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  1. Finally got back out to practice with video today (videos are in the spoilers). The first thing I did, after warming up a bit, was to take an "on-the-course" swing with a 6-iron. It was instantly clear why may ball-striking has been backsliding lately: This is a little after impact, so it's not as flippy as it looks, but the impact position was clearly not what I'm shooting for with the stab piece. The good news is that - unlike my last couple sessions - I was able to feel the stab piece pretty well and get it sorted almost right away by doing my drills: Quite a difference. I'm glad I can "feel" the stab thing again; it makes me think I can keep working on this without needing another trip to see my instructor. When I work on it, it's also pretty good with the driver: Something I need to be careful of is when I try to "cheat" by substituting a "straight left arm" feel for the stab feel. I end up with the hands way back at impact, resulting in a pretty bad flip, even though the left arm is straight: No bueno. This feel just doesn't work. The good news is that I can actually tell it's going wrong, even at relatively quick speed. I knew before looking at the video that this wasn't going to be pretty. So...I just need to stay the course. Keep working on the stab piece, and hopefully see progress that "sticks" this time. For my own reference, I took a couple DTL videos, as well: Not too bad. Still a little steep, but these were near full speed swings so they didn't benefit from a proper execution of the "stab outward" feel. I'm doing well with my backswing pieces, I think. So - more of the same over the next few weeks. Time to get to work.
  2. Played 18 with @iacas yesterday at Oak Tree CC in Middlesex, PA. I didn't record a legit score on at least 5 holes, so I deleted the round from GG. I played OK. Driving and short game were alright; irons and approach shots were pretty bad. I struggled to make consistent solid contact; the rough was pretty long but I can't blame it all on that. Putting was actually good, except for maybe 4 putts with awful distance control (one led to a three-putt from 4') and a couple mis-reads with Aimpoint. My driving distance overall has definitely bumped up a bit with the new "stab" piece I'm working on, which leads to some solid scoring chances when I get it right and hit it straight:
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    We're all members of this forum because we have some level of passion for the game in common. I think it would take an injury to prevent me from playing golf because even at my skill level, it's simply a lot of fun. But it shouldn't be the single-most important part of my life. Over the last several years, golf has dominated my free time. I think your series of blog entries made me think more about some of things I used to enjoy. ... perhaps made me realize I might need to bring a little variety back. I think I can speak for everyone in that we're happy in the progress and apparent recovery. I hope you continue to enjoy the time back out on the course.
  4. I took a trip up to Erie today. I need to add a bit more laying off the club at A4 to what I am doing. Continue on keeping the backswing shorter, and getting the right side through better, Short game work was better. Keep working on pivoting through with belly/torso speed. Also, just work on a variety of shots. A lot of my work is on distance shots. Taking a few clubs more and working on controlling by backswing better. What helped here was taking a slower backswing.
  5. To hit a draw, you need a face angle (at impact) that is closed to the clubface path. Assuming a path that is neutral to the stance, that means the face is also closed to the stance. To make a straight draw hit the target, you need to adjust your stance to the right of the target (aka, "closed"). So, yes, generally, it seems like your source is incorrect. While it's a bit hard to understand what you've written, part of the confusion might be that a "closed stance" involves turning your body right, while a "closed face" involves turning the face left. Also, using "target line" is confusing - what does that mean? Is it where your feet are aiming? Or where you want the ball to go (e.g., the pin)? Depending on the source you've "been reading", they might have gotten things mixed up.
  6. So if she won a tournament the fact that she cheats makes the cheating irrelevant? You are suggesting that the better a player is relative to their opponents the more they are allowed to cheat. Strange logic.
  7. @b101, feet can be further apart, and hinge the club up more so your hands move a bit less (relative to the distance the clubhead travels). You're going to have a hard time generating the speed you will want with that little wrist hinge relative to the hand travel.
  8. Played in the club matchplay championship. First round is to decide the cut (32 will play matchplay). Wind was brutal, 5-6 Beaufort. Score was Stableford without handicap. I scored 20 points and was 20th, had to play the next round against the guy who ended 13th. Luckily for me, that was the scratch handicapper who had had a bad day. First 9 holes I played my best golf and was able to keep up with him. Had a birdie on 9, the 585y par 5 longest hole of our course. Then I got on the bogey train for 4 holes and was 3 down. On 14 and 15 I made par, but he made birdie and par. 4 down 3 to play. I was +6 after 15 and played to my handicap, he was +2 and not very happy with his game. Next week foursome championship. I love this kind of matches.
  9. Played in my second tournament of the year on the Elite Sports Golf tour. Shot 76. 1 eagle, 1 birdie, too many bogies. Never played the course before. Was a tight little sucker. Not very long but not many flat lies on your approach shots either. Speed on the greens with lag putting was very good for me. Missed too many putts inside 12 feet, including an 18 incher. Won two skins for $60 so it wasn't a total lose.
  10. Had a great time with the TST Michigan gang on Friday at College Fields. Tough track but fair as the fairways are generously wide. Lets do it again guys!
  11. Really would like to emphasise what others have already mentioned, and suggest you spend whatever spare money you can to get properly fit. You don't want to be going from one second hand set to another, trying to find what works, when you can put all doubts about your clubs suitability to rest from the outset.
  12. Agree....the 60 is specialized. Don't use that club if you are having trouble. Really not joking....just keep it at home.
  13. I agree with this. If you are not progressing and it's just a repeat no learning is taking place. The best thing I ever did was take instruction and it was focused on one aspect at a time and I worked on that one aspect. I used to reinforce it through the day in elevators, bathrooms, lunchtimes, waiting for the gas pump to fill up the tank etc. I might take instruction again but I want to just swing my swing for a year or two and see what happens. IMO you can't go too long with constant change. It's good to know your swing and accept it and try to score with it best you can as well as changing... There are many instructors out there and here on this site. At some point if it's not a fit you may want to make a change only you know that.
  14. A few questions to ask yourself: 1)What are your golf goals leading up to becoming a PGA Tour professional? State Championships? U.S. Amateur - Club Championships? PGA Tour at this stage doesn't seem logical. 2)Are you one of the best amateur players within 100 miles of where you live? 3)Were you one of the best players ever in your school district? My suggestion is that you take one step at a time. You are better of sticking with your developing love of the game rather than setting yourself a goal that is so lofty.
  15. 2nd Round of the Member Member Tournament today. Our team score was 74. So 72-74-146 My score - 35-41-76 2 birdies and 7 bogeys, just couldn't get anything to fall on the back 9. Left myself with tough chips when I missed the green. Front 9 was on fire. Came in 3rd place Gross, First place was 142 and 2nd was 143, just didn't get much help from my partner. but was fun, glad I played well. Love the new Callaway Epic!
  16. How is he making those corrections during the lesson? Those corrections should be your homework. If you make changes during the lesson that lead to imorovement, you keep doing those changes on your own. At this point if you're getting the same lesson over and over again, you should have the tools necessary to correct that part of your swing.
  17. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/1591438 Windy and started to rain around 14. Ground was pretty firm so the course played well. Tale of two nines. Front I felt completely lost: was unsure of my start lines and couldn't find the bottom of arc. Made a swing feel change and everything started to just click; even started hitting pitches and chips better. At least I shot well on the back so I went home feeling pretty good.
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    Keep re-habbing the game. The odds are against it but maybe we will be partners at the Newport Cup. Lucky you!
  19. It was great meeting everyone and a lot of fun. I got to see @MSchott hit almost every fairway and @Braivohole one out from 60 yards with his last shot of the day. @bkuehn1952, I'm not sure who the guy in shorts hitting out of the snow is in your avatar, but it surely cannot be the same person I saw today bundled in layers of winter clothes in perfect golf weather. Seriously, Brian and Terry... thanks so much for organizing this.
  20. Without knowing your handicap is hard to say. The 60 is a pretty specialized wedge. I don't think is designed for longer approach shots so if you try to squeeze the most distance a lot of things can go wrong. I don't think you can trap the ball with a 60 like you might be able to do with your PW. I struggled with a 60 for a long time..when I was on, I loved it, when I was off, I added at least 10 strokes to my score. I had two faults with it: casting a little and I would blade it, and trying to de-loft it added more complexity than reward. I moved to a 58 and worked on the faults and I'm very happy with the change.
  21. I have a 4 and 7 wood. I am planning on sticking my 3 iron back in though. 7 wood goes much further than I wanted.
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