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  1. @iacas @DaveP043 @RandallT @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon @davechen @jsgolfer It was a pleasure meeting all of you this weekend, I didn't play my best, but really enjoyed the two days of golf, even though the first day was a little challenging with the rain. Look forward to future conversations and maybe some more golf down the road.
  2. Would you settle for a video of you attempting the Flop Shot Challenge? (flying sunglasses and all)
  3. @TN94z - I've suffered from what you're describing since I started to grasp the concept of the 5 keys. What seemed to take little time to learn in the mirror without a ball took me a couple years to execute while inside hitting balls into a net. Once I got it, it became second nature... inside where it didn't really matter. Sadly, I absolutely could not duplicate the weight shift while hitting outside for a couple more years. It was so maddening because of how easy it had become in the mirror and hitting into a net. Just within the last few months, I've started to make slight progress with getting my weight over to my left side while hitting outside in the yard. I've yet to take video on the course to see if it's transferring there, but I think it is to some extent. My point is, the inability to execute something that was so incredibly easy to do without a ball had me believing I was freakishly inept (well, I am inept but that's beside the point). That much failure started messing with my confidence. I hope @coachjimsc doesn't mind me sharing something from his swing thread, but realizing change can be difficult for others - even for very good players - helped me become less frustrated with my lack of results. I think in some way, this post may have helped get me over the hump....
  4. Well it seems like I bring weather with me every time I come to Stoneleigh.. So may be I am the one that should take the blame..:-) But needless to say the weekend was a great success with @iacas doing two Aimpoint clinics and the TST group playing two semi full rounds (well, some of the weaker ones gave up on Saturday on the back 9.. lol!). Truly enjoyed the after round festivities at @DaveP043 and @steinmap's house Saturday evening. There was plenty of home cooked food, Dave's famous basement IPA tap beer, wine and some old and new friends to warm our cold toes and fill our bellies. Wonderful evening. The only thing I regret is completely forgetting to click some pictures for posterity. So if anybody did remember to take some, kindly post. It was nice meeting @JGus and @davechen and good to catch up with @DaveP043, @steinmap, @Hardspoon, @billchao, @jsgolfer and @RandallT.
  5. Fun weekend! Never enjoyed myself so much playing bad golf, funny enough I played better in the terrible weather Saturday than I did Sunday. It was great meeting some new people as well as seeing some familiar faces. Thanks again to @DaveP043 and his wife Mary Anne for hosting us. I had a great time and I'd be happy to do it again sometime.
  6. I had a great time over the weekend, seeing some old friends again, and meeting some new ones. We survived some pretty challenging weather on Saturday, had a nice brisk breeze all day Sunday. @iacas did a great job with the Aimpoint clinics, I definitely learned a lot that I'll continue to practice and use. Thanks to everyone who showed up. For @saevel25 and @RandallT, get better quickly! And based on the weather we've had at Stoneleigh in both 2016 and 2017, I imagine that we'll be forever banned from hosting any TST event in the foreseeable future.
  7. It was good being cart-mates with you @JGus and meeting everyone else on Saturday. And especially thanks to @DaveP043 for being a terrific host at Stoneleigh. I played pretty poorly too. My front 9 on Saturday was ok, but then the wheels fell off. But, hey, a bad day of golf is still a pretty good day.
  8. This next Monday (not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow) I will be playing in one of the U.S. Open local qualifiers for the first time, which should be a good bit of fun. It's a little concerning since this coming week is finals week, meaning my golf will be minimal, but I should be able to sneak in a practice round or two and get a feel for the course. I've played in one tournament before at the venue (Commonground), so I know it's about as close to a links golf course as exists in Colorado, but I'll be mapping out my desired tee shots and my bailout areas as I survey the course. The course should play a bit long, but none of the par 5's other than hole 3 really have any teeth to them. The rest of them ought to be reachable in two, or at least allow me to get within 20-30 yards at worst for my third shot to make the holes play easier than they would otherwise. The course's primary defense appears that it will be the par 3's on the back nine, where the shortest of the trio measures 219 yards and the longest 243 yards. The good news is that I should still be able to hit an iron into all of the par 3's, so I won't have to worry about choking down on a 3 wood unless there's some really crazy wind that day. Overall I think it'll be fun to really test myself under the toughest of conditions. I plan to update this thread after my practice round/s with my findings on the course, as well as after I've finished with a brief (or not so brief, depending on how I feel) summary of how things went and the competition in general.
  9. I don't mind at all @JonMA1. I really glad it was useful for you. That was the purpose. Truly changing your swing is TOUGH.
  10. Many thanks @DaveP043. I might have eventually figured that out, but you made it a lot easier!
  11. A good swing thought for me in the past on partial wedges is chest turn. It has helped me get everything turning accordingly.
  12. Another way to look at this is to ensure your weight is coming forward. When you are taking a partial swing, it's real easy to leave that part of the swing out.
  13. I will add something as I was reminded this weekend after a few duff's within 75 yards with my wedges (thanks @DaveP043), make sure you are turning your hips. It's easy to forget that this is important to make clean contact, especially with 1/2 or 3/4 swings. If your hips aren't turning you will hit it fat or come across and hit it right off of the toe.
  14. Well after a bad showing over the weekend at the TST outing, I decided I had a cold this morning and took a sick day, but then went straight to the course. I shot a 46 on the front, just carried over bad play from the weekend. Then after yelling at myself for not focusing on yardages and taking my time over putts, i finished the back with a 39, for a round of 85. As long as I keep practicing the right things and keeping my focus on the course I should continue improving.
  15. I had a long-time "best friend" exactly like that - hype competitive going all the way back to high school. I tolerated him for years because he was a fun guy (for the most part) and because we had so much history. One day when he overstepped his bounds (yet again) I decided I'd had enough and cut him out of my life. In the ensuing years, my life has dramatically improved. I mean, everything got better: work, hobbies, women, investment decisions - everything. I have never missed him, not even for one (1) minute. 2nd best decision of my life was kicking that prick to the curb.
  16. I told her it's good you both took it, because you can challenge each other to see who is better. Good way to get the practice in, too.
  17. Her handle is actually @steinmap, and she had a great time meeting everyone too. I just hope I can keep ahead of her, now that she's taken the Aimpoint stuff.
  18. Well...your group "survived" it...our group just quit and drank beer. Big thanks to @DaveP043, @MaryAnneP043, and @iacas for setting everything up. I had a great time, despite the somewhat uncooperative weather.
  19. And the group pic would be where? Too bad I couldn't be there, but on the bright side, I made a bunch of money.
  20. I like to use the brand logo or any marking on the ball. When I tee it up, I like to center the logo mark. When I putt, I rotate the ball perpendicular to the mark. I find my focus is better when viewing the markings as opposed to just seeing a balls plain surface. It also benefits fairway play or other lies. Such as a ball in deep rough with only the top visible or a plug ball in the sand.
  21. Lol at this. He's the good friend of our group who can also be the annoying deuche. Thanks for the sexist comment Jack. Did you not read the whole thread? It's not just trash talk. It takes the fun out of the game. And he does do it at address! He's the one who will throw the cart in reverse right before you hit. Or make some annoying noise pre-shot. Throw a ball between your legs as you're about to drive. He tries to chalk it up that he is the "funny guy" but its just annoying and I don't like it on the golf course. Hell just last round we were playing a small money game and on a clutch putt he decides to throw his ball at the hole to get the read, and goes "Oh i tripped." Funny? Or immature behavior?
  22. Right on -- did you ever notice that on all nutritional labels in the U.S. that the only ingredient that doesn't have a % daily recommended value is.... sugar. Does this mean that sugar doesn't affect your health and it doesn't matter how much you consume? Absolutely not -- just means that the sugar industry lobbyists have lots of money to throw around to keep that percentage off of nutritional labels. I believe that I read somewhere that the WHO at one time was recommending consuming only 10g of sugar per day and the American Heart Association recommends consuming 36g/25g M/F per day -- next time you go to the grocery store, turn over the box of your favorite processed snack and do the math
  23. @kpetrina, I suggest you start your own thread in the Member Swings area: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/forum/13-member-swings/ Be sure to click on the Hidden Contents button, so understand how that section works, and follow this link: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing to get tips on filming your golf swing. Good video angles will be help the knowledgeable instructors here to analyze your swing and advise you appropriately. From what I see, you'll need to get your camera to around waist level, and provide a face-on video if you can. Welcome to TheSandTrap!
  24. Are you talking about a handicap app, like the USGA GHIN app? It depends on your app. If you enter your score hole-by-hole, some will automatically adjust any hole in which you enter a score that exceeds your ESC maximum. Most people simply enter their total score after each round though. In that case, you just need to look at your scorecard and note, as an example, that you scored an 8 on one hole, but since your ESC maximum is 7, you need to enter 88 for handicap reporting, instead of the 89 you actually shot. Does that answer your question?
  25. Good question. One is suppose to start by assuming the highest possible handicap index (36.4 for men and 40.4 for women) and use an ESC limit of "9" (10 for women). Once one has an initial index, one uses whichever ESC hole limit that is appropriate.
  26. Thanks for the replies - but that leads to another question - How would I get an initial handicap starting out IF I did not post actual total scores ?
  27. I think you may want to look at it a little different. The laws of ball flight have been looked at quite differently in the last few years. When I'm hitting it poorly I tend to leave it out right or hit flip hooks. To cure this I swing a little more out in front of me if that makes any sense. You may try the drill where you put a head cover between your feet and the ball. The head cover should run parallel to your target line. The head cover should be a few inches back away from the ball. Now swing without hitting the head cover. You cannot swing nearly as much in to out. Hope this helps.
  28. Worked on the suggestions from @Denny Bang Bang and @b101 using a 9 iron and gap wedge tonight. First I took about 10 full swings with the gap wedge. I didn't hit anything thin or fat and got my standard 90-100 yds high flight shots. But the dispersion was poor. I went out to my target, collected the balls and, using the 9i, hit them back to where I'd been standing, trying to get them to land short. I realize this was a small sample test, but what I found was that it was easier to control my starting line with this type of flighted shot. I couldn't evaluate the resulting roll because I was hitting into a field. But I could see that with enough practice, developing some control on where these shots land might be possible. I'm not crazy about the low flight and run I get from them, but on approach shots with no bunkers or rough to worry about, it might be a better way to keep the shots online. Have talked about this in the past, but maybe full shots with a wedge should rarely occur. On shots that require some height 110 yards and in, I'll club up, start with my weight forward, grip down, and shorten my backswing and followthrough a little. I'll work on this and see if it doesn't result in the desired height but with better dispersion control.
  29. Most courses also post a course handicap conversion chart, so you don't have to do the calculation yourself. It's often in the shitter, for some reason.
  30. Also to make things clear to you and other readers - as @David in FL mentioned " If your course handicap is between 10 and 19, the maximum that you can post on any given hole is 7. If it's between 20 and 29, you can post an 8" it is based on the "Course Handicap" not on a players Ghin Index.... Often a player with their Ghin Index near 10 and 19 can have a Course Handicap which makes a difference. Guy's like @David in FL and @DaveP043 seldom make any double bogeys and have no need to adjust any scores...
  31. You're young, you can carry your own damn bag. I was thinking more someone to help settle you down. Someone with course knowledge, can read greens, and really knows your game could be helpful though.
  32. First things first... Your equitable stroke control (esc) maximum score for any given hole is based on the course handicap for the course and tees that you're playing, not your index. To calculate your course handicap, multiply your handicap index (16.7) by the slope of the course and tees that you're playing, and divide that by 113. Round to the nearest whole number. If your course handicap is between 10 and 19, the maximum that you can post on any given hole is 7. If it's between 20 and 29, you can post an 8. Realize that these esc scores only affect what you post for handicap reporting, they don't change your actual score for the round. Now, to answer your question... If you are posting scores in excess of the maximum esc score for any given hole, you're artificially increasing your handicap. You're therefore cheating anyone that you play against because you're getting more strokes than you're actually entitled to. Make sense? Welcome to the site, stick around!
  33. 55' chip in from above the green. Fun, because there was alot of time to see it roll in
  34. Welcome from Michigan! Check out the member map. You'll see we have members everywhere. member map Glad you decided to participate in our community.
  35. Can you swear with flair? Can you quote Caddyshack ad nauseum.? Other than kicking the shit out of him which may disrupt the on going flow of your friendship, you must learn to either walk away from this game being played upon you and find the quiet friendship you might be craving elsewhere which happens frequently. Or you have to get a years supply of Turtle wax and toughen the shell. I wont, as Dave mentioned, watch anyone's swing. I will watch a ball but I know that in the day to day normal play, my group collectively carries more than 400 golf balls. I don't care when my golf ball lease is over. I mention that I have only rented it and carry on. This sets a pace for the must seek out golf ball hunters. I can sing if I have to annoy along with swearing and cartoon and movie quotes. But I mostly enjoy all the shots; mine ,my partners, our companions. If it is a bad shot, they know it. There are times to give it a proper appropriate sendoff and other times to let it go quietly. To me that epitomizes good golf buddies. And makes the game the best
  36. I'm still trying to reconcile how he is 1. A good friend 2. Someone you can't stand to be around.
  37. Is this any better than my first or do I still need to go higher?? This is my work shirt and I decided to catch it in my shirt pocket
  38. 1 point
    I would say that is a bathroom for men, women, and superheroes who wear capes. I have no issue with this. Most of this crap is just overblown politicizing of a non issue.
  39. How can you be playing with the same golf partner I have LOL. @Ladysmanfelpz, he's not a good friend - period. Sorry. People that berate you, and then laugh as they speak to make it seem "good natured" just are not good friends by any definition I know. Unless I missed something - like he saved your life, was best man at your wedding, or something... I think I'd tell him straight out, I don't want anything to do with him on the course.
  40. Playing all the ones in the top 100! Just played Trump National Doral!! It was awesome!
  41. Comparing my Evolvr submitted video from Dec 2015 (left) to yesterday (right). I took these to see how much improvement I have made on my priority piece…getting the hips and shoulders more open at address. With the shaft horizontal to the ground (P6). The club head and shaft are almost parallel with the target line. My butt is staying on the wall better also. This is the big one. Shoulders are actually open at impact. You can see a lot more of the left leg. My butt is still on the wall. Shaft horizontal post impact. Butt still on the wall and a little more right side crutch. I have to say this has been the hardest change to my swing that I have ever attempted. I’ve been working on this for 1 year and I still don’t have it completely. Sure I can do it here off a mat. Then I have to do it off of grass. Then I have to do it on the range, then the course, with someone watching, someone keeping score, league play, tournament play, over water, with OB left, etc. etc. I have tried my best to be a Stupid Monkey. I hit a few bumps in the road along the way. My scores suffered early in the season while attempting to make this change. About late May I started to execute it better. Then my tournament scores started to show it. 76, 74, 72, 68 and 71. It’s been a great journey sticking to ONE thing that I know would improve my swing and hence my scoring. I will continue this path until I feel I am ready for the next piece or Erik tells me otherwise.
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