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  1. It is with great pride that I present my Newport Cup application video. Enjoy! A few notes: you may want to look away around the 17 minute mark. I apologize in advance for you all seeing that I also left my golf shoes in my trunk when I filmed the vlog portion. Got to the first tee, realized I forgot them in my trunk, but didn't feel like going all the way back to grab them. I probably should have ... Shoe size: 10.5 Shirt size: L (or M for anything Footjoy, oddly) Pants size: 36x32.
  2. Alright... I have completed my vlog portion and completed my full application. I did the video about 3 weeks ago but have had some audio problem along the way. Enjoy! Shoe size(s) 11.5 FJ, 12 Puma, 11 Trues Shirt size(s) XL Pant size 34x30
  3. Well, what if a feel for you produces a result for another that doesn't work at all? That is the problem of using feels in trying to describe what is going on. I am not you, you are not me, and we are not Mickey Wright. Each golfer needs to find their own feel for what might produce the same movement.
  4. Three years ago I suffered 3rd degree burns to my left foot and left leg at work, after tripping and slipping into a mould of molten Zinc, about 8 inches high filled with 6 inches of freshly poured zinc some idiot decided to place it on the floor behind me. (I couldn't hear him, I work in a lead/silver refinery of which zinc is a b-iproduct, and its extremely loud) on the floor behind me. When I stepped back off my platform to slag is, I stepped in his mould, it splashed into my boot and up my leg, and I eneded up burning 70% of my leg below the knee. Skingrafts, infections, problems started mounting (thankfully Canada has generous workers comp and my loans were all insure for sickness and injury), I had lost feeling in different parts of my leg, therapy wasn't working, alot of nerve endings were just fried. I walked with a slight limp because of the burned nerves, and the skin grafted skin tears, blisters, and bleeds constantly. It wasn't until I got into an argument with my physical therapist because after a year and a half she had not improved my ability to be more mobile even a little bit, that my doctor referred me to a specialist sports therapist (Thankfully, again, paid by compensation). By this time, I was extremely depressed, I've always been athletic, play hockey all winter, golf all summer, been in the gym since I was young, I take care of myself. I had missed my first season of golf since I had started years before (and got down to a very low handicap with the help of weekly lessons, and constant practice). He taught me to instead of focusing on the feel of the nerves, to actually feel the muscle movements of each action. To learn how every movement felt in muscles, and practice it. We started with walking fast, then slow jogs, (and tons of different exercises), then running circular track, and sprints. He had a specialist come in and make me a specicial garment of a proprietary material which protects my foot (not those stupid jobs socks they give to patients, this is genuine sports stuff). Woksafe NB (what we call our workers compensation) agreed to pay for the socks for the rest of my life. At this point I'm missing my second season of golf, but i'm getting better. Over the winter I borrowed my old clubs from my brother, and started to work with a swingcoach at the indoor teaching setup he has twice a week. I've been discharged from physical therapy (I'll probably see a psychologist the rest of my life), and I bought all new clubs and gear, membership, and the Nike Vapor Fly Pro's were the last piece I was waiting on to be delivered (6'4" so I had to have them fitted and checked to lie and all that jazz), and they came in today. Tomorrow morning I golf. I'll never be as good as I was before I was burned, but I most certainly will strive for it. I was a 2-3 handicap when I got injured. I'm sitting here wondering if I can even break 90 now :/
  5. Well, those 6 months of indoor practice with my swing coach definitely helped. I shot an honest 91. I was extremely conservative, and nailed a lot of putts. It was a stunning day, I'm not shooting in the 70's like I was three years ago, but I feel I can get back there, with lots of rounds and continuing lessons. I found it weird using a cart though. Feels wrong.
  6. I always wave a single up to join me and I hate it when a single is in front of me, waiting on a group, and doesn't wave me up. A twosome will still wait on a foursome but not as much and you might make a new friend.
  7. Or wave the trailing single up on #6 and play in as a twosome? I play as a single at times and that is fine. However, when things start to get a bit compressed, one needs to consider grouping singles and twos together.
  8. Don't know if you noticed it or not last week in Lansing, but for the first several holes I was the last to clear the green. Then I noticed my playing partners applying a little logic as to where they parked their push carts before chipping/putting. It's something I should have figured out on my own, but even something as simple as that saved some time.
  9. A good little drill to learn a backhand throw.
  10. It shouldn't be a problem, most of the time driver/wood shafts are interchangeable. For example, I have a driver shaft in my 3-wood that I tipped a bit and then butt trimmed to length. My driver's shaft could be trimmed down to fit into a 3 wood if I wanted as well, it would just need to be about two inches shorter. The big difference would be if you had a shaft for a hybrid in your driver, since those are different from driver shafts, most notably in that they don't come in a length long enough for a driver. Between a shaft designated for woods and one designated for drivers it will simply be a matter of nomenclature from company to company as to what they call the shaft and it will work in either woods or drivers for about 90% of the shafts marketed in that way.
  11. Little off topic here but Jack Nicklaus said as soon as he started transferring his weight he felt he immediately released the club head with his hands and wrists. Feel ain't real.
  12. In my limited experience the mix of carts and walkers is irrelevant. It's what the people do when they're not getting to their ball: talking a lot, checking their phones, taking a lot of time to select a club, taking a lot of practice swings, etc. Tuesday evening I played (the back) 9. I caught up with a twosome who were behind a threesome. After playing 17, the twosome went back over to 11 and I played 18. After my drive, I was about 145 yds from the green and had to wait for the threesome to finish putting. After they putted out, they took off their hats and shook hands and (I shit you not) stood on the green bullshitting. Right before I yelled "ay!" one of them looked up, saw me, and they all scampered (only word to describe how they moved) off the green. I wanted nothing more than to put my next shot right where they had been standing. I had the distance but pushed the shot right of the green.
  13. The toe hang = It's just a matter of how far away from the axis of the shaft the CG is. The more it is out toward the toe, the more toe hang you get. It doesn't matter where into the head the shaft actually connects - it's about the projection. Some shafts project through the CG even if they're heel-shafted, and you can have a center-shafted putter with a little toe hang, too (though that's uncommon). Different sweet spots = that's just where the CG projects through the face. Impact toward the toe or heel results in twisting, so not the sweet spot. Project the CG location through the face and that's your "sweet spot." Both vertically and horizontally, though most people don't "thin" their putters or hit them too high on the face. Different toe hangs favor different strokes = bogus myth. The forces and torques present in a putting stroke are really, really small. Find a putter you can aim. Find a putter with the overall weight profile that fits your distance control tendencies. The end. There's no physics reason why the really really small torques and forces present in a putting stroke should have any bearing on the type of stroke you use relative to the putter you use. Every iron we swing is toe-down… and we swing those at faster speeds with significantly more forces involved. It just doesn't make any sense at all from a physics perspective. Your hands would have to be so finely attuned to the smallest amounts of rotational torque (redundant) that, well, you'd be superhuman. Did I above well enough?
  14. The last tee shot with lead leg getting kicked up in the air and all was hilarious.. . Haven't watched the interview as can't turn up volume here at work. Good luck (dead)man..!
  15. Not probably...definitely!! Enjoyed the video and best of luck making the West team.
  16. It's not the powers that be. It's anybody who understands the golf swing and its mechanics. "feel" is never scientific nor does it provide any evidence. You don't agree with that? "Reasons to support the old school motion". Iacas has repeatedly stated he supports your appreciation for what you call 'Old School". He stated he's fine and even teaches the lifting of the lead heal if it allows one to gain better rotation. You seem to be trying to defend something and I'm not sure what it is you're defending. The rear leg does not retain its flex completely on the bs. You can have the 'feeling' all you want that it does. But it doesn't. Just like 'feeling' you keep your trail arm straight to help widen your swing. It's impossible to keep straight. Feeling it as being straight? Fine. I don't think you seem to understand that just because these 'old school' golfers SAID what they felt or did during a swing doesn't represent WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DID. Mickey Wright can say she tried to get all her weight or 95% of it on her trail leg in the backswing. Fine. But she didn't. You can't possibly believe that if we put these "old school" golfers on pressure plates their readings would be vastly different than today's 'modern players'? No one has said the old school motion was wrong. What has been stated, correctly by Iacas, is that what you're describing as what is being done by that swing is incorrect. Hell, you even just admitted your statement on weight shift was inaccurate. So....what, again, is your point?
  17. +1 on this^^. It's stupid to keep dealing with those issues when you could just wave him up and play the rest of the way as a twosome. The 2 of you would still probably be waiting on the guys ahead of you, but at least you wouldn't be trying to communicate your situation by sign language, and the group behind him would be able to see what the two of you were dealing with. I wouldn't think twice about it before doing that. I've made such impromptu pairings many, many times over the years. It's a good way to find new golfing friends, and even if it doesn't reach that point, at least you have a less stressful finish to your round.
  18. There are several statements that I disagree with which I feel are important to discuss: All golf balls do not go about the same distance. A low compression, 2-piece Surlyn covered model will launch higher and with less spin than a 5-piece, high compression urethane covered model which will result in a noticeable difference in distance off the tee. Dean even stated in another answer "The soft golf ball market has taken off due to the lower spinning balls means players can be longer in distance." Regarding balls for different swing speeds and compression: 3) Bridgestone (and I think Callaway) has come out with tour caliber balls for players who swing under 105mph. Is it possible to design a tour caliber ball for a specific segment of swing speed or is this just mostly a marketing thing? DEAN: The whole swing speed story to me is one of the most over-rated stories in golf. Companies force or teach golfers to play low compression balls so their low swing speed can compress the ball. The problem with this is that low compression balls have the lowest spin in all shots, so they are pushing players to play a ball with no performance at all… and when you need that spin around the green, it's not there… I almost don't know where to start on this one. The concept of designing golf balls based on swing speeds doesn't teach or force players to use a low compression ball...it's about using a ball that has the appropriate compression for your swing speed. Some players will have better results with a higher compression ball, others will have better results with a lower compression. Keep in mind, there is a difference between "lower compression" and "low compression". Most of the urethane tour balls have a compression rating somewhere between the mid 70s to mid 90s. Tour models like the Chrome Soft, B330-RX and B330-RXS are in the mid 60s, which is lower. Balls like the Supersoft and e6 are in the upper 30s and 40s, which is considered low. Dean's statement that "low compression balls have the lowest spin on all shots" is somewhere between a little misleading and flat-out wrong. It's true that a lower compression ball will spin less (and launch higher) than a firmer ball on full shots. But on short game shots around the green, the ball is not compressed. On pitch shots, chip shots, and greenside bunker shots for example, the only part of the ball that is being activated is the cover. Notice on this chart that the lowest compression ball is very close to the highest spinning, and the lowest spinning ball has almost the same compression rating! The point is, compression has little to no affect on short game shots...the cover is the main factor. All 4 of these models have a urethane cover, but the two that provide the most spin have softer covers. To put this in context, the chart below was a test Golf Digest did in 2015 which shows the performance on a partial wedge shot (I think it was 40 yds) with most of the balls on the market at the time The different colors represented the price point. These results don't match the first chart I posted exactly which can happen when player testing (this one shows the B330 has higher spin than the RXS). Is there a difference between the lower spinning "red dots" and the highest spinning? Sure. There should be though. Golf balls are designed to have different types of performance for different types of players. The B330-RX has the lowest spin among the red dot models, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in performance...it spins exactly how the ball designers intended it to, because not everyone wants/needs maximum spin. Notice the e7...this is a high compression ball very comparable to the B330, but has very different spin characteristics. So again, higher compression doesn't mean higher spin around the green and lower compression doesn't necessarily mean low spin. About the only thing that I could agree with Dean's comment on would be that all the ultra-low compression balls are Surlyn covered models designed for distance, so it's true that these balls have low spin on all shots and will not offer the same level of performance around the greens, but again, that has more to do with the cover than the compression. The fact is, there are lower compression balls that perform at the highest level. The B330-RXS is the same type of ball as the Pro V1 in many respects, and performs just as well as, or even better for many players, so I'm surprised by his comments that fitting for swing speed is over-rated and lower compression balls have no performance. That's like saying getting fit for the correct shaft flex is over-rated, and softer flex shafts don't perform as well as stiffer shafts! Does anyone consider the Dynamic Gold S-300 to be a lower performing shaft than the Dynamic Gold X-100? No, of course not. They are designed to do the same thing, but because some players don't swing as fast as others the softer flex will give them better results, just like the B330-RXS is the equal to the B330-S, but will fit players who don't swing as hard better. I'm also not on-board with the opinion that fitting with a driver is a "mistake" and when testing to choose a ball based on 100 yds and in. I'm not saying that short game performance isn't important, but wow...to claim that testing with a driver is a mistake is ridiculous. I'll make a simple point on this...anyone can hit good wedge shots with a Pro V1 or B330 or Z-Star. Fast swingers, slower swingers, high handicappers, low handicappers...it doesn't matter, they can all get good results on wedge shots. Does that mean that's the ball they should play, and it will work equally as well for the other aspects too? No. A wedge can mask any issues in performance because of the loft and backspin, but the driver exaggerates issues. The same players who hit respectable wedge shots with various tour balls might struggle to keep shots in play or lose potential distance. And before anyone tries to use the old "the driver is used 14 times a round, but half of the shots are inside of 100 yds" argument...save it. If you play a high spin ball and you're struggling to hit the fairway with your tee shots, that ball will not help you save shots around the green. Too much spin for players who can't control it is worse than a lower spinning model. Sorry Dean...not trying to blast you or anything, just putting in my two cents. Ok, maybe more like four cents!
  19. https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/titleist_716_ap1_review My review for the site is above. I've been using them since writing this review. Excellent clubs. One watch out is with short game shots with the PW and GW. They will go a bit farther than a corresponding chip or pitch with the equivalent wedge. The ball feels like it jumps off the face with good contact. So be careful with that.
  20. But when you're practicing are you consciously trying to do the same things you work on in your lessons? Doing full swings isn't going to to help you change the picture.
  21. The pace of play already considers this type of thing. If you have to go to the restroom, plan to have to walk a little faster on the next hole and you should be fine. You can use ten minutes for a medical reason (don't have to be consecutive), so if you had diarrhea or something, that would cut it. But there's no reason a woman or man can't be expected to visit the restroom quickly and get back on the course. It's not confusing. There are shuttles waiting at the holes where you're shuttled. You hop on, and they give you a ride. On the other holes, there are no shuttles. And often the shuttle on hole 11 would say "Hole 11 Shuttle" or something on the thing that hangs inside the front window. It's not nearly that confusing. Players walk, and know to walk, except when there is a shuttle provided by the NCAA. We had some LONG walks (i.e. four minute cart drives) between holes at Division III Nationals a few weeks back. Nobody was penalized, and it was abundantly clear. There were two or three four-passenger carts sitting there waiting to shuttle you (and some spectators). Carts are driven at these events by a ton of different people. Coaches, assistant coaches, players (like from the range to the putting green), spectators allowed to have carts, rules officials, medical staff, the grounds crew, scoring officials, volunteers, etc. It's really pretty clear. They goofed.
  22. Trevino won the 1984 PGA after being struck by lightning in the 1970s... He had back problems the latter part of his career. I think mentally is not the issue, Tiger has the greatest golfing mind golf has ever seen. I'm not going to say what I want to say, for what he needs to be competitive... Because I'm a gentleman at times. Nicklaus's record is probably safe, though Snead's is not. Tiger has at least one more major in him, Trevino, Nicklaus, Floyd, Snead, Mickelson, Els, et al have won majors in their 40s... The last thing these "kids" on tour want is Tiger to never play again. They all miss Tiger. I think they want him out there, but Tiger's prime B game still beats these kids now. These kids still can't beat Tiger's A game.
  23. So, a year has passed. Have forgotten to post here about the course. Final layout is like this: The rectangular bunker is actually a beach volleyball court and these 2 sand traps are being constructed at the moment. As my home is a holiday center/ guest house, we have to keep the lawn as small as possible so it would be nice. That height is ok for fairways(could be better, but whatever). At the moment all the area is mown with the same height, but i will try to have 2 different lenghts: the usual height that we have been using and then 1-2cm higher rough. All the lawn around the houses is always low, so there is no chance of having multi level lawn. The condition of the greens could be better but I hope that with warmer temperatures, they will get thicker and nicer. Will add some photos later!
  24. The sequence of these posts confused me, and had me wondering why they deserved penalties ... until I went back and carefully re-read the article. They did NOT ride the carts during the weather delay, but rather were informed of the penalties during the weather delay. They rode the carts during play. Author should have just left off "weather-delayed" as it was not pertinent to the story.
  25. For most people it doesn't work that way. That simply would delay things. It'd take a one-step process and make it two steps. And, practicing properly often involves both - rehearsals where you're not hitting the ball, followed by slower motion swings where you hit the ball (doesn't matter how well) doing the move properly. I see little point in practicing the move without a ball exclusively. Golf isn't a sport where we make swings at air.
  26. There have been several threads about the subject. Here's one that you might find interesting. I don't have any personal experience with single length clubs, but I do know that if all you did was cut all the shafts of normal irons to the same length, you will find your "single length" set almost unplayable due to differing lie angles and swing weights of the club heads that were designed for varying length shafts. Welcome to the forum, and to the game itself!
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    • Tell the group in the halfway house you are playing through and there is no need for them to rush.  I would deliver the news while the others tee off.  It can be awkward when the other group saunters up while you are teeing off unless you said something. I learned a long time ago when you have an opportunity to go, take it or you almost always regret it.
    • When is a golf ball considered to have been illegally "heated?"  For example... 1. If a golfer drives to the course with a golf ball over a heater vent in his car, is that illegal? Or  2. If a golfer uses a "Hot Biscuits" or other type ball warmer plugged in before the round but unplugged before teeing off on the first tee, is that illegal? Or 3. If a golfer keeps his golf balls in a thermos/insulated cup or bag with hot water before the round, but empties the hot water before teeing off on the first tee, is that    illegal? In short, can a ball be heated before a round begins?  And if it can, can the ball be kept in an insulated container that is not "actively heating" the ball but simply retaining the heat already within the ball during the round? I know it is illegal to carry a ball in a pocket with a hand warmer in the same pocket, by the way. Be kind with your answers, please Mike
    • Sorta get used to just hitting indoors.
    • Exactly.  This way manufacturers could keep on doing what they are doing.  Courses could still be set up the way they have been doing it.  “ Bomb and Gouge” would be up to the player. Yes, just out of the box thinking.  Man, it seemed simple to me, I thought I was explaining it wrong. So at the end of a round, if Corey Pavin kept everything under the distance threshold he would shoot even par 72.  If DJ hit numerous drives over the distance threshold he might shoot 65 but that would still be even par because of the distance adjustment.  DJ and Pavin would be tied.  Almost like a handicap.
    • I used to walk and carry. Then I walked and pulled a cart. Eventually, once my knees were shot, I succumbed to riding in a cart. I held out as long as I could.  You make it sound like you have far too much info about the body! This indulges you to worry about absolutely everything! And I've never played a 6 hour round riding in a cart. But, I don't know where you are playing. 

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