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  1. I just got a call from GolfNow. I was their top booker in the Orlando area this past year (it helps to book for a small group of nuts just like us) and they asked me if, as a reward, I'd be available to play in a 4-some with Graeme McDowell next Wed at Lake Nona.....one of the two courses that they play the Tavistock Cup at! I'm an absolute mess. I'm not gonna be able to swing a club.......!
  2. So, learning yourself is cool, but it is big time sink. Given the chance to do it over from about 2008, I would rather have spent the time I wasted learning everything I could on the golf swing, working on what a good instructor was telling me to do as my priority piece. I am probably about a 6 on your scale. Nowhere near @iacas or @mvmac, but I know enough to be dangerous. It has helped me help my friends and people on the site here, but has done relatively little to make me a better golfer. I would rather have spent that time being a 2 in terms of knowledge and working with one smart instructor for 2 years and just tackling priority pieces. My $0.02 from a old guy who wasted too much time.
  3. Attention Captain Mike, @mvmac I will add the course vlog as soon as I can, but like Erik recommended I thought I would go ahead and post what I could to show that I'm really interested in being considered for the good guys' team (west). I'll be sure to add the celebration when I record the 3 holes. Go team west Shoe size: 10.5 shirt size: medium all brands pant size: 30/30 p.s. The camera adds 10 (or more) lbs in that slow mo swing Here's part 2, the vlog. Somehow I missed editing in my pitch shot on the last hole.
  4. Dammit, Spieth got screwed by the draw. Was T-3 when he finished this morn, now T-10. As well as he's playing, 5 strokes is not insurmountable in 36 holes, but when DJ is the guy, gonna be tough to win this week, esp without a re-pair (cuz I like Jordan's chances heads up with DJ). Playin tomorrow but lots of DVR should keep me busy tomorrow night.
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    They don't all have to be on. You'd be surprised. Just a few really good shots can make a big difference.
  6. From your latest video it does look like you are back on the side of taking the club shallow and steepening it in transition. You might struggle with this because when you go from A1-A2 you do not gain much hand depth with a good turn. In the image below, the red line is the front of your hands at address. Notice how your hands do not move off this line. Notice how the club head gets kicked backwards. It will be very hard to get that club vertical from this position. I also notices your grip is very strong. This might cause you some issue.
  7. Tee time at 3:30p today. Going with a friend to Timber Ridge Golf Club. Took a late time to just play nine because he is very deliberate (Slooooow) in his play. Nice to get outside without three layers on.
  8. I think you just ruined two perfectly good clubs.
  9. I do not use a/the line but I use the logo for general address orientation for putting and tee ball. If not I feel like I sometimes lose my posture through down/forward swing. But yes, using a line to point exactly at a spot in the cup seems excessive and not sure if actually helpful. But then again, putting is so much more 'habitual' than other aspects. People going back and forth across the hole three times to read the putting line drives me more nuts than anything else. That is truly a time drain and makes me lose patience.
  10. Make sure the camera lines up with your toe line. The best way to set that up is to get in your stance then put the club along your toe line. Then go back and set up the camera or phone to point down that line.
  11. Almost a decade ago. And knees aren't backs.
  12. In spring of 1970, I was a back-up player for the Meramec Community College golf team. Our home course was Crystal Lake CC in Des Peres, MO (just west of St. Louis). The course was open from 1929-1979. The course technically was in Crystal Lake Park, one of those too-small villages that pockmark the St. Louis County landscape. About 470 persons live there now. The course, the reason the village existed, was a 36 + 34 = 70 layout. About 6,170 yards total, with front about 500 yards longer than the back. A par 5 and par 3 on the front, and a par 5 and three par 3s on the back. Definitely an old-style layout. We never could figure out why lake was in the name - a meandering creek ran through the course, but no lake. It had morphed to an early semi-private by the time we got there. Some members, but a lot of people with $6 and a bag of clubs. Most of the sand traps had become grass bunkers. The course was hard and fast, some treelined and some fairly open holes. The course was always touchy, little odd bounces and interesting greens. The shorter holes often had creek frontage - those risk-reward holes the golf ads always talk about. In 1981 I was home visiting relatives, and decided to go out and play Crystal. I drove up Bopp Road, but couldn't find the course. I drove around for awhile, and came upon what looked like the gray-sided pro shop. But, no golf course. I walked up to the small store - can't remember what it sold - and walked inside. A gentleman looked up and said, "Looking for the golf course?" I nodded yes, and he said, as he waved his hand to the side, "It's all houses now." It wasn't the greatest course in the world, but it just disappeared. I had missed the funeral. Would have been nice to have played Crystal one last time.
  13. In case you don't remember or missed the news, Billy Hurley lost his dad to suicide back in 2015. Thread is here: So this week on Valentine's Day, Billy writes a letter to his dad and posts it on the Players' Tribune, a cool blog site I had not before seen. The letter's making its way all around the golf sphere, and was mentioned during yesterday's broadcast of the Genesis tourney: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/billy-hurley-to-my-dad/ It's heartbreaking, it's therapeutic, it's brave; it's beautiful. I've been close to similar situations; really puts things in perspective. God bless ya, Billy & family.
  14. First off I would be very careful going down this road. There is a lot of information out there, some of it good, and every instructor has their own biases/preferences and it's important to understand that when viewing their material. I would not buy/read the PGA book. Have you gone through these threads? I think the more you learn about the swing the more you realize there aren't "ideal" positions.
  15. My much better half knew I was an out of doors, sports minded guy when we met, and married. She was a track person who ran stuff and pole vaulted. We enjoyed doing things together, when our schedules allowed for time together. We took a different way of getting her into the golf game. Her first two clubs were a putter, and a wedge. That was her bag make up. She started out putting for par. Being we were both a little competitive, I would play from the tips, and she would start from a spot furthest from the cup on the green. Once she was proficient at putting, she moved off the green to use her wedge. This served two purposes. One, she stayed interested in the game, partly because she would kick my butt on most of the holes. Second, it kept me playing well to avoid getting my butt kicked on all the holes. Once she started breaking par with her wedge/putter, we added more clubs, and she moved further a way from the green. This was a win-win situation for both of us.
  16. It's certainly not all mental. I think you really need to know what your own fundamentals are. Ball position, body position, hand position, grip....etc., When your fundamentals get a little off, your confidence lags, tension may creep in, might peek a little, next thing you know you can't make anything. I try to note my own fundamentals when I'm putting well, recheck them when I start missing more than "normal".
  17. good question. I hear you on Spieth, that would be a solid choice. It would be cool to work with someone when they were up and coming and not yet famous, and then they "make it" on tour, so you have that relationship with them. I'd pick Webb Simpson, seems like an easy going, down to earth guy and from reading a few articles about him I think I share his general outlook on life. I bet caddy is one of those jobs that is much harder than it appears though.
  18. Rainmaker beat me to it. A perfect round of golf would include good weather, good friends, a nice course in good condition, and relatively good play by all of the players. I'm not sure I'd need every golf shot to be great in order to call it a perfect round of golf.
  19. One additional thought. Hitting "right behind you" may or may not be hitting "into you". I play with guys that are a lot longer than I am. I'll often play before they do because while they're waiting for the group in front to move on, or to clear the green, I know they're out of my range. If you're on the green, 270 yards away, I'm not afraid at all to hit my approach because I know it's going 225 at best. A ball dropping in 50 yards short of where you're standing may feel like being hit into, but it's not always the case. Too many people who have never hit a 250 yard drive in their life, feel the need to wait for the green to clear when they're 275 out for an approach. To answer your question though, the small handful of times in my life that I've actually been hit into, simply turning around and spreading my hands in the universal "WTF" sign has been enough to get the point across.
  20. First time I leave the perps ball nice and teed up on a tall tee, if they didn't yell fore. Second time it gets stepped on, firmly. After that the pro shop gets a call
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    • Day 70 spent an hour on the range chipping/putting and getting some video of my full swing. I’ll get it up either tonight or tomorrow. 
    • Played a nearby muni course today.  Last time there - holes 15-17 were underwater (drainage issues) so we were not able to do a full round.  Today the course was back to normal and funny thing, fairways were dry and the ball loved to roll out!  The fronts of the greens were mush, plug the ball sticky.  Made for approach shots at the front of the green tricky because too steep a landing and you were rolling no where.  For a guy who just starting to consistently shoot in the 90's it made attacking the greens more challenging.  Keep thinking about how in LSW, to aim for the big area of the green and not hunt flags.  To be honest, I had a blast with the 50* wedge as I was putting the ball exactly where I saw it landing.  Overall - cannot complain shot a 96 (48/48), gold tees (translates to around 6100yds).  Only one triple, NO SNOW MEN!, but way too many doubles to overcome.  All in all drives were some of my best ever, with them either being on fairway or just off enough the S20 saw them as in the rough.  That's okay.  Not a bad day putting, still had some 3 putts but it was me not the putter or the greens which were reasonably fast.  Would love to play this one again soon, its just over an hour away so not too bad a drive.  Thinking about taking the missus there as she is saying she is ready to go play a round.   
    • Estimated total cost not including travel and food? Can be a wide range
    • I feel like I am very close to a semi-repeatable swing, so I plan to continue my Evolvr work through the winter.  We've made some great progress that is allowing me to hit the long clubs much, much better. I had been losing 6.5 shots a round to a scratch golfer in my ability to get off the tee and approach the green and haven't played much really since 2017. I don't have any disillusions about getting to scratch at this point in my life but a sub 5 golfer should be very attainable in the future.    
    • Will do guys, just need to get it out there to make sure we give everyone who is interested enough notice. I will probably be booking the Sand Valley tee times well in advance of the date.

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