball. This keeps you right elbow tucked in on the downswing and the left hand on top of the right. He explained it like this I think. Put your hands together right out in front of you with palms facing each other like your praying. Take your back swing and rotate your left hand on top of your right all the way to the top. On he downswing keep your left hand on top and try to chop the backside of the ball with the bottom of the hands. You have no choice but to keep your right elbow tucked into your side if you want to hit it, two hand karate chop the back of the ball. I don't know if it will help anyone or not. For me, too many swing thoughts can just kill me. One/two is max for me. These two thoughts have been awesome for me to make solid contact more consistently. I know, they only work if you have the other key elements right...........but I love them.
  13. Last year I entered a little over half of my rounds to an online handicap service. The intention was to track my progress throughout the year using that system instead of just tracking my scores. I thought it would be a more accurate way given the variety of courses and tees I play. I also thought it might provide some motivation to become more familiar with the rules - which it did. I knew early on last year that because solo rounds make up the majority of the golf I play, this would be anything but official and never intended on using the resulting index to enter any type of competition. I recently learned that those who maintain official handicaps enter almost all the rounds they play. I also learned that even when I knowingly broke a rule, those rounds could/should have been entered using an adjusted gross score. I just didn't realize "casual" rounds were entered. Moving forward, I have a bit of a dilemma. Through the online service, I'm a member of a compliant USGA registered club. I have a better understanding of the rules and of how I can enter more rounds. The problem is, I just don't play golf with others very often. So I'm to decide if I should repeat what I did last year and keep it unofficial (which I'm ok with), or track my progress through GameGolf and post only those rounds played in compliance to the online service. I guess I'm wondering what other in my situation might do, or if I'm overlooking any other options.
  14. How about giving the extra point to the best net team score while playing 2 matches of singles? In this case, add both (net) scores and the lowest team total wins the point, or half point if they tie. It's different than the fourball matches, when only the best score of the 2 team members counts. Here, you have to stay in the game, no matter what, for the good of the team... It may force everyone to hole out though, except with a inside the leather kind of rule?
  15. Really? Wow, you're taking this WAY too seriously. Trust me (even though you obviously don't), I wasn't trying to welsh you out if $20. And lecturing me (or anyone else who's listening) on ethics for a silly bet is, frankly, silly. Forget the bet. Im happy to support sandtrap and will donate the $20 because I think it's a great resource. Oh, and tiger won't finish
  16. One additional thought. Hitting "right behind you" may or may not be hitting "into you". I play with guys that are a lot longer than I am. I'll often play before they do because while they're waiting for the group in front to move on, or to clear the green, I know they're out of my range. If you're on the green, 270 yards away, I'm not afraid at all to hit my approach because I know it's going 225 at best. A ball dropping in 50 yards short of where you're standing may feel like being hit into, but it's not always the case. Too many people who have never hit a 250 yard drive in their life, feel the need to wait for the green to clear when they're 275 out for an approach. To answer your question though, the small handful of times in my life that I've actually been hit into, simply turning around and spreading my hands in the universal "WTF" sign has been enough to get the point across.
  17. Well . .most importantly .. you have to play faster. If you're constantly having groups run up on you and talk smack and hit into you . .then you're playing too slowly. I don't deal with that because I don't play slowly . .if I'm behind the pace (as I used to frequently be), I'll pick up and advance to the next shot or even the next hole. That being said . .I have been hit into once or twice when the entire course was backed up, there was nowhere for our group to go . .and the guys behind us got impatient or whatever. One time it actually scared me . .it was an errant shot . .I suggested the guy yell "fore" next time. He told me to screw myself . .that was that. I *might* causally step a ball into the ground if I felt it was warranted and it would not be obvious that I was doing it. I would not pick it up, though . .not looking for a fight. But the main thing is . .if it's happening all the time either play faster . .play at some other time when the course is not crowded . . let your kids "tee it up" from 100 yards out, etc. A lot of courses post the suggested round time . .try to maintain or beat it. And, of course, keep waiving people through as needed. Oh . .and there is never any excuse to hit into another group no matter what the reason . .your course must have a lot of jerks . .I might call the marshal . .but I sure as heck would never hit into anybody on purpose.
  18. 1. I was surprised at how well we all got along right from the start. The swag from Ping and Linksoul were icing on the cake for sure. That really took the Newport Cup over the top....last thing that surprised me was how patient @mchepp was with me during our team match. I did some dumb stuff that round. I would say chipping out of the woods into a lake was probably the "Not top 10" play of the week. 2. I liked all the formats. I would say the first day out in foursomes was a bit nerve racking because I didnt want to let the team down and lose my match. I liked singles. @GolfLug and I had a great match. 3. I would say @DaveP043 would be the toughest opponent in my opinion. Dave has a super steady tempo and you know when he turns his hips that drive is going right down the middle. The best part about Dave is maybe the unintentional head games haha. You'd hit one bad shot and knew Dave was going to make par and win the hole, and he would say something to the tune of "you'll get it next hole" 4. The handicapping was very fair. I think I had to give 1 shot in my matches, and it was a tie most of the time. I didnt witness any huge blow out matches. 5. I am going to take the honor of fastest player. @mvmac even had to tell me to take my time, maybe a practice swing or two. I've always been one to turn a nice 9 hole round into a 40 min race. 6. Longest drivers of the trip were probably @SavvySwede or @saevel25. If we each had 3 drives I think I could "keep up" with them, but Matt and Vince are much longer on a more consistent basis. Shortest drive stats was probably @Club Rat, but he never hit it long and OB. He was in most holes throughout the week. 7. This is a tough one. I have no problem downing a 6pk on the front 9 and still shooting around 3 or 4 over. I think if you put myself and @DaveP043 in a bar and the drink of choice was those heavier beers he likes, he would crush me. If we went whiskey and diet I could put a ton down. Either way, not sure if that's an accomplishment but I can handle a lot of booze and still play relatively close to my handicap.
  19. a guy handed me a prov1 and it said refurbished on it and i handed him one of my prov1 and said can you tell a difference. he said your's doesn't feel like its hard and plastic and felt way softer. i said thats why i don't buy refurbished golf balls or the ones those guys get from the pond thats been sitting there for years
  20. In his post round interview he said he wasn't in any pain. Made no excuses whatsoever. Struck me as humble and appropriate. http://www.golfchannel.com/media/tiger-struggles-77-dubai/
  21. I think you are overstating this. Most times when the ball hits the flag hard enough that it doesn't drop, then it was traveling with enough speed that it wasn't going to fall anyway. It was just going to skate right over the top of the hole and end up 12 feet by on the other side.
  22. +1 on Rock Bottom Golf. I recently ordered the wrong flex driver. It was clearly marked, but I had a senior moment and placed the order for the 9.5 stiff when I really wanted the 13.5 Regular. They quickly refunded my purchase price even though it was my error. They did take off the shipping cost however, but I don't have a problem with that in this case. They are quick to respond and "Scratch" takes a personal interest in any emails you send to him.
  23. Measuring your "progress via handicap" only reflects your playing trend over a period of time. Scores will usually vary but analyzing aspects of strengths and weakness are a better method. While GG will give one a perspective of strokes gained in categories, I like to pinpoint the areas which need attention. Over the course of a season, I'll adjust my practice routine on an "as needed" basis with detail to areas which are needed, IE; chipping, putting, full and 3/4 swings, etc. How would one recognize their priority when only reflecting a score history?
  24. What's "cool" about it? It means nothing.... I don't need anything to tell me that if I shoot a round that's several strokes below my handicap, it's a very good round for me. Nor that, relatively speaking, it's better than a round by a better player that's a couple of strokes higher than his handicap. And it certainly doesn't make me a better player than he is.
  25. Sure, its easy to hit it past the old fat guy!
  26. "Here Comes the Boom" - Nelly Guess it wouldn't work too well if the opener was a par 3...
  27. Ditto, best of both worlds here as far as I can see.
  28. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. 2/2 - 15 minutes mirror work. Focused on Key 3 and completing shoulder turn. ...
  29. TM got the driver. I'm not sure they will push for the putter.
  30. Right about Sergio lighting it up,6 birdies,1 eagle through 14, no bogies on card as yet, Stensen playing well. Tiger struggling at +3
  31. 1. What surprised you most about the Newport Cup competition? How much fun it was to meet everyone. We all got along great like we'd known each other for a while. 2. Which day/format was your least favorite? And which was your favorite? The second day of 36 holes is a long day. None of the formats bother me although I prefer the team games to the individual one on one matches. My match with @DaveP043 was great but I prefer the team matches more than playing an individual match. 3. Which player from the opposing team would you least want to face in a winner take all situation? All of the blue team was tough. @SavvySwede is very tough and never gives up, same could be said for @DaveP043 he battled me to the end and was very tough. 4. What did you think about the handicapping of the matches? Would you rather get or give strokes? There were not many strokes given so not much to go on here. Psychologically I always over think when I am getting a stroke from someone, like I can't lose this hole and it gets in the way of my mind. 5. Which player was the fastest as far as pace? @kpaulhus. Sometimes that guy would be hitting his second shot before I hit my drive. 6. Without naming names, what was the longest average drive stat for an individual player? Shortest average drive stat for a single player? @saevel25 and @jbishop15 were really really long, like tour players I have played with long. I would say I am definitely one of the shortest. 7. Who could drink the most without visible problems? This was not a drinking crowd. @kpaulhus could hold a drink but if I were betting who could drink the most and not show it I would go with @DaveP043
  32. I have been working on my arm structure and it's really coming along with the pitch shots I have been doing. A couple things that I have noticed that make it easier; focus on rotating my hips a little faster, making sure I release the club. I am using the term "release the club" because that's what I think it is but it's really kind of rotating my lead wrist down or towards the target before impact, which is causing my lead arm go go over my front arm sooner after impact. I have a tendency to hold off my release so this feeling is quite different. I use those foam golf balls so its hard to say, but they come off the face with a lot more compression and a lot more spin. It used to be that when the ball would hit the pillows they would fly towards the left side of the room, but now they seem to shoot right back toward me (might just be that I am squaring the face more or that it is slightly closed at impact). I am nowhere near trying it with a full swing yet but these half swings are going quite well. A couple questions to ask my instructor: 1) Is it normal to need to feel like I really need to turn through the ball while working on this piece (I just don't want this to be some compensation move)? 2) Does it make sense that I should feel like I am beginning to release the club, role my lead wrist down?
  33. I selected the first 3 points (cheaper, exercise and play better) as well as enjoy the course more/sightseeing. I truly believe that the game of golf is better when walking: it's more of a continuous motion rather than start/stop and repeat, as happens in a cart. I probably walk 2/3 to 3/4 of my rounds and those rounds when I don't walk is because the course is too difficult (or impossible) to walk due to long distances between greens and tee boxes, or because everyone else (not just in the foursome) rides, like in a club tournament...
  34. No. Nobody gets whatever it is you're doing. And Scott's perfectly chill. You, on the other hand, have a history of misbehaving.
  35. Check this out as well: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/77244-how-to-hit-a-driver-hit-it-further-and-stop-slicing/#comment-760619
  36. Instagram or Twitter, take your pick.
  37. How much respect does McIlroy have for Woods? He woke up at 2AM to watch him play last week. And there's this: http://golfweek.com/2017/02/01/tiger-woods-comeback-rory-mcilroy/
  38. Now that we're back, I've got good news. I haven't had a double bogey or worse in the last two weeks. Joy.
  39. 1 point
    Not saying a practice or casual round isn't real golf, or that I don't keep score on these types of rounds. Just making the determination that if I knowingly break a rule, I won't apply that towards my HI. If I hit a drive that I'm reasonably sure will be found, I won't hit a provisional. On occasions, the ball is lost in the rough or leaves. Instead of slowing down the round for everyone by walking back to the tee, I'll take a drop in the rough, give myself two penalty strokes, hit my 4th shot and continue to keep score. If my score at the end of that round is low, I'll still feel good about it (likely won't brag about a low 90's score). If asked, I'll tell someone without going into details - not to be deceptive, but because no one cares how I shot my 94. What I wouldn't do is post it towards my HC. Maybe there's a way to do it under 4.2, but I don't know that rule applies in this example. When I play a practice or casual round and play close to the rules, I consider it real golf. However, there are times when I concentrate efforts on a specific part of the game without keeping score, sometimes picking up without chipping or putting. This doesn't fit my definition of golf any more than hitting in my backyard does. It's 100% practice. As the entry title implies, ones definition of real golf is subjective.
  40. Californians kill me! They've been bitching about a drought for 4 or 5 years, and now that the back of the drought is broken, they're bitching about that! Ground water is being renewed, aquifers and reservoirs are being refilled. It's California for crying out loud! Take it while you can get it! I was in the wine business for quite a while, and we entertained many California winery people here when they were out working the market. I had one gal ask me if we had a "rainy season". I told her, "Yes. It's called the calendar year!" One year, we went out to California in February in what was a particularly vicious Winter here in NE Ohio. We're walking around in short sleeves enjoying the balmy air, and the natives did nothing but bitch about the wind! I also heard a joke. How can you tell someone who lives in NoCal? They always have 5 changes of clothes in their car. Everything from short, sandals, and tank top, to snow pants, boots, and a parka!
  41. We missed your directness. And there we go, it's back.
  42. I don't recall ever playing with someone that called himself a "bogey golfer". Normally, we say to each other "I suck" "Good, I suck to".
  43. Nice round! It always feels great when that happens. Earlier this season (middle of March), I had a round where I shot 81 and swore that I finally figured it out. It took me until September to shoot another score that low. Keep it going! I'm gonna join in on the 5 minute daily practice thread for January, so... hopefully it helps me out. Haha! I love that your car found its way into another course all by itself! Nice 87! For me, my daughters (9 and 11 years old) got clubs for Christmas, so... I took them and my son (16) out to our club and played a 9 hole scramble on Monday with them. I told them not to worry about hitting great shots and to just get the feel for swinging the club. On the greens, they did a surprisingly good job of putting and we had fun. Overall, we shot a 45 (+9) and I played really poorly (trying shots I wouldn't normally hit, etc) but we had a good time... so, it all worked out in the end. CY
  44. I use other people's tees. Folks leave all kinds of wood and the durable plastic ones on the range and on the course. For par threes I use a broken one left there
  45. Do you remember breaking any balls? I played once when it was 8degrees and I broke AT LEAST 6 balls, but probably more..........they get brittle. LOL I'm nowhere diehard enough to play in these temps in recent years, but I do sometimes when the temps hit freezing. 32 is the magic number for breaking golf balls...... Each break is unique..... I've knocked the cover clean off and watched the core fly 100yds by itself I've spit a ball in 2.....and watched half slice to the left and the other half slice to the right I've cracked them and hit it solid...watching a driver tee shot only fly 175yds because the ball has cracks all though it.......LOL You name it....I've see it in the cold. LOL I'm not as diehard as I used to be........
  46. I was right here with you guys until about a year ago when i decided to make changes... Until that point i had always thought that the way to be good was to hit the ball 400yds off the tee and thats how you have good rounds, well it doesnt matter how far you hit the ball if you cant hit it straight. So i focused on removing that deadly slice that continued to get me into trouble off the tee, which in turn made me have to play catch up, which led to terrible rounds and a lot of headaches. So i did just that, i spent a lot of time on google and on the range removing the bad parts of my swing. I took almost 80 yds off my drive distance but im hitting 85-90% fairways now. And i went from a 19 to 12. So this is my philosophy and im sticking to it: "Put your Tee Shot in the fairway and the rest of the game is a lot more simple and a lot less stressful"
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    • That is simply the USGA/R&A Testing procedure for ball compliance. It has nothing to with changing playing characteristics.
    • Had a couple of games with mine now, easy to hit, also easy to get right underneath & hit it almost straight up. I might have to practice with ball position , I’m finding I hit them both (54 & 58) way shorter than my 58 Vokey. The 54 Eye 2 is good for chipping out of the long grass , and pretty easy to get out of bunkers.
    • Like billchao said, you cannot play golf that way. Yes you are supposed to remove the outliers both ways, so if you hit 2x 175, 6x 160 and 2x 50 yards it’s much better for your golf score if you use 160 as your carry average rather than 141 as you will hit 160 6/10 times and 141 0/10 times
    • My membership renews in December.  A couple of years ago, I got an “it’s time to renew” notice in July.  I emailed them that it’s not time to renew in July.  They replied that my account would be updated to send me only a single renewal notice, 60 days before expiration. It’s been fine since then. I’d suggest emailing them to request they update your account similarly.
    • Too late... Dwight Eisenhower used black balls on the White House lawn in the snow a looooong time ago.  

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